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Did an order with Den’s Tea using my $3 coupon that come with my Green tea sampler.

Yuzu Kukicha – this one is seasonal and near the end of the season, snag it while you can!
Houji Genmaicha

Yuzu Kukicha –will look this up next year then!

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Shmiracles said

my first verdant order :)
lots of samples and lots of opportunity to learn.

Mt. Banzhang Farmer’s Cooperative ‘03 Sheng 7 g.
Tea Trail 2004: Willow Grove Workshop 7 g.
Autumn Harvest Laoshan Green 7 g.
Chocolate Chamomile Curiosity Brew 7 g.
Mi Lan Xiang Phoenix Mountain Dancong 7 g.
Xingyang 2007 Shu Pu’er 7 g.
Master Han’s Wild Picked Yunnan Black 7 g.
Earl of Anxi 7 g.
Aged Yunnan Silver Needle White Cake 7 g.
Anxi Fo Shou Black Tea 5 g.
Fuhai 2007 Sheng Pu’er 7 g.
Laoshan Black 1 oz.

Ooh this looks very good! I love the Phoenix Dancong oolong, devoted my Yixing to it, the Earl of Anxi is delicious, and Laoshan Green is too! I have many of the black teas as samples that I have yet to try or are on there way in my order, which should be here tomorrow I hope!! You will love Verdant :)

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Death Star teaball for a friend who has mastered the art of how to properly fill and use one of those difficult but all to common pieces of teaware.

Coooooool! I love the teeny tie fighter with it!

I know, I’m almost tempted to get one for myself. already got her a yellow submarine tea ball :P

I want the Tea rex too
Love those tea gadgets, but I’d probably only use it for fun or photos.

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tperez said

Well, I decided to give in and ordered a 2007 Yong De cake from Mandala before they run out, and added an ounce of their Wild Monk maocha to go with it.

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Well, due to running far too low on Jasmine and Mint teas, I caved and made my first order at Della Terra primarily for a sample of the Jazzmint!

used the custom try me pack option, with the following 5: Jasmint,Shaolin Jasmine,Tiger Sencha,Papa Bears Hibernation Blend,and Captivating Crimson Orange

added to this: Oolong crème de la crème, and Organic Makaibari Darjelling

and with that, I have headed my way all I need to see what to keep on hand from that company…now back to lurking at Persimmon Tree!

yssah said

jazzmint! that fits your needs to a T! :D

hehehe, lurking with you Kasumi :)

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Sillyvicen said

52 teas Brandied Apricot Upside Down Cake Honeybush

Had to try Cuppa Crew especially with a coupon, Irish Breakfast, and Tim Finnegans

Cuppa Crew said

And thank you for doing so!

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Sil select said

Finally picked out my teas from Butiki from black friday:

Organic Guranse
Premium Taiwanese Assam
Royal Golden Safari
2003 Reserve Four Season Oolong
Gui Fei Oolong
Wild Purple Buds Puerh
Organic Sparrow Tongue
Kamba Berry
Mi Xian Black
Creamy Eggnog
Glenburn Darjeeling Moonlight

AND…finally picked up my first gaiwan from Stacy cause she rocks!

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TEArender said

surrendered to my first love, and ordered huang xi dancong
oolong from verdant teas,
also a flowering jasmin teapellet
Again, I’m breaking in the new and first gaiwan from miller at Montea

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Did an small order with SteepCityTeas, with the 15% promo code they posted here on Steepster

1x Coconut Grove – 2 oz (25-30 servings) for $7.75 each
1x Yaya Strawberry – 2 oz (25-30 servings) for $4.75 each
Discount (code: steepsterdeal): $-1.88 USD
Subtotal : $10.62 USD
Shipping : $3.95 USD
Total : $14.57 USD

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Della Terra Yummmm!!!! I just ordered some of their new teas with the 30% off code NEWTEA30:

Love in a Cup 2oz
Hearts and Roses 2oz
Professor Grey 2oz

With shipping and the discount:

So excited!! I think Eight Candles lovers will enjoy Love in a Cup…it’s basically Eight Candles with chocolate from what I can tell!

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