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Lol I did the same as awkward soul. I waited all day before ordering because i wanted to see what the new blend was, and then thankfully decided to check the site one last time before bed. There was only one peanut butter cup one left, so I ordered.

Peanut Butter cup cheesecake honeybush
Red hot orange (or whatever its called)
Graveyard mist

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Just went a little off the deep end on ordering, LOL, but I’ve been good for a couple of weeks:

From Verdant:
sichuan caravan
xingyang 07 shu
yanxin’s 04 shu
ginger sage winter spa
shui xian wuyi oolong
hand picked summer teaguanyin
hand picked autumn tieguanyin
autumn harvest laoshan green
autumn dragonwell style laoshan green
laoshan black (I’m almost out!)

These are all sample or 1oz, except the Laoshan Black

Then I went to Hugo’s cute site & got
organic Morning Journey (Nik, you knew I would! LOL)

Nik select said


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Zeks said

A big order from JK:) Just got (quite)some cash at work so decided to order all of their Dancong/black samples at once :) I still have a lot to try from them.

JK Dancong Oolong Tea Assortment, 11 Types Dancong, Each 15g (202)
JK Fujian Black Tea Tasting Assortment Pack, 5 Types Tea, 15g Each Tea/Bag (771)
JK Yunnan Black Tea Tasting Sample Pack-4 Types Tea, 15g Each Bag (744)
JK Black Tea Assorted Premium Tasting Pack, 5 Types Each Category Black Tea, 15g/ Bag (772)
JK Keemun Black Tea Samples Assortment, 4 Types of Black Tea, Each 15g/bag (242)
Green Crackleware Gaiwan-150cc (328)
Sub-Total : US$96.80

Uniquity said

Man, that’s over 400 grams of tea. Sweet!

Zeks said

Well, I like their blacks very much + colleagues are starting to realize just how bad what they usually drink is, so having a lot of samples at work(once again) will be just perfect :)

You’ll have to let us know how the Dancong assortment it, I’ve been eyeballing it for a while now.

Zeks said

I don’t know about this years’ yet but I’ve liked their 2011 Huang Zhi Xiang a LOT :) Da Wu Ye was also very nice. Song Zhong I didn’t like at all and Yu Lan Xiang was so-so. But again – this was last years’ crop. No idea about 2012.

Zeks said

I’ve finally received the samples I ordered from JK and they’ll start showing in my tasting notes.

Looking forward to reading them!

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momo said

I couldn’t resist that special gift for new customers deal from Mountain Tea so I bought
1x LiShan, Winter – 2 oz for $11.00 each
1x Green Jin Xuan – 2 oz for $7.00 each
1x Heritage Honey Oolong – 5oz for $10.00 each

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Claire said

Rayn and I were in the Westfield mall today, which meant we stopped by Lupicia! I got:

Momijigari 50g
Yume 50g
Muscat 50g
King of Fruits 50g

The ladies also gave me a few samples to try, and made a special sample for Rayn of the Caramel and Rum. They were so sweet, and I love that you can see and smell all of the tea! I am currently drinking the Yume and it’s delicious. Review to come later!

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White chocolate finally won the poll for Red Leaf’s deal of the week! I’ve been voting faithfully and my patience paid off :D

I got it in the classic matcha, with robust flavouring. I’m hoping it will be a good replacement for cheesecake as my matcha of choice for smoothies, cause I only have enough cheesecake for one more! Have to reorder that one soon too. Maybe once the new matcha promo starts. But I have high hopes for white chocolate in my strawberry banana smoothies too.

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momo said

I got sucked in to Upton samples again…no more tea buying for the time being!

ZG68S – 10g sample: Organic Green Lu’An Melon Seed
x1 @ $2.00 ea.

TP01S – 15g sample: Season’s Pick Hint of Rose Blend
x1 @ $1.00 ea.

TB05S – 15g sample: Mincing Lane Breakfast Blend
x1 @ $1.00 ea.

TL86S – 11g sample: Ruan Zhi Thai Oolong
x1 @ $3.80 ea.

TD10S – 15g sample: Arya Est. SFTGFOP1 Musc. Second Flush (DJ-45) Organic
x1 @ $2.50 ea.

ZK55S – 15g sample: Sichuan Zao Bei Jian
x1 @ $2.00 ea.

TD41S – 12g sample: Makaibari Estate FTGFOP1 First Flush (DJ-17) Organic
x1 @ $3.00 ea.

TC71S – 15g sample: Tea Bank Estate FBOPF Ex. Spl.
x1 @ $1.50 ea.

ZK18S – 15g sample: Keemun Heng Ru Organic
x1 @ $1.00 ea.

TB84S – 15g sample: Robert Fortune Blend 41 (Darjeeling-Yunnan)
x1 @ $1.00 ea.

TD43S – 15g sample: Makaibari Est FTGFOP1S Musc. 2nd Flush (DJ-114)
x1 @ $4.00 ea.

TD55S – 15g sample: Puttabong Est. SFTGFOP1 Ch. Fl. 2nd Flush (DJ-179)
x1 @ $2.00 ea.

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Meg said

I just placed my first order with Verdant Tea! This time I only got sample sizes (7g)because I’ve never tried any of their teas. They have a great shipping promo (free to North America over $35) so I will be sure to order bigger quantities of my favourites!

Autumn Dragonwell Style Laoshan Green
Autumn Harvest Laoshan Green
Immortal Springs Laoshan White
Yunnan White Jasmine
Aged Yunnan Silver Needle White Cake
Hand Picked Autumn Tieguanyin
Hand Picked Summer Tieguanyin
Shui Xian Wuyi Oolong
Mi Lan Xiang Phoenix Mountain Dancong
Laoshan Black
Mi Lan Dancong Black
Zhu Rong Yunnan Black
Wild-Picked Yunnan Jin Jun Mei
Eight Treasures Yabao Winter Blend
Laoshan Genmaicha

Zeks said

Lots of good stuff :) I loved Laoshan black and Zhu Rong :)

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I placed an order with Teavivre earlier today. Part of it is a Christmas present, as my aunty didn’t know what to get me this year I told her that a Chinese teapot would be nice. She doesn’t know very much about tea so she asked me to buy what I wanted online and she would pay me back and wrap them up for Christmas. Making use of that means I qualified for free postage :D

So I am receiving a glass gongfu teapot with two gongfu tea bowls and the mixed flower tea’s (ten) for Christmas.

In the mean time I bought myself a load of samples.

5 featured flavoured tea samples: Jasmine “Dragon Pearls” Green Tea
Silver Jasmine Green Tea (Mo Li Yin Hao)
Organic Tie Guan Yin “Iron Goddess” Oolong Tea with honey
Jasmine Silver Needle White Tea (Mo Li Yin Zhen)
Taiwan Jin Xuan Milk Oolong Tea (Flavored)

5 feature pu erh samples: Mengku Palace Ripened Golden Buds Loose Pu-erh Tea 2007
Fengqing Ripened Tribute Pu-erh Cake Tea 2007
Fengqing Golden Buds Ripened Pu-erh Cake Tea 2005
Fengqing Raw Pu-erh Cake Tea 2006 Paddy Flavor
Ripened Aged Pu-erh Mini Tuocha

5 Feature oolong samples: Taiwan Monkey Picked Tie Guan Yin (7g * 2)
Organic Tie Guan Yin “Iron Goddess” Oolong (7g * 2)
Taiwan Jin Xuan Milk Oolong (7g * 2)
Taiwan Oriental Beauty (Bai Hao) Oolong (7g * 2)
Taiwan Ginseng (Lan Gui Ren) (7g * 2)

Also a sample of Yun Nan Dian Hong Black Tea Full-leaf. I can’t wait :)

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Fjellrev said

I just placed a Red Leaf order for some White Chocolate and Caramel matchas. My first two matchas came in only five days ago and I’m already almost 2/3 finished them. :/

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