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momo said

oops. from Verdant:
Lao Tong Zhi 2012 Shu Pu’er Cake

Amount: cake Product Code: 5653 Quantity: 1 Total: $16.50 Group Total: $16.50
Lao Tong Zhi Old Comrades 2011 Shu Amount: brick Product Code: 5654 Quantity: 1 Total: $15.00 Group Total: $15.00
Golden Fleece Amount: 7 g. Product Code: 3312 Quantity: 1 Total: $4.00 Group Total: $4.00

LOL and because Art of Tea had free shipping AND 30% off, I got sample tins of:
Cran Marnier
Fleury Doux Champagne
Jasmine Blueberry
Starry Night
Stars & Stripes

I’d been wanting Starry Night and Fleury Doux Champagne foooorever so yay.

Zeks said

“ooops” and “verdant” go so naturally in one post… :)

momo said

So very true!

They do don’t they?!

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Caved in and ordered with Lupicia’s cyber monday sale.

20% off! so $48 after shipping.

Soooo mad though, I almost didn’t order as one of the teas I wanted badly, Chestnut, was out of stock! ERRRRRRRRR! ERRRRRR!

edit: later also bought the 52 teas Banana cheesecake genmaicha, cuz yeah.. that just sounds overall amazing.

Alphakitty said

Some excellent choices! King of Fruits and Strawberry & Vanilla are particularly tasty.

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MissLena said

Thank the gods Cyber Monday is over! LOL
I wasn’t going to do this..but I just couldn’t resist the price!
And the description made my mouth water…

Verdant order
Lao Tong Zhi Old Comrades 2011 Shu – 1 brick

Subtotal: $15.00
- $10.00 Verdant rewards
+ $4.00 shipping

TOTAL: $9.00

Ok now I’m DONE! No more tea until February (my birthday)! Hahaha

Sure sure, that’s what you say now! :)

MissLena said

Haha i will try to be diligent, i went over budget this month so I at least have to go one month with no purchases lol, i should start swapping at some point!

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Babble said

Forgive me, tea friends, for I have sinned. Thankfully, not all of it was tea, specifically, but more tea-related items. A bit of the damage I did today…

From Yunnan Sourcing (shipping was so costly for the two hardware items, I decided to throw in a tea in there, too):
Blue on White Phoenix Easy Gaiwan for Gong Fu Tea Brewing
Glass “Easy Gaiwan” made for Gong Fu Tea Brewing * 200ml
SST Stainless Steel Dual Layer Mesh Filter Strainer for Tea
Wild Tree Purple Varietal Black Tea of Dehong * Spring 2012 50 grams

From Art of Tea (30% off – free shipping):
1 x Aztec Spice (AZ) = $4.00
Size Sample Tin (Avg. 5-7 Cups)
1 × 16oz Glass Water Bottle (TAK16) = $16.00
Size Green
1 x Starry Night (STR) = $4.00
Size Sample Tin (Avg. 5-7 Cups)
1 x Santa’s Little Helper (SLH) = $10.99
Size Tea Tin (3.5 oz- Avg. 50 Cups)
(this tea is so cute, I can’t even!!)

From Black Bear Laboratory (Buy 4 lip-balms, get the 5th free + 20% off)
Hot Buttered Rum Lip Balm
Candy Cane Cheesecake Lip Balm
Cheesecake Stuffed French Toast Lip Balm
Pumpkin Chai Tea Lip Balm
Lemon-Mango Lassi Lip Balm

From RedLeafTea (40% off):
Bamboo whisk, spoon, & scoop
(almost bought matcha – but I really don’t need anymore. It was tough, though)

Bought one tin of KaiMatcha. The 20% off and free shipping on one tin sealed the deal.

Since WorldTeaExpo was doing 50% of their conferences, I bought a conference session about starting up a tea room. Don’t judge me ;)

And uh.. Butiki was having a really good sale, but I have so much tea right now. So I just bought a gift certificate from them to use at a later date to lock in the free offer.

Aaaaand I think that’s all. Eyeing that Banana Cheesecake Genmaicha for my BF, but I’m not sure. I’ve already spent so much already!

To be fair, there are lots of awesome tea deals I turned down over the weekend, too. Della Terra Teas and Verdant had some awesome offerings, but I really need to work on the teas I already have.

Oh my, that is quite a list. :)

Babble said

Haha, thanks Butiki :)

…. aaand Red Leaf wins the “who can ship first after Cyber Monday” contest. They got my order out today. Very impressive!

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I haven’t posted here in awhile. Forgot all about this thread but here I am!
So, here goes.
KaiMatcha, small tin.
Banana Cheesecake Genmaicha and Apricot Brandy Honeybush from 52Teas
Oh and a few matchas from Red Leaf, I need to find my order so I can post it. But I know I ordered a Large wheat-grass because I love wheat-grass and didn’t want to run out for a long time :)
Yep, I have that much faith that I’ll like it! to buy a large without trying any first
and an order from Simpson and Vail which I am sharing with Sil!!
There were SO many other deals I wanted to indulge in… so very many!

Sil select said

no no no silly.
Kally Tea AND Simpson and Vail AND verdant that you’re sharing with me AND Kittena…only way to indulge without spending 12038120398201938$

haha that’s right, forgot about Kally! and verdant, I was piggybacking, not sure if I can consider that my order lol
but yes! there is no way we could each put in an order and pay rent next week ha!!

I almost bought some of the Pu-erhs from Verdant last night. Not sure how I managed to stop!! probably because I knew Kittenna had done some for us so it would have negated the shippping savings there.

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I did get 1 tin of Organic Pan-Fired Pagoda from Hugo Teas for $6.79 + shipping. There being only $19 in my checking and $0.01 in my savings account when Black Friday hit I guess I still bought more than I should have. Overall though I think I won, because I was talking to the s.o. on Friday morning and he decided that Verdant’s Golden Fleece sounded like something I needed to own and he wanted to try. He ordered me 4 ounces for an early Christmas present! I still have plenty that I want to order for myself, but this paycheck is going to be all gifts for others, and the next check after that will arrive just in time for the (hopefully) awesome AFTER Christmas sales. (HINT HINT!!)

And we send our thanks for your order!

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I promise I will wrap MOST of this order & My Della Terra one & put it under my tree….. for myself :) Merry Christmas to this hard working mama. And my next wee bit of extra money is going to a large Red Leaf matcha order.

Cocomint Cream 50g 1 $6.50
Alpine Punch 50g 1 $7.00
Organic Hot Toboggan 50g 1 $7.00
Organic Sweet Ginger Heat 50g 1 $6.50
Merry Cranberry 50g 1 $7.50
Organic Blueberry Jam 50g 1 $8.00
Southern Belle 50g 1 $6.50
Red Velvet Cake 50g 1 $6.75
Large Collectible Tins Forever Nuts 1 $19.50
Banana Nut Bread 50g 1 $6.75
Toasted Marshmallow 50g 1 $6.50
Subtotal $88.50
Shipping $0.00
Taxes $2.54
Grand Total $94.21

BoxerMama said

You subtotal + taxes don’t add up to your total. . . were you accidentally charged shipping?

lol oops…. no it didn’t show. I didn’t even notice that.

No it was my fault, my total is actually $91.04

BoxerMama said

lol, okay. Just thought I’d point it out in case it was an error.

I’m sad, my order was suppose to come today & hasn’t arrived yet :(

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Vedo said

First post!
This is my Cyber Monday haul from Verdant Tea & Mountain Tea Co:

Verdant Tea Order:
Xingyang Golden Leaf ’98 Shu

Amount: 1 oz. Total: $19.95
Xingyang 2007 Shu Pu’er Amount: 2 oz. Total: $12.95
Laoshan Black Amount: 4 oz. Total: $26.00

-$5 Laoshan Black: -$5.00
Shipping/Handling: $0.00
Order Total: $53.90

Mountain Tea Co Order:
1x Black Friday Black Pearl for $5.00 each
1x Imperial Pearl – 2 oz for $11.00 each
1x Black Friday Green Jin Xuan for $5.00 each
Shipping : $6.00 USD
Total : $27.00 USD

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Had to buy matcha from Red Leaf Tea when I saw so many of them on sale yesterday for Cyber Monday.

Almond Matcha 30g distinctive flavor 11.99
Blueberry Matcha 30g distinctive flavor 11.99
Cheesecake Matcha 30g distinctive flavor 11.99
White Matcha 30g 11.99
and free shipping :-)
Can’t wait for this package to show up! :-D

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Shmiracles said

it’s true.
this morning i purchased some fandom blends!!
(and then i buried my credit card in the back yard)

Adagio Teas:
Sherlock Blend (3oz blend in pouch)
Watson Blend (3oz blend in pouch)
The Mind and The Heart (3oz blend in pouch)
Reichenbach Recovery (3oz blend in pouch)

this undoubtedly calls for a sisters holiday sherlockwatchathon.

Shmiracles said

oh and i forgot about the Harney & Sons i placed sunday morning…

Paris – loose 4 oz tin
Florence – loose tea sample
Bangkok – loose tea sample
White Christmas – loose tea sample
Eight At The Fort – loose tea sample
Tower of London – loose tea sample
SoHo Blend – loose tea sample

Sil select said

Oh man. totally jealous of your Harney & Sons order :)

Shmiracles said

i’ve never even had ANY of these teas before! but i’ve heard such good things :)
i’m excited to taste this new wonderful territory.

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