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Lynxiebrat said

lol. I caved as well. I kind of went in thinking I would just get a whole bunch of tea and not worry about where I was going to put it all before my Dad came home and saw that I bought yet more tea.

Shanghai Orchid $7.50 (I hope I don’t fall in love with this tea, as it is to be discontinued. )
Lavender Dreams $7.50
Precious White Peach $7.50
Peach Tranquility $3.40
Caribbean Calypso $3.90
Berry Basil Blast $6.00
Watermelon Mint Chiller $7.00
German Rock Sugar $26.95
Oval Tin (3) 7.95 (each)
Twiggy Tea Scoop $12.95
Citrus Lavender Sage $5.00
Opus Rouge $4.00
Matcha Whisk $12.95
Two Ounces on Most every tea except the Peach Tranquility and the Shanghai Orchid

Final Amount: $147.96

Sadly, for some reason I am in no mood to have tea:( Maybe once I come in from shoveling snow.

Babble said

How did you get watermelon chiller so cheap? I see it as full price on the website :(

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Lynxiebrat said

Not sure, maybe because I got so much tea and stuff they they added additional discounts? Shot in the dark as I havn’t a clue

Babble said

Did you get confirmation of this entire order? Because over half the teas were missing when I finally got my confirmation.

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yssah said


Lord Grey
English Breakfast
Apple Delight
Mango & Passionfruit
Green Tea with Spearmint leaves (nana)
Green Tea with wild berries and Passion Fruit
Green Tea with Lemongrass and Verbena
Fruit Galore
Wildberry Nectar
Rose Hip and Hibiscus
Chamomile Honey
Masala Chai
Jasmine Green Tea
Strawberry Burst
for 2.99 each

Rooibos Tea – Cinnamon and Vanilla for 3.25
The Leaves Collection – Amaretto Almond Tea for 7.99

got a 10% discount coupon
total: $50.48

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Valerie said

I’ve got THREE orders on the way…

David’s Tea #1 — this is waiting at the post office for me to pick up tomorrow! (It was closed today for boxing day)
- Perfect Tea Infuser
- 100g Red Velvet Cake with tin
- 50g Ceylon Star
- 50g The Earl’s Garden

David’s Tea #2 (Boxing Day sale!)
- Blue Bird perfect mug
- Cocktail Collection

Del Terra Tea — 1oz of each
- Blueberry Creme
- Earl Grey Creme
- Lemon Chiffon
- Cafe Vanilla
- Mother of Pearl

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yssah said


2oz each
My Morning Mate
White Ayurvedic Chai
Azteca Fire
CocoCaramel Sea Salt
Wild Orange Blossom
Samurai Chai Mate – 4oz

total $16.71 (including shipping)

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Couldn’t pass up the Della Terra and DavidsTea boxing day sales! Can’t WAIT to get my paws on the goodies.

Della Terra Teas:
2oz Cafe Vanilla
2oz Earl Grey Creme
1oz Blueberry Creme
1oz Oatmeal Raisin Cookie
1oz Saveur de Paris

Mostly restocking some favourites I’m running low on, and I had to try Saveur de Paris because I’ve heard it’s the owner’s favourite tea.

Mesh Tea Ball with Charm – Rainbow
2 packs of 100 discontinued t-sacs
Mugtail Cup – Hedgehog
FORLIFE Tea for One – Teal
Curve Asian Style Teacup – Peppermint
2 Double Wall Glass Travel Tumblers – Teal, Green (can’t believe these are only 12 bucks, regular price!)

I’ve been wanting to get some new teaware for a while now and this was the perfect opportunity. Yay for some awesome deals!

Shmiracles said

i love my asian syle teacups. i have three! …ya know…in case of company. :)

I’ve been tempted to get some for so long, and couldn’t resist with the sale. Now I’m kicking myself for not getting you said, just in case! ;) glad to hear you like em.

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Sil select said

totally picked up too many samples to mention along with a few for Indigobloom and Kittenna from Upton since they had an extremely good price on brew baskets. If you’re going to have to pay a flat rate on shipping, you might as well load up and make it worth while!

blue basket:
Finum® Stainless Steel Brewing Basket (Med.)

black basket:
Finum® Stainless Steel Brewing Basket (Large)

7g sample:
Yunnan Rare Grade

6g sample:
“Wu Yi” Water Fairy Oolong

5g sample:
Special Production Formosa Black Tea

15g sample:
Season’s Pick Hattialli Estate GBOP

15g sample:
China Congou Wu-Yi Golden Monkey

15g sample:
New England Harvest Blend

15g sample:
Christmas Tea; Mélange Noël

15g sample:
East Frisian BOP 

15g sample:
Creme Caramel

15g sample:
Season’s Pick Vietnam CTC Black Tea

15g sample:
No.1 Tippy Orthodox GFOP Darjeeling

15g sample:
Organic 1st Grade Pu-erh 

15g sample:
Green Tea Mango Indica

15g sample:
Mincing Lane Breakfast Blend

15g sample:
Baker Street Afternoon Blend 

15g sample:
Season’s Pick China Black FOP

15g sample:
Imperial Golden Monkey

15g sample:
Season’s Pick Earl Grey Crème Vanilla 

15g sample:

Season’s Pick Pu-erh Fannings Organic 

15g sample:
Mélange de Chamonix

15g sample:
Pu-erh Loose Jia Ji 

15g sample:
Finest Russian Caravan

15g sample:
Orange Spice Imperial

15g sample:
Cinnamon Plum Fruit Tea

15g sample:
Tippy Orthodox GFOP Assam

15g sample:
Osmanthus Oolong Se Chung 

15g sample:
Peach Melba Fruit Tea

15g sample:
Summer Blend

12g sample:
Black/Green “Midsummer Dream” 

12g sample:
Lapsang Souchong Black Dragon 

12g sample:
Yunnan Black Needle

12g sample:
Season’s Pick Hokonguri Estate TGFOP1 

12g sample:
Black Tea Wild Berry

12g sample:
Sakhira Estate SFTGFOP1 Tippy

10g sample:
Formosa Oolong Choicest

sounds lovely!

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Shmiracles said

i’m embarrassed by how much i just spent on tea so here is just a list of the flavors…
stocking up on my favorites!!

Chocolate Orange 100g
Glitter & Gold 100g
Buttered Rum (organic) 100g
Santa’s Secret 100g
North African Mint (Organic) 100g
Peppermint Amour (Organic) 100g
Midsummer Night’s Dream 100g
Stormy Night (Organic) 100g
Pumpkin Chai 100g
Chocolate Cake 50g
Bubbly 50g
Gyokuro Yamashiro 25g

Davids Tea Filters (Cup Shape)
winter tree bubble teacup

“Russian blends” Assortment

Della Terra:
Custom Try Me Pack
( S’mores, Eight Candles, Dubbele Chocolade, Winter Nog, Orange Brulee
Taste Of Fall Try Me Pack
(Autumn Leaves, Gandma’s Pumpkin Pie, The Black Cat, Chocolate Chai Pu-Erh, Classic Apple Pie)

i’ve never had kusmi or della terra teas before!

Ohh yum, so many great picks from David’s! We really do have similar tea-tastes :)
And Kusmi is pretty awesome too. They have some really nice blends and of course I’m always suckered in by the pretty tins, hah.

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Look, I’m not even embarrassed…

During Teavana’s sale, I ordered online

2 lbs of Azteca Fire
2 lbs of My Morning Mate
1 lb of CocoCaramel Sea Salt
and 20 8oz oval tins.

with a gift card, this cost me about $40 of my own money.


yssah said

yep, you get a huge discount when you buy 5lbs :)

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bjack8987 said

Using up the money I got for Christmas and just made another order from the online webstore: I’m addicted to their teas. Just ordered:
Butter Cookie
Autumn Sunset
Sassy Strawberry
Coconut Vanilla Chai
Each of the these were 4oz. and included free tea bags for $11 each.

I ordered 2 tea ballers with the cutest little tea cup and teapot on them. They were 2 for $10.
My final purchase, for now, was a tea thermos @$20.
I’m out of money right now, but I’ll be back.
P.S. They have really fast shipping!

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