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I’ve got a couple orders somewhere in the mailing process….

Butiki: I placed this order at around 11pm PST on Tuesday night. She emailed me immediately thanking me for my order and asking if I’d like two free additional samples. Package shipped Wednesday morning and will be here tomorrow already. That’s some serious customer service!

1 oz samples of all of the following:
Pumpkin Creme Brûlée
Almond Indulgence
Tamarind Pop
Creamy Eggnog
Pistachio Ice Cream
Potato Pancakes & Applesauce
The Killer’s Vanilla
Winter Fire
Brown Crystal Sugar

2 free ones: Malawi white Peony and the pineapple cilantro cream

Culinary Teas:
Matcha Green Tea Powder – 4 oz bag
Genmaicha Extra Green with Matcha – 4 oz tin
Irish Cream Tea – 1 oz sample
Monk’s Blend Tea – 1 oz sample
Vanilla Tea – 1 oz sample
Vanilla Cream Tea – 1 oz sample
Hojicha Gold Tea – 1 oz sample
Hazelnut Vanilla Tea – 1 oz sample
Pumpkin Spice Tea – 1 oz sample
Cochin Masala Chai Tea – 1 oz sample
Caramel Creme Brule Tea – 1 oz sample
Pumpkin Cream Tea – 1 oz sample
Chai Spice Mix – 1 oz sample
Pecan Pie Tea – 1 oz sample
Sugar Plum Cinnamon Spice Tea – 1 oz sample
All their samples are $2.20 so I went a little nuts.

Azzrian said

Wow awesome haul!

I love samples. You should see me at costco. :-)

Holy tea haul! Those look good.

Discovering Steepster has been fun. And a little dangerous!

I absolutely love your tea haul!

Waiting anxiously for the mailman. We are one of the last on his routes. I’ll be lucky if he’s here by 3pm. I don’t know if i can wait that long for my afternoon tea. But I want to try a couple of the butiki teas when they get here. Might just have to be an overly caffeinated kind of day.

BoxerMama said

Butiki has the most fantastic service!

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chocolate mint rooibos
mint chocolate (black sample)

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Tealizzy said

Just placed my first order with Butiki (after my Filipino husband corrected my pronunciation of their name, ha!):
Maple pecan oolong
Cantaloupe and cream
Pistachio ice cream
Coconut cream pie rooibos!

I also couldn’t resist Della Terra Teas’ coupon code, so I ordered:
Love in a cup
Dubbele chocolade
Apple cinnamon yogurt
Vanilla cream rooibos!


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MissLena said

Tea order day! And I want to stop by a local tea place today as well haha

Well there’s some pretty darn good deals going on and so many new teas, I couldn’t resist ordering from a few places:

From Verdant (I have been eyeing this for so long, and now that there’s a free trial, I fell off the wagon immediately lol)
Tea of the Month Club Classic (with free trial)- $8.50

From Della Terra
Apricot and Peach Honeybush – 1 oz
Lemon Lime Cream Tart – 1 oz
Lime Chiffon – 1 oz
The Perfect Pear – 1 oz (almost got 2, but resisted)
Custom Try Me Pack with:
Shamrocks & Shenanigans, Vanilla Cream Rooibos, Strawberries & Cream, Sunshine, Cactus Flower

With the 30% off – $32.43, which is about as good as it gets with the crazy shipping rates to Canada

Can’t wait for it all to arrive! I want to try more of the new DTT but I will hold back for now.

Sounds awesome. Life Chiffon is so good. The Lemon Lime has been getting great reviews too. Need to put in an order for the st patty day and march teas. Likely will tomorrow. Need to work through my 234234 samples of Della Terra.

MissLena said

Yeah I got a bit of each of them so I can decide which one is my favorite, I already love lemon chiffon so I’m expecting it will be a tough choice haha. I still want to try the rest of the spring collection and the valentine’s ones, soon! I went crazy with tea today haha

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Went to Fava Tea last week and got Green Walnut and Spiced Pear (black). Both were AWESOME. I also found brand new bags of Fava Tea Roasted Apple Green and Dublin Breakfast (black) hiding in my cupboard—I had forgotten all about them. I still don’t remember picking out the Roasted Apple. I’m usually not an apple tea person but this was amazing.

But I digress. Due to the sale just announced by infussion, I just ordered 1 oz. each of Matcha, Dianhong Golden Tip, and Organic Long Zhu. Yay! First online tea purchase in months!

yssah said


Thank you. :-) I was wondering if anyone noticed that I was gone. I had some crazy health stuff going on. I missed you guys a lot!

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Zojirushi CD-JUC30FS Micom 3-Liter Water Boiler and Warmer

Azzrian said

You are going to fall in love!

OMGsrsly said

We have one of these at work, and it’s incredible! I keep on looking at less expensive versions for home.

I had trouble justfying it until I converted Liters to gallons/cups…then realized that even without other use (thinking my partner’s oatmeal, and pot of coffee daily, of which I have a few cups a week :P) and my seaweed tea, I would get close to only about a day’s worth of water in it…add the rest and I’ll be refilling it at least once a day! (our 4 cup stove kettle is getting LOTS of attention since our tea consumption increased too)..oddly I am more willing to get it now that I know it too will require refills during the day…

OMGsrsly said

Oh, that’s a good way to think about it. I’m planning on getting a 2.2 or 3 litre one, which should be good for one day. I hadn’t even thought of using it for oatmeal. Hmm.

3 Liters is about a days (ideal/average) worth of water for one person,not including cooking…and in winter he and I both do hot cereal also (I use buckwheat though) And I often drink about 7 cups of tea a day, when he drinks tea, it is anywhere from 1-3 cups a day. (1 Liter = 4 Cups)

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cherry/ vanilla rooibos
blueberry/ almond rooibos

I wish I liked rooibos :/

It’s good. And I wanted something berry.

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Just caved and finally placed the Upton’s order I’ve been trying to prevent all week. Just a bunch of samples- mostly fancy greens, but a couple of oolongs and a couple of pu-erhs. Oh and an ozymanthus cos WHAT will that taste like?!? :)

I’m wondering what the ozymanthus tastes like also. But I’ll have to wait to find that out…no more ordering tea for me for a loooong time.

If I get enough to share I’d be up for a swap :)


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Emily M said

Went a little sample crazy on Teavirve…

Golden Monkey Black Tea
Item# Sample 14g (7g * 2) [Zip Bag]

Taiwan Jin Xuan Milk Oolong Tea
Item# Sample 14g (7g * 2) [Zip Bag]

Taiwan Dong Ding (Tung Ting) Oolong Tea
Item# Sample 14g (7g * 2) [Zip Bag]

Da Hong Pao (Big Red Robe) Wuyi Rock Oolong Tea Fujian
Item# Sample 14g (7g * 2) [Zip Bag]

Huang Shan Mao Feng Green Tea
Item# Sample 10g (5g *2) [Zip Bag]

Keemun Black Tea – Grade 1
Item# Sample 14g (7g * 2) [Zip Bag]

Taiwan Monkey Picked (Ma Liu Mie) Tie Guan Yin Oolong Tea
Item# Sample 14g (7g * 2) [Zip Bag]

Yun Nan Dian Hong Black Tea – Golden Tip
Item# Sample 14g (7g * 2) [Zip Bag]

Bailin Gongfu Black Tea
Item# Sample 14g (7g * 2) [Zip Bag]

Trying to delve more into the world of black teas. =) Hopefully I find a few I like.

Uniquity said

Golden Monkey, Big Red Robe and Bailin Gongfu are amongst my favourite Teavivre teas. I find them to be really good quality, minimal bitterness and can take a beating if you forget them. I hope you find lots to enjoy!

Emily M said

Thanks! There were a lot of suggestions for those two black teas in another thread about bitterness, so I figured they were a good investment! Can’t wait for the order to get here!

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momo said

decided to use my rue la la Harney certificate. and can we not pester me about this code, if I still had it, I would have posted it. I can’t find the email now because I probably deleted it after pulling it up, and I’m pretty sure it might have been a one time use for me, sign up for their email list if you want their codes, they’re good about having them regularly, usually free shipping at $25.

All India Blend – loose 4 oz tin
Brigitte’s Blend – loose tea sample
East Frisian – loose tea sample
Eight At The Fort – loose 8 oz tin
Golden Blend – loose tea sample
Palm Court – loose 4 oz tin
Queen Catherine – loose tea sample
Black Currant – loose tea sample
Cranberry Autumn – loose tea sample
Diamond Jubilee – loose tea sample
Ambessa Lingonberry Green – 20 sachet tin
Chinese Flower – loose tea sample
Earl Grey Supreme – loose tea sample
HarSha – loose tea sample
Chinese Silver Needle – loose tea sample
Winter White Earl Grey – loose tea sample
Kagoshima – loose tea sample

So I think in total this ends up being $26.54

Azzrian said

VERY nice~!

pavl said

What 15% code?

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