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I obviously needed 2 bags of 52teas Red Velvet Mate…badly.

haha, that does sound pretty good. I’m so sad I missed the smores genmaicha…AGAIN!

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momo said

I got one bag of Red Velvet Cake mate last night, I was really surprised last night that later when I looked, only two other bags had been sold :O

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I am pouting because I missed out on the s’mores genmaicha again, so I ordered the last package of cinnamon roll honeybush from 52 teas instead! I hope I like honeybush better than I like rooibos because now I have TWO packages of it on the way. Cinnamon roll AND pina colada! :)

Sounds delicious! I have rooibos envy.

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52 Teas
2 Red Velvet
1 Smores Genmaicha (sorry, guys, there were 4 left after I ordered)
1 Weeping Angel

Della Terra
Blueberry Crumble
Oatmeal Raisin Cookie
Pineapple Upside-Down Cake

Forgot to mention I ordered 3 different teas from infussion when they first posted their special.
Dianhong Golden Tip
Organic Long Zhu
Matcha (regular grade, not ceremonial)

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CREAM said

I went to DAVIDsTEA today and bought:

30g of each of the following
- Chocolate Rocket – Rebuy, I like drinking this in the mornings sometimes
- Nepal Black – The guy at the store talked me into it.. :D
- Coco Lemon Thai – Did not think I would like it & wasn’t even gonna smell it but it smells sooooo gooood.
& a glass travel mug

Gonna go make some coco lemon thai in my new mug now!

MissLena said

Coco Lemon Thai got me with the smell too, I got 50 g on Monday haha, I was just going to get a small sample but nope..haha, I love all the ingredients in it though as well!

Chizakura said

Is it that Noble glass travel mug? If so, is it good? I love the look of it (and the fact that there’s a 16oz option) but I wasn’t sure if it’d feel hot to the touch despite the double wall, or if it’d keep hot for long and all that.

CREAM said

It is the noble glass travel mug. I got the 12oz one with the acrylic lid. It doesn’t feel hot to the touch- Its a bit warm with hot tea in it. I’ve only used it once and drank my tea within the hour so I can’t say if it holds heat or not but I like it so far.

Lucy said

Ohhh Nepal Black is so good!

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Design a Tea samples. Fun with flsvours!

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teapot1 said

California Tea House
Fruity Dreams 4oz

Chuckieroy said

Just looked up their site. They have a bedtime chai with valerian root. They have peeked my interest. The fruity dreams looks good too!

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graceatblb said

Birthday order from Mandala Tea. All of them are cakes.

Star of Menghai
Yong De Organic
Menghai Purple Rhyme
Hao Ming Jiacang
King of Bu Lang

My birthday is in June by the way :)

yssah said

hmmmmm…then they have a few months to age! :D

graceatblb said

Yep…well hopefully. My willpower is dreadfully weak.

yssah said

or….you will get to finish them all by your bday ^^

graceatblb said

And then buy more…Perfect plan.

yssah said


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Yesterday night I ordered 1 della terra teas custom try me pack
rainforest nectar
pineapple upside down cake
blueberry crumble
mellow mango peach
double berry burst

Azzrian said

EXCELLENT choices!

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Tealizzy said

So, I’ve been really bad. Haven’t even gotten to try tea from my latest order, and I ordered from another new company! I couldn’t resist trying sTeap shoppe after all the raving reviews about the cinnamon swirl bread tea. So, I ordered:

A tin of cinnamon swirl bread! I’m not messing around here!
Try me sizes of:
Sunrise sensation
Black and white
Vanilla bean black
Milk chocolate
Darjeeling second flush jungpapa oolong

ya.. uhm.. i’m wanting to order that now too :\

only teas and cinnamon.. that stuff sounds soooooo good.

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