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Just ordered my partner (new to steepster, only recently branching out in teas past herbals and Irish breakfast) the

Aladdin Ebony Duo Coffee and Tea Travel Press 10-Ounce for work.

We use french press for coffee already, I just gave him a bit of a lecture on not using it for both tea and coffee without washing with vinegar added between beverages, especially since he already has a taste for white tea!

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Zeks said

“we come in bulks " :)


Zeks said

Waited for two months for these packages. They’ve been ordered in early November… The only thing that matters though – now I have a LOT of tea to try :)

indeed, and good tea is worth the wait!

Sil select said

nice! Looks like lots of fun :)

Uniquity said

What is going on in the middle row? I assume it is all Teavivre but I haven’t seen that packaging. Also I love their tins!

Zeks said

Middle row is JK Tea shop. As is Gaiwan actually

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mrmopar said

persimmon tea first order Masala Chai
2.5 oz

Ordered: 1

Coconut Crème
1 oz

Ordered: 1

Honeysuckle Puerh Tea

Ordered: 1

Lychee Peach

Ordered: 1

Peach Apple Crisp

Ordered: 1

White Peach

Ordered: 1

Rock Sugar
16 oz

Ordered: 1

some of these sound lovely!

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my Chasen and Chashaku set came in today, love that it all folds up for travel/storage!

…not loving that I ran out of matcha 2 weeks before I got the tools in!

Zeks said

I have no tools but found that shaking the cup furiously (with the lid on of course) allows quite a good matcha to be prepared even without them :)

right. I have done that too. It is just a big deal when I’ve been using matcha in some way for over a decade, and been wanting said tools almost as long!

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I may have just ordered the last pack of Sun and Clouds from 52Teas…

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Shmiracles said

Coconut Truffle – sample
Maple Sugar – Sample
Evening Escape – sample
Citrus Burst – sample
Strawberry Kiwi – sample
Chocolate Delight – sample
Afternoon Apricot – sample
Jasmine Pearls – sample
Chocolate Chai – sample
Carrot Cake – 2 oz

a friend told me good things about this company so i thought i’d try a few :)

I’m intrigued by these flavors!! Definitely checking them out, thanks!

Alphakitty said

Maple Sugar is AMAAAAZING, I only got a sample and really need to place another order for it!

Shmiracles said

Oooooooohhh yay! the rave reviews for this small company just keep coming in!

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Katiek said

Just got yesterday from Zen Tea Life:

Vanilla Heaven Rooibos
Cream Caramel Rooibos
Vanilla Black Tea
Cape Town Rooibos and
pretty red daisy mug

I love their tin designs and their customer service is wonderful!

I love their tins too! I really need to do an order from them (and buy tins)

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momo said

at least it was only $20 and I won’t do it again I think.
From The Whistling Kettle:
Flash Special: Blueberry Pie (tin) $4.50
Strawberry Milkshake Rooibos [Organic]-sample $2.50
Maple Taffy-4oz $7.50

hopefully this is the Blueberry Pie that someone sent me in a swap so I have more than that small amount.

not a fail…just another opportunity to improve! though these new teas should help :p

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My husband is a sweet heart and let me do a DavidsTEA order on him!

Teal bubble tea pot 24oz – as I have no good sized tea pot with an infuser
Blooming glass tea pot – cuz it was 50%, so $9 for a glass tea pot? Score!
50g each of:
Cocomint cream
Strawberry Rhubarb parfait – for the husband lol. The only tea he likes!
Vanilla oolong

Came to $51.75

Shmiracles said

i love my bubble, especially for when company comes over. i’ve considered buying the blooming glass myself, also cocomint cream & vanilla oolong are two of my faves!
i’m excited for your order too! hah

woot, I can’t wait for that teapot! Last time I had company over I had to separately steep each cup with my DT Steeper!

Uniquity said

I love my Bubble teapot, it’s our everyday two person pot, but it can go for 3 or 4 quite easily as well.

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Alright, jumping in… In the last 2 weeks I’ve ordered 3 times from DAVIDsTEA. One small one with their Starter kit, then a larger one of a few collections and then a HUGE one of every tea I wanted to try.

Colored Tins: Blue, Red, Purple, Yellow, Green
100 Medium Filters
Tea Cozy
Holiday Crackers (Sales! Yay!)
Teal Bubble Teapot
Peppermint Snowfall Mug
Holly Red Winter Mug
Snowshoe Perfect Mug
Mesh Ball Charm
Teal Bubblecup

Teas (all are 50g except for a few):
Northern Lights
Pumpkin Chai
Chocolate Cake
Red Velvet Cake
Stormy Night
Glitter & Gold
Pure Vanilla
Creme Caramel Rooibos
Toasted Marshmallow
The Glow
Mamma Mia
Knape Tea
Movie Night
Orange Blossom
Creme Brulee
Le Disestif
Strawberry Ginger
Jumpy Monkey
Cocoa Canella
All the Raj
Kapha Ayurvedic
Paradise Found
Midsummer Nights Dream
Elf Help
Sleigh Ride
Blood Orange Pu’erh
Carrot Cake
Creme de Menthe
Caramel Spice
Apres Ski
Snow Bunny
Blueberry Jam
White Tiger
Chicory Dickory Doc
The Immunizer – 100g
Oh Canada – 250gs because omg
Rainbow Tin Glitter & Gold
Rainbow Tin Organic the Skinny
Rainbow Tin Mothers Little Helpers
Rainbow Tin Chocolate Orange
Rainbow Tin Toasted Walnut
Rainbow Tin Chocolate Rocket
Rainbow Tin Alpine Punch

Tea with Benefits
Caffeine-free Teas
David’s Starter Kit
The Chocolate Collection
Winter Tea Collection
8 Days of Tea
The Green Collection
Cocktail Collection
The Chai Collection
Davids Top 3

I mostly bought such a large quantity to try EVERY one of their teas, sort out the ones I find top-notch and put them in a permanent place in my cupboard before moving on. I’ve got a Murchie’s Order coming in as well to try another brand but DAVIDs has such a hold on me.

Shmiracles said

that is really a glorious order and a glorious amount of tea!

Ahaha, thank you Shmiracles! It helps I take a lot of these to work and end up having to share so they disappear quite quick.

Wow. I wish I worked with you! ;)

:D So do I! I love sharing teas!

Katiek said

Hope you enjoy. Let us know which ones were particular faves

your order made me smile so big!! and when my co workers want to try my teas, I’m excited too, it’s great to be able to offer to others something that brings you such wonderful joy :)

I really like the idea of ordering all the appealing tea samples from one company in one fell swoop!

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