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BoxerMama said

it’s not an order, but I went to DT today, xmas shopping.
I bought:
stainless timolino
Tea for the tree 3 pack
Matcha Salt
Agave Nectar
Tea Filters 100pk
50g Jumpy Monkey
50g Ceylon Star
134g Puerh Ginger
131g Cocomint Cream

After taxes and $118 later. . . I left the store :S

And I was charged for my first month of the verdant tea club today! YAY!

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Lazey said

Made my first Teavana purchase, a really big one too:
2 ounces of Zingiber ginger coconut roobios.
Free shipping, think there’s a free sample and it was the cheapest tea I could find there that sounded like I might like it.

Then on another site I ordered:
Russian Earl Grey looseleaf
Twinings Lady Grey bagged
Dorian Grey looseleaf
Night of the Iguana chocolate chai
And 2 3" tea strainers I plan on giving as gifts.

And I even have a little leftover for Christmas presents.

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Alphakitty said

Since Teavana has free shipping and I’m afraid of their retail stores, I made a small order!

Samurai Chai Mate 2oz
Ayurvedic White Chai 2oz

Both were on sale so it was only $11.34 to recreate the old chai/chai blend. Which, iirc, was about $22 for 4 ounces? Not a bad deal!

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Just ordered Thabiti Organic Black Tea from Majani Teas(Kenyan Tea).

I ordered both their holiday gift sets for myself, and so I have all the other teas currently offered already: Imara Organic Black Tea, Faraja Organic Green Tea, and Tamu Organic Oolong,and Sawa Organic White Tea.

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momo said

52teas: Browncoat Genmaicha, Lemon Cardamom Chun Mee, and more Butterbeer

Teavana: 4 oz of Blueberry Kona Pop, and 2 oz each of: Gyokuro, CocoCaramel Sea Salt, Scarlet Cloud, Black Dragon Pearl, Shanghai Orchid, and whatever the pineapple blooming tea’s called.

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52teas order! dances

Butterbeer x 3 (squee!!)
Caramel Pumpkin Cheesecake
Cotton Candy Black Tea
Breakfast Smoothie Honeybush

Now to wait and see if Della Terra will have any post-Christmas sales for me to spend a bit of my (sadly limited) post-Christmas monies :D

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Alphakitty said

I did a bad, bad thing. I do NOT need any more tea, especially from Teavana since 1) I placed an order there about a week ago and 2) my bf’s mom just gave me 4 lovely tins filled with blends I haven’t tried for xmas. But those sales, how could I resist?!

CocoCaramel Sea Salt 2oz
Strawberry Lemonade 2oz
Cha Yen Thai 2oz
Amandine Roze 4oz
Blueberry Kona Pop 4oz
Aztec Fire 2oz

Total $12.51 before shipping, so 1.27 an ounce. Considering their usual prices I think I can live with myself.

Babble said

LOL – I know. I was like, “I can totally resist this Teavana sale”. And then I went and looked. And then it all went downhill..

Alphakitty said

It’s funny, their prices are pretty damn high but they have the best sales! I mean, some of their stuff was $1.50 for 2 ounces.

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Chuckieroy said

Frutto Bianco Pearls 4oz
Precious Peach 1/4 pound
Peach Tranquility 1/4 pound
Peachberry Jasmine Sutra 16oz
Caribbean Calypso Mate 8oz
Iced Princess 8 oz
German Rock Sugar 1 pound
51 bucks! Can’t beat that!!!

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Babble said

I don’t need more tea, but when Teavana was having their sale I totally caved. The tea was so cheap. And it meant not having to go to the mall and fight crowds. I just couldn’t resist.

(I went for quantity over quality here since a lot of these blends I haven’t tried)

2 oz of:
CocoCaramel Sea Salt Herbal Tea
My Morning Mate Tea
Mango Mate Pu-erh Punch Mate Tea
Cha Yen Thai Black Tea
Amandine Rose Black Tea
Sweet Mango Chai Oolong Tea (absolutely NO reviews on this anywhere – so this will be exciting)
Tulsi Dosha Chai Rooibos Tea
Ginseng Vitality Rooibos Tea

Total: $20.68
Plus, I got to use a $10 GC.
So $10 out of my own pocket for tea. Not too shabby.

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Novi said

ESP Emporium
1.76oz Very Berry/Fig Sencha Green
1.76oz Sweet Sin Rooibos
1.76oz Pomegranate/Grape Green
1.76oz Polar Fire Rooibos
1.76oz Peach Truffle Black
1.76oz Orange/Praline Green
1.76oz Orange Cookie Black
1.76oz Cloud Catcher Fruit Herbal
1.76oz Chocolate Cake Honeybush
1.76oz Butter Truffle Black
1.76oz Bon Bon Black
1.76oz Acerola/Cherry/Fig Black
1.76oz Acerola/Barberry & Cranberry Fruit Herbal
1.76oz Organic Chocolate/Mint Rooibos
3.53oz White Grape Premium White

2oz White Ayurvedic Chai
2oz Strawberry Lemonade
2oz Samurai Chai Mate
2oz Fruta Bomba
20z Mango Mate Pureh Punch
2oz Taj Masala Chai
2oz Yumberry Wulong
2oz Berry Basil Blast
4oz Spring Morning
4oz Chen Yen Thai
4oz Rooibos Tropica
6oz Sakura Allure
6oz Acai Matetini
8oz CocoCaramel Sea Salt
8oz Azteca Fire
80z Youthberry – Wild Orange Blossom Tea

All came out to less than $100 for me out of pocket. Also got a kitchen timer, water purifier, and an electric kettle with temperature settings for an idiot-proof brewing experience.

(If I add that this stuff is meant to be shared among a handful of adults and possibly a few kids, does that make it any better?)

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