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T.C. said

I claim this thread as my own!


Red Dragon Pearl Tea – 4 oz for $18.00 each

yssah said

lol….you win! you da tea-man!

T.C. said

Not sure I’d call it winning…more like hoarding :|

Alphakitty said

This week on Tea Hoarders, enter the world of T.C and his unstoppable tea addiction! Next week… Alphakitty, buried to death under a pile of oolongs.

T.C. said

If they ever made a TV show about us it would be MUST SEE TV! LOL

Kittenna said

LOL. I’m feeling pretty good about the fact that I haven’t made an order in a week, considering what’s been going on here! (Not that I don’t have like 10 in the works, but nothing’s actually been made, and that counts, yes?)

T.C. said

I admire your self restraint Kittenna.
Wish I had some!

I have a at least 6 tea site wishlists prepared for orders now :)

T.C. said

@Kasumi: couch Honeysuckle cough

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T.C. said


Chocolate Malt Honeybush
(knew I should have got this during the 20% off sale!)

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Was trying to put in an order at Adagio. There was an error with it, but it hasn’t been fixed yet. (Unfortunate, I like their blueberry tea.)

yssah said

yes, that is unfortunate as i would love to try it ^^’

They finally fixed the order. Except, now they’re out of my almond rooibos, and hazelnut honeybush. Can add some blueberry to your stash.

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Whispering Pines
Coco Blanco – Organic 1oz $5.25
Dark Chocolate O’olong 1oz $4.50
Clari Tea 1oz $3.00
Manitou Mist 1oz $4.75
The Sleeping Bear Blend – OUT OF STOCK 2 Ounces $11.00 ( MINE MINE ALL MINE bahaha)
Campfire Blend 2oz $6.50
Honey Graham Cracker 2oz $3.50
GREEN – Zen Master sample $2.00
O’OLONG – Apple Cinnamon (+$0.50)sample $2.50

Total: $43.00 USD

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I put in a small ESP Emporium order. I really wanted to try a couple of their whites that looked very interesting!

Starfruit/Strawberry White Tea Blend $11.50
Organic Mango/Pear Deluxe White Tea Blend $9.50

Starfruit tea! OMG!

But yeah – ESP’s shipping is a crappy $7.95. I took advantage of their 20% off sale, which in my mind of saving $4 turn into reasonable shipping without hitting their $45 free shipping threshold.

Though, unhappy right now as from ordering from them before, the high shipping is for using UPS. I get a shipping notification today, and it’s for USPS! Come on, $8 for USPS within the US for 4oz of teas?

Alphakitty said

I always want to order at ESP for their weird fruit blends, but the shipping is insane. Iirc there are a few other stores that carry the same blends as them though

momo said

I just sent an 8 oz box for $2.37 with a commercial rate. That’s not cool at all.

I wonder if it’s a new thing places like to pull when they offer discount codes. I had a problem with something I bought last week, usually they ship via Fedex. Well, for using Discover card you get free shipping….so what do they do? Send it Fedex smartpost. So it’s taking 8 days for it to get what was probably 7 hours away.

I was going to complain about the shipping cost once my order arrived today.. and it came with a $20 off coupon + free shipping! Evil!

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Kamyria said

Last night I put another order in to DAVIDsTEA:

Japanese Sencha (organic) 100g + free tin
Creme Brulee (organic) 50g
Second Flush Darjeeling 50g
Red tin


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Tina12 said

Carrot Cake Cupcake Green Rooibos Tea
Gingerbread Black Tea
Children’s Bunny Teaset
Precious Paulina – Herbal Tisane
Lychee Congou Tea
Item# T0032 4 , [email protected]: $4.70 USD 1 $4.70 USD
Organic Hibiscus Flowers
Organic Green Rooibos Herbal Tea
Creme Brulee Black Dessert Tea
Citrus Dragon Tea

The tea set and the kids tea Precious Paulina is for my daughter for Easter.

Lychee Congou sounds wonderful.

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KallieBoo! said

Finally placed a few orders!
Della Terra-
Mother Of Pearl Pu-erh 1oz.
Roasted Apple 1oz.
Saveur de Paris 1oz.
The Perfect Pear 1oz.
Lemon Lime Cream Tart 1oz.
Shamrocks & Shenanigans 1oz.

Total- $25.64

Le Foof(Custom Blend)
Foofy’s String(Custom Blend)
Anji Duet Sample
Green Pekoe(Free Sample)
Rubarb Green(Free Sample)

Total- $21.60

5 Featured Green Teas Assortment Samples
5 Featured Pu-erh Teas Assortment Samples
5 Featured Black Teas Assortment Samples
Taiwan Dong Ding (Tung Ting) Oolong Tea
Taiwan Jin Xuan Milk Oolong Tea(Free Sample)
Ripened Rose Pu-erh Mini Tuocha(Free Sample)

Total- $40.30

Blaaahhh I’m so excited :]

T.C. said

Wow, very nice!

KallieBoo! said

Why thank you :] I haven’t ordered any tea for a while now so I thought I’d catch up.

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Finally got my order from Adagio

Rooibos vanilla chai
Honeybush orange
Rooibos caramel
Rooibos vanilla
Almond (black)
Apple (black)
Blueberry (black)

Cup points coupon… Free!

LOVE when the Adagio order is free with cup points :)

They got the rooibos almond (which I love) in right after my order got sent.

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Alphakitty said

Steep City Teas

Moroccan Berry Mint
Bursting Lychee
Lady Melody

I actually didn’t intent to place any tea orders for a while, but I got a sample of Lady Melody in my first order with them. It wasn’t really my thing but I made a cup for my dad and he adored it! His birthday is coming up soon so I ordered that for him—and of course threw in a few extras for myself to justify shipping.

Chuckieroy said

Moroccan Berry Mint sounds really good!

Alphakitty said

Yeah, I really regretted not adding it to my first order! I love Moroccan Mint and have been looking for cool variations

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