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From Den’s Tea, using the coupon code that came with the sampler set:

Sakura Sencha 2oz
Green Kukicha 2 oz

Sounds great!

Never had kukicha before. I’m excited to finally try some :]

I looove kukicha, though have limited experience with it, and it has become a staple for me.

That’s encouraging! I hope I like it.

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momo said


There was enough in my paypal account to swing some apple pie matcha from Red Leaf because how can I not.

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I made my first order from Mariage Frères last night:

T101 MARGARET’S HOPE SFTGFOP1 1 50 36,00 €
TA1109 BRUMES D’HIMALAYA® 1 68,00 €
TJ1430 White Tea from beyond the Skies 1 46,00 €

Subtotal : 151,00 €
Shipping Fees (U.S.A.) : 25,00 €
TOTAL : 176,00 €

This hurt my bank balance. :-( And these are all pretty much sample sizes. I’m rationalizing the expense by calling it a “birthday present”. (It’s in about two weeks?)

Dinosara said

Ouch, makes me glad that Dammann Frères has free shipping to the states over 50€. Hope you enjoy the teas!

I posted this order partially because was hoping to have someone comment with where I might find these teas for more reasonable prices/shipping. How is Damman Frères’ tea?

Dinosara said

I love Dammann (more than I love Mariage, but I am kind of odd in that), but for all of their flavored blends. I’m not sure how their darjeelings compare… I think Mariage is kind of known for their darjeelings so I don’t know where else to go for those.

Excelsior said

Happy Birthday!

There may be an additional handling charge applied to the shipment. I’ve been charged anywhere from 30-40 dollars in addition. UPS claims this charge is incurred when the teas are processed through the US Agricultural department. You might want to be prepared for that. UPS held my teas as hostage until I paid up.

Darjeelings are temperamental and you might want to follow the preparations tips specifically tailored to each tea on the description page for the teas. It is not the general set of instructions “steeping chart,” found on their cover page. Use the parameters as a baseline for your first steep, then vary he parameters according to your tastes.

The Mariage purveyors take the time and effort to taste every single Darjeeling and set the parameters accordingly each year, for each flush, for that specific estate.

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Nooo, I gave in to the 25% off at Georgia Tea Company!

I really need more herbals as I drink through them fast for iced teas, and these prices are totally sweet, even better with the 25% off!

Strawberry Blizzard (Size: 2oz (= $5.00))
Summer Passion (Size: 2oz (= $4.00))
Pomegranate Fruit (Size: 2oz (= $4.00))
Pumpkin Spice (Size: 2oz (= $5.00)) – a herbal pumpkin spice? NEAT!
Amber Sugar Crystals (Size: Whole lb (= $8.99)) – mm sugar.

$24.74 after shipping.

Yeah, those DO seem reasonable. Let us know how they taste! :D

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Red Leaf Tea
10+5 FREE Matcha Deal
Size: 30g of each flavor
Flavor: Distinctive
Matcha # 1: Belgium Chocolate Matcha
Matcha # 2: Black Cherry Matcha
Matcha # 3: Caramel Matcha
Matcha # 4 : Cola Matcha
Matcha # 5 : Cookies & Cream Matcha
Matcha # 6: French Vanilla Matcha
Matcha # 7: Macadamia Praline Matcha
Matcha # 8: Alfalfa Matcha
Matcha # 9: Mint Matcha
Matcha # 10: Raspberry Matcha
Matcha # 11 (FREE): Banana Matcha
Matcha # 12 (FREE): Bavarian Cream Matcha
Matcha # 13 (FREE): Creme Brulee Matcha
Matcha # 14 (FREE): Grape Matcha
Matcha # 15 (FREE): White Matcha
1 $199.98 $199.98
Champagne Matcha
Size : Large
Flavor: Distinctive
1 $29.98 $29.98
Subtotal: $229.96
Shipping cost: $0.00
Total cost: $229.96

HOLY MATCHA! That’s the most epic matcha order I’ve seen!

I figure if I hate some (and I’m bound to, I’ve hated 2 of the 3 matchas I’ve tried so far that were traditional (green tea matcha) I always have stuff for trade. These are trading pretty popular :)

obviously not the champagne matcha! But yeah, bunch of those matchas I’ve had and they are pretty tasty!

Yeah, I tried the champagne matcha from a sample I got in trade a couple of days ago. It was so good! So of course when I make this order I have to buy some.

sandra said

oh my, that is an awful (good) lot of macha. :)


Isn’t matcha only good for 1-3 months after opening? :O

So I won’t open them all at once. Although I did not actually know that before now so thanks for posting that.

Wow! I have a few ideas for the 10+ 5 myself. can’t fully justify it yet though.
@yappy Ideally, from what I understand yes, but I have enjoyed much older matcha as well.

Sil select said

I’m with Kasumi. I’ve had matcha that’s been opened longer than 1-3 months ago. Depending on how you’re making it, you may not notice much of a difference.

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graceatblb said

I am…a weakling.

Another Mandala order:
357 gram Guo Zhi Yin Pu Shi 063 Tribute – 2006-cake
Milk Oolong-1 oz

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momo said

I reached 100 adagio points so I had to make an order.

I got Eleven and River Song custom blends because I need to get to watching season 6 now.
Then on top of that 3 free samples: masala chai from the superbowl squares game, the matcha fruit snack, and green rooibos key west for my share on facebook sample.

With the gift certificate and 5% off for posting a certificate to facebook…a total of $8.75

Azzrian said

YAY! Great deal!

Emily M said

You’ll have to let me know how those blends are…I am tempted just because of the names, but have spent wayyyy too much on tea in the past month.
Awesome deal!

momo said

same here, but for the price I had to haha. I didn’t want to miss out on that matcha snack if I can even save it for a between class snack when it arrives.

Emily M said

Always good to bring a between class snack! =)
And I don’t blame you. Gotta use the discounts/points!

Azzrian said

I need to go look and see if when you order the matcha snack – how they are packaged. I think the sample size is the perfect size to toss into a backpack, purse, etc.

momo said

it says they’re 2 oz bags normally and I didn’t even realize it’s $19 for 6! $3+ for a snack is a bit much, sadly.

Alphakitty said

I really loved the matcha fruit mix but it’s so expensive, so I am thinking of making my own. Dehydrate some apples and strawberries, mix them with matcha and shredded coconut (I’d axe the blueberry since they are a little too crunchy for my taste). Voila!

Azzrian said

Yup too rich for my blood. Its good but not OMG its totally worth that much money good. That is TEA money if nothing else!

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Azzrian said

Angelina’s Teas
Product Name Product status Price Qty Discount Total
SKU000012 Butterscotch Tea 1 oz. Confirmed $2.00
1 $0.00 $2.14
SKU000025 Grand Marnier Tea 1 oz. Confirmed $2.00
1 $0.00 $2.14
SKU000027 Hazelnut Vanilla Tea 1 oz. Confirmed $2.00
1 $0.00 $2.14
SKU000053 Peaches N’ Cream Tea 1 oz. Confirmed $2.00
1 $0.00 $2.14
SKU000065 Strawberry Shortcake Tea 1 oz. Confirmed $2.00
1 $0.00 $2.14
SKU000069 Vanilla Cream Tea 1 oz. Confirmed $2.00
1 $0.00 $2.14
SKU000188 Hairy Crab (Mao Xie) Tea 1 oz. Confirmed $4.00
1 $0.00 $4.27
Product prices result $0.00 $17.11
Order Under $50 Standard Shipping US $5.60
PayPal $0.00
Total $0.00 $22.71

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Sakura (Cherry) Sencha (2oz/56g)
Tencha-Kuki Houjicha (2oz/56g
Green Kukicha (2oz/56g)
Genmaicha Satsuki (2oz/56g)
Houji-Genmaicha (roasted Genmaicha)

Annoyed since I cannot use my sampler coupon code, but trying not to let it get to me too much.

Azzrian said

Still ya can’t go wrong with Dens!

Did it expire today? Bummer…

no, I made the mistake of buying the sampler with paypal, which is under my partner’s name, so the name + account don’t match…and I dissagree Azz…Den’s has some I was disappointed in, but I agree that it is a great place to begin with Japanese style greens…I’m not a beginner in this area though, so may be biased.

Azzrian said

That is unfortunate, I have been very lucky to have enjoyed the teas from them that I have ordered. Have to admit though I have not ordered from them in ages. Only in the beginning of my tea journey.

oh if some of these on the current order work out as well as I hope, I’ll be keeping them/the type at least around for good.

What were the ones you were disappointed with? /curious/

the Genmaicha Extra Green. I love Matcha Iri types usually, but had trouble finishing this one. the Hojicha I like well enough, but not sure I like theirs above any other I have had.

Azzrian said

Who do you recommend for Genmaicha Extra Green? I have only had Den’s and loved it – but it is the only one I have had.
I also love the Bancha Suruga.

Lupicia Matcha Kirara Rice is very light, resteeps into great genmai (just got some in)I am very happy with matcha iri from japanbargain, but that is a rough genmai base, reminds me of home.

not sure either of these have “extra” matcha as the genmai extra green has more matcha then matcha iri would have normally, from what I understand.

Bancha, tealet’s kyobancha by far is the best I have had, though quite happy with the box of Hime I have as well.

I will be trying many bancha, genmai, etc as I shop. Will (eventually) be posting basic reviews hopefully all here too.

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Claire said

Ordered more tea last night!

From Mandala:
Noble Mark Ripe Blend – 1 oz
Black Pearl – 2 oz
2007 Yong De Organic cake
2009 Bu Lang Gong Ting – 1 oz

And from Upton:
15g sample: Leadenhall Street Breakfast Blend
15g sample: Mincing Lane Breakfast Blend
15g sample: Bond Street English Breakfast Blend
15g sample: River Shannon Breakfast Blend
15g sample: Kensington Breakfast Blend
10g sample: Jun Chiyabari Estate HRHT

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