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darby select said

Just want to post that I’m 9 days in the new year and have not bought tea yet! It was actually a New Years Resolution to not buy any tea this year. I know that won’t happen because of sales that will come along but I’m going to try and go as long as possible. I’m going to my local tea place for lunch on Thursday though and I’m out of my Lemon Ginger Oolong! Guess 10 days in to a new year isn’t too bad, eh? LOL

Alphakitty said

I made a similar resolution—not no tea, buy less tea. However, 30 minutes into the new year I bought a lucky bag from Lupicia ^^; However, none since then!

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Lynxiebrat said

Gah….I put myself under a ban from buying any teas til about March, maybe April. I’m trying to tell myself that it’s just as well because the less driving in the winter, the better. And I’ve yet to really get into ordering online much yet. I still got the rest of my samples to go thru, the tea my Mom gave me, and the stuff that I got before Christmas to try out yet, and not to mention my tea cupboard is ridiculously full so I have trouble hiding it from my Papa anyways.

Darby, maybe making a shorter goal would work better? I know that I definitely would not be able to last a year without buying more tea, even more Republic of Tea from Whole Foods or the Fruit Market. Or try to limit yourself to 1 tea buy a month, and or set a budget…those sometimes works with me.

darby select said

I’ve succumbed many times over and it’s Jan! Lol
I will do better….I will do better.

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Fiddling said

I went a little crazy during the holiday sales this year. I snatched roughly 4.5 lbs. of tea for about $100 (full retail would have been $250). Not bad if you ask me!

Harney & Sons- 15% off + Free Shipping
Indian Spice Chai, 8 oz.
Lemony Gunpowder, 4 oz.
Cherry Blossom, 20 sachets
Apple Cinnamon, sample
Apricot, sample
Blue Ginger, sample
Tower of London, sample
TOTAL: $28

DAVIDsTEA – Boxing Day Sale (50% Off)
Pumpkin Chai, 100g in Collectible Tin x2
Cocktail Collection, 25g each: Exotica, Kanpe, Silk Jasmine Dragon, Citron Oolong, Goji Pop
Foodie Collection, 25g each: Forever Nuts, Organic Hot Lips, Organic Lapsang Souchong Star, Organic Pure Chai, Coco Chai Rooibos
TOTAL: $41

Teavana – Heavenly Sale (75% off)
Cha Yen Thai, 8 oz.
Earl Grey Creme, 8 oz.
WIld Orange Blossom, 6 oz.
Pineapple Kona Pop, 6 oz.
Rooibos Chai, 4 oz.
Rooibos Tropica, 4 oz.
Strawberry Lemonade, 4 oz.
Honeybush Vanilla, 2 oz.
TOTAL: $33

As an interesting side note, my experience at Teavana was far better than what I read about here. When I asked for “exactly” a certain amount, I got it. At most, I was over poured by 0.2 oz. (which is pennies when the going price for most was $1.70/2 oz.) and always asked if it was okay before the ticket was printed. I did not receive the additional discount for buying in bulk (should have been an additional 15% off), but they did ring up a few teas at 75% off that were still regularly priced, so it evened out.

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MissLena said

Oops, forgot to post on here my latest Verdant order, placed Sunday:

Autumn Harvest Laoshan Green – 7 g
Anxi Fo Shou Black Tea – 7 g
Master Han’s Wild Picked Yunnan Black – 7 g
Laoshan Village Chai – 1 oz
Ginger Sage Winter Spa Blend – 2 oz
Mrs. Li’s Shi Feng Dragonwell Green Tea – 1 oz
Aged Yunnan Silver Needle White Cake – 7 g
Yunnan White Jasmine – 1 oz

Used my $10 tea cash from Black Friday, so order total was

Sil select said


MissLena said

Yess exactly what I was thinking haha :)

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tperez said

Eek! What have I done? Well, actually I guess its not that bad since its mostly things I was low on (and a cute gaiwan) :P

Mandala Tea: total $70
-2007 Menghai Adorned in Red pu’erh 400g
-Mandala Phatty Cake 100g
-Big Red Robe light roast 1oz
-White Moonlight 1oz
-Mandala Four Leaves Ripe pu’erh sample 1oz
-2007 Yong De Organic pu’erh sample 1oz

Yunnan total $30
-Jingdezhen “Six Petal Mudan” blue on white gaiwan
-Autumn 2012 “Gao Li Gong Shan Gold Tips” Yunnan Black 50g
-Autumn 2012 “Premium Jin Guan Yin” Anxi Oolong 25g

Claire said

Yay! I’m putting in a Mandala order at the end of the month, myself. :) Can’t wait to read these reviews!

tperez said

Woohoo! I’m super excited for the Mandala Phatty cake and Four Leaves samples. Besides that I got the Menghai cake for a good staple, and the other teas all sounded fairly unique :)

Uniquity said

Orders like these make me wish I loved pu-erh – it sounds like a wonderful set of teas.

tperez said

Haha Uniquity, I totally know what you mean! Sometimes I see peoples matcha orders and go “mmm” and then “wait, but I don’t even like matcha that much” :P

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Sillyvicen said

Well I found ya’ll yesterday and had to check out the 52 teas place that I kept seeing pop up. So I ordered

Pomegranate Blackberry Shou Mei and Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Honeybush

but I really needed some more caffeine free berry flavored teas/tisanes for the end of the day, so it’s ok.

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Maria said

Hi all! First time posting my order. I ordered these from Nature’s Tea Leaf yesterday. I ordered through amazon as I had gift cards and I was dying for some new teas to try.

1 “Organic Raspberry Leaf Tea – 2oz”
1 “Chamomile Black Tea – 2oz”
1 “Apple Black Tea – 2oz”
1 “Yunnan Spring White Leaf Green Tea – 2oz”
1 “Milk Black Tea – 2oz”
1 “Vanilla Black Tea – 2oz”
1 “Tie Kuan Yin Oolong Tea – 2oz”

Can’t wait to try and review! – Order has been shipped already which was impressive.

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Shmiracles said

ANOTHER DavidsTea order…
i just love the 14oz Q-Teapot i already have and had to take advantage of the deal.

sale items:
Q-Teapot – Teal
Q-Teapot – Fire red
The Cocktail Collection
Large Filters Pack of 60

plus extras:
Genmaicha 50g
Main Squeeze 50g
Jumpy Monkey 50g
Super Ginger (Organic) 50g
Detox (Organic) 50g
Vanilla Orchid 50g
Whisky White 50g

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I got my first official orders from Della Terra and 52 Teas this week! Everything is so lovely, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

52 Teas:
Boo-Berry Cotton Candy 2 oz
Caramel Pumpkin Cheesecake 1.75 oz
Sun and Cloud Mist 2 oz
Browncoat Genmaicha 2 oz

Della Terra Teas:
Eight Candles 2oz
Classic Apple Pie 1 oz
Winter Nog 1 oz

I am loving all of them so far! I think my favorite is Classic Apple Pie because I have been looking for a good apple pie tea, but they are all excellent.

I LOVE the caramel pumpkin cheesecake!! And Della Terra its the BEST!! Winter nog is like vanilla frosting

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Just happy my first chawan arrived today. (been wanting one for 15 + years! I got one that is appropriate to any season to start with, but have others that will be arriving as well, some season specific) my Yuzamashi came today too, and earlier this month 2 Yunomi :)

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