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momo said

Ok I figure if I’m getting 4 oz of tea for just over $10 thanks to a random $3 in my paypal account, I can get tea right? Especially if it’s Valentine tea?

I too got 2 oz of Love in a Cup, and then 1 oz of Lime Chiffon and 1 oz of Professor Grey. YAY.

you never have to justify buying tea on here, you can get tea because you love it whether you have $3 or $0 in your paypal account in my opinion!! so excited for these!

momo said

I had no idea there was $3 in there though now I see it’s because of ebates! I didn’t even think I did enough shopping through there to get $3! I can’t wait for the Love in a Cup one!

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I know! its like Eight Candles with chocolate, Della Terra just made my week, it was all worth it for a new Della Terra order

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annoyed at the timing, but just placed a second order with Della Terra for the Anti V-Day Treat, with the mint I had to try it, though it is likely too sweet.

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I was given the credit card from my husband so I can pick something for my 25th Birthday which is rapidly approaching. So I decided that my Dragon Tea House order had been sitting in the basket for a while and it was time to checkout. I love their interesting sounding Pu Erh.

Cassia Twig Fragrance * Haiwan Puer Tea 2010 Ripe 50g Loose Sample
Mangbo * Mengku Ming Qian Spring Tip Puer Tea 2007 Raw 50g Loose Sample
Cang Mt. Silver Bud * Xiaguan Puer Tea Cake 2012 Raw 50g Loose Sample
Xiaguan Flame Mushroom Tuo Cha * Pu-erh Tea 2012 Ripe 50g Loose Sample
Special Grade Green Cake * Xiaguan Puer 2011 Raw 50g Loose Sample
Xiaguan Organic Old Tree Iron Puer Cake 2009 Raw 50g Loose Sample
Premium Dian Hong * Yunnan Black Tea 50g 1.76 oz
Matcha Gift Set * Matcha & Japan Tea Ceremony Teawares

Sweet, love husbands for that!

darky said

they got worldwide free shipping? wonderfull! can u update any time about how long it takes to arrive and if u need to pay customs? many thanks!

Yep worldwide shipping is free which is great. I placed an order with them previously and I didn’t have to pay customs, also if I remember rightly it took roughly 3 weeks to arrive. I can let you know when this order arrives :)

darky said

great 3 weeks isn’t to bad for free shipping, because shipping from time to time can cost up to 10€ from alot off store’s

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Alphakitty said

Oops, mysteriously I ordered more tea! I don’t even know how it happened, one second I’m looking at Della Terra’s new vday blends, the next I’m in Paypal paying for an order…

Professor Grey 2oz
Hearts & Roses 2oz
Love In A Cup 2oz

$20.91 with the 30% off coupon

MissLena said

Gahh I want to try all their Vday teas! Will have to wait til closer to the day though, then it might be a bit more justified :P they all sound delicious!

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Just made a one stop order of samples!

from: The Persimmon Tree added a couple extras to qualify for the free shipping. Not too worried though, it will be a good start for the samples I am sending to a friend.

Just noticed, I missed one flavor! will have to add it to my next run.

Biodynamic Darjeeling
Passion Fruit Jasmine
Ceylon Black
French Vanilla Bean
Masala Chai
Silver Needle
White Peach
White Peony (Bai Mu Dan)
Green Pomegranate
Jasmine Pearls
Tropical Pineapple
Honeysuckle Puerh Tea
Immortal Nectar
Compassion (Tie Guan Yin)
Jasmine Ancient Beauty
Mandarin Silk
Hibiscus Rose
Mint Medley

Oh nice! I recently had Honeysuckle and it is amazing! Mandarin Silk is great, and Tropical Pineapple and Green pomegranate make amazing iced teas!

One big orders are the way to go! :D

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American Tea Room has a great sale going on, 20% off all orders when you use a promo code plus free shipping over fifty dollars so I figured now was the perfect time to try their teas.

I got:
-2 ounces Brioche Organic Tea
-2 ounces Earl Grey Shanghai
-2 ounces Organic Yunnan Golden Needle (which would’ve been $39.00 without the sale).
-2 ounces Milk Oolong (which would also be $39.00 without the sale).

I had always heard great things about the last two teas but they were always too expensive, so this is a great chance for me to try them and I’m very excited. The Brioche is also supposed to be great and well, the earl grey is just because I need an earl grey in my cupboard.

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Now, I’m not an overly patriotic person… Many a time I refuse to name my origins but Murchie’s sparked an incredible amount to delight for me with their selections and I had to go crazy with an order. And here it is – as it all finally came. Most of these are the 10 bag samplers.

Murchie’s Afternoon Blend
Jasmine Silver Peach Blossom
White Chocolate Mousse
Library Blend
Ms Grey
Rooibos Coconut Chai
Russian Caravan
Lapsang Souchong
Darjeeling’s Finest
Darjeeling Pure
Herbal Green

Special Blends (to me…)
Royal Alberta Blend
Wedding Blend
Golden Jubilee Tea
Diamond Jubilee Tea
Prince of Wales Blend
Rideau Hall Blend
CBC Radio Blend
Queen Victoria Blend

Blueberry Scone Mix
Scone Mix
Blueberry Orange Marmalade
Murchie’s Gift Cup (Comes with a cup, biscotti, 2 packages of Hot Chocolate and Coffee)

We’ll see what makes the cut to be on my shelf… But I dearly hope most of the special blends do.
Anything made for the Queen I can guarantee I’ll be all over.

my father would adore this selection! :) I may have to duplicate part of the order as gift for him

That’s adorable :D I’m glad someone would like it!
My mum gave me an annoyed look when I pulled out all this…

take a look at my profile, I mention my heritage and justification for my tea addiction in it :P my joke is my family, including ancestors would drink a lot, but tea, or alcohol, but never simply water LOL. My dad’s go to for years was loose leaf ceylon black.

I just did and I had to smile. Your family sounds so sweet. Seeing Red Rose listed also made me grin. I don’t know how many times I would open my Grandmum’s cupboard and see that… Now she looks at my teas and makes faces!

I have never been able to stand Red Rose, but my grandma kept trying! Only in the last few months did I find a ceylon I wanted to keep around, by swiping some pf what I had gotten my dad for xmas before I sent it off! yes, tea is one area my family can get along in well, yet oddly cause without specifics default “tea” can mean different things! If my dad was more computer capable, I would invite him here to steepster.

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MissLena said

I finally stopped by DavidsTea, in a different mall that had a lot more teaware! I got a bit of tea and teaware:

Gongfu Glass teapot (capacity 4 oz)

North African Mint – 25 g
Creme Caramel Rooibos – 25 g
Green & Fruity – 25 g
Cinnamon Rooibos Chai – 25 g (this was an error on my behalf, I thought I was getting 25 g of Coco-Chai Rooibos haha, I’m really unsure if I will like this, but ah well I guess we will see!)

And last but not least:
Super Ginger – 100 g tin
I have been wanting this tea since I saw it come out, and now I have it! Trying it ASAP!

Total was around $40 or so.

Uniquity said

If you take back the cinnamon rooibos chai with receipt they’ll totally switch it. I think there is 30 days for returns. : )

MissLena said

Hmm i could do that, idk it’s only 25 g though, I might as well try it, it’s rated pretty good on here :)

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Maria said

Today I stopped at Capital Tea’s at the Annapolis location. I had a groupon.

I picked up
Garden of Eden – 4oz
Figgy Pudding – 2oz
Vanilla Caramel Rooibos – 2oz

Also I put an order in from The Persimmon Tree:

White Guava 1 oz
French Vanilla Bean Sample
Earl Grey Crème Sample
Amore Sample
Banana Dulce Sample
Green Caramel 2 oz
Genmaicha Sample
Sencha Sample
Mandarin Silk 1 oz
Honeysuckle Puerh Tea Sample
Silver Needle 1 oz

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