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MissLena said

I ran out of Jessie’s Tea, so went to my local Davids to get some more! I went through it super fast! Also got a few new ones to try:

Jessie’s Tea – 100 g
Rooibos de Provence – 25 g
Gingseng Oolong – 50 g

And I it will not be in stores after Halloween…

Pumpkin Chai – 25 g

OH! And I also got one of the Perfect Mugs while in the store, here’s a link to it, love it! Now I have 2 steeping baskets too :)
I got the one with the branches on it, so far so good, apart from the steeper not being quite as fine for my rooibos, but it still works ok!

Uniquity said

I quite like Rooibos de Provence, that’s one I forgot is in my cupboard! Hope you enjoy your Perfect Tea Mug. Mind is invaluable at work!

MissLena said

Yeah it is pretty darn good I must say, I was a bit leery from all the berries, but it’s very nicely done. I love the mug so far! It makes the tea look lovely!

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Donna A said

These are my orders so far this week:
Verdant Tea:
Laoshan Black

Amount: 1 oz. Quantity: 1 Total: $7.25
Laoshan Village Chai Amount: 2 oz. Quantity: 1 Total: $11.75
Zhu Rong Yunnan Black* Amount: 1 oz. Quantity: 1 Total: $8.50
Premium Taiwanese Assam SALE!!! 1oz
Item #: 5024b
$6.00 USD 2 $12.00 USD

Pumpkin Creme Brulee
Item #: 4089
Quantity: 1 ounce (20 cups) $4.50 USD 1 $4.50 USD
Yun Nan Dian Hong Black Tea – Golden Tip
Weight : 100g (3.5oz) Packaging : Zip bag
Simpson & Vail
Earl Grey Aromatic Tea
Earl Grey – 1 Ounce
Item: T0024 1 Price: $1.85
Pumpkin Pie Black Tea
Black – Pumpkin Pie – 2 Ounce
Item: T0694 2 Price: $3.75
English Toffee Black Dessert Tea
English Toffee Black Tea – 2 Ounce
Item: T0875 2 Price: $3.75
Apple Cinnamon Coffeecake, Dessert Tea
Apple Cinnamon Coffeecake Tea – 2 Ounce
Item: T0859 2 Price: $3.75

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Azzrian said

Thank you donna a – you reminded me to grab some of the Premium Taiwanese Assam while on sale! :)
That is all I got for now – have to watch funds more closely but that was one I could NOT pass up!

I know what you mean. I’m waiting for my paycheck in a few days but seeing the new teawares at Verdant I had to move some cash around because that teacup is mine!

Donna A said

You welcome Azzrian. Too many temptations for me today! Just posted another order.

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Just bought the flower design porcelain cup from Verdant :)

Azzrian said

WHAT? HOW the && Did I not know he was listing this stuff LOL Oh boy. Good buy there Zim! :)
I wonder how much the yixing pot went for.
I do hope and pray he brings back some tea tables (trays).

The yixing was $99 and was sold by the time I saw it. But that cup I got was what I’ve been looking for. I told David that I love his blossom designed gaiwan…and this cup is pretty darn close! I’m so happy about this one! Happy Dance! Happy Dance!!

Oh, Geoffrey posted on the China-Verdant discussion.

Azzrian said

Thank you! I would not have been able to get it whew I feel better now :)
Yeah I see that post NOW haha I will keep my eyes peeled – thanks :) I am so happy for you that you got what you were looking for! AND that YOU got it!

I am so happy to have found it and find that it wasn’t already sold! I hope you end up finding and getting yourself something too!

Azzrian said

:) thank you!

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julesbean said

52teas – Malted Chocomate
Discover Teas (local tea shop) Genmaicha 2 ounces & Sencha Kyoto Cherry Rose Festival 2 ounces.

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Babble said

Ugh. Almost resisted that Mountain Tea promotion, but it was ending today and I …. I just couldn’t. I feel so disgusted..

1x LiShan, Winter – 2 oz for $11.00 each
1x Light Roast Sumatra Oolong – 2 oz for $7.00 each
1x High Elevation Green Tea – 2.8oz for $5.00 each

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I thought I just did this but I guess it didn’t post, Here my Bold post with pictures of our last Tea order from Upton Tea Imports and Yunnan Colorful, there is also a list of what all we got, Check out my Blog You Guys!

Claire said

Those are great orders Tommy! Can’t wait to read the reviews. :)

Thank You :) The first one I tried was the “Wu-Yi” Water Fairy Oolong, I just posted about it too.

Alphakitty said

wow, that is so much tea! It must have been like Christmas opening it all up.

It is like Christmas thats why I love it so much lol, too bad this is my last order this year until after Christmas.

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Alphakitty said

I’ve been holding off on tea orders for some good sales, and finally I got to splurge a tiny bit!

Yogic Chai:
Lemongrass Genmaicha Chai 2oz
Coconut Kukicha Chai 20z
with 40% off and $3 shipping, only $15.31!

Yuzu Kukicha 2oz
15% off and $2 shipping came out to $11.25

I got the emails with all that same sale promo. :D the coconut Kukicha has been my on shopping list for ages! Can’t wait for your review on that. :)

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bjack8987 said

I just received my order from an company called “NotJustTea.” I’ve been ordering from this company for about a year. I’ve never had such refreshing teas. I re-ordered:
Coconut Vanilla Chai
Sassy Strawberry
Sencha Tropica
Peppermint Patty
Butter Cookie
Autumn Sunset
Sweet Apple Pie
Serenity Blue
Caribbean Breeze
The prices are very reasonable and they have sample sales!

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I keep saying I hate iced tea. But I think that’s maybe because I’m thinking of the Lipton sun tea my mom used to make. So I’m trying 52Teas’ SBT:

Lime Jello

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