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Kiaharii said

So I found some Christmas money (oops) and this is what happened.
Forever Nuts 50g
Bear Trap 50g
Vanilla Orchid 50g
Ceramic Maté Gourd (very excited for this!)
Toasted Marshmallow 100g
Large Read My Lips Collectible Tin
The Spring Collection
And a free tin and free filter bags.

Azzrian said

Christmas money? WHERE !? LOL Maybe I have some hidden in the same place here! :P

Kiaharii said

Hiding in the card it came in, it got put in my “to clean up/put away” box. As you can see I haven’t really gotten to it yet…

I have a couple of gift cards I haven’t used yet and you totally just gave me a (terrible (-y great)) idea…

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Kamil said

Just got this one from Chado Tea House:
-Organic Hojicha Green Tea 100g
-Mecha – Bud Tea – “Anzu” 100g
-Matcha – Special Ocassion
-Tama Guricha (Japanese Gunpowder) 100g
-Genmaicha Plust Matcha 100g
-Traditional Genmaicha 100g
-Gyokuro Tea FUJI 100g

And this one from David’s Tea is on it’s way:
-Banana Dream Pie (Organic) 50g
-Coffee Pu’erh 50g
-Mint Chocolate Rooibos 50g
-Assam Banaspaty 50g
-Jumpy Monkey 50g
-10 tea tins
-4 Double Wall mini cups (Glass)
-100 Tea Filters

Azzrian said

Nice orders!

Kamil said

Thank you! The genmaicha with matcha is phenomenal!

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Tealizzy said

I REALLY tried to resist the Della Terra coupon code, but I couldn’t help it! I ordered:
Blueberry crumble
White chocolate :)

Rie said

Sounds delicious! :D Sweet surrender to the promotions, haha ~

I know! I never ordered with them before and I recently just ordered with Teajo…Davids Tea…and Art of Tea (again – I got a good price!). I need to quit spending money on tea, lol! There’s just so much to still try though!

The white chocolate is delish. Its very strong on the white tea too.

Tealizzy said

Ooh, I’m so excited! It just shipped! On the white chocolate, I ordered that because I’m still searching for an after dinner tea that I love. I hope I like it because I only had the option to buy 2 oz!

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I love my Breville, but the stay-warm feature only lasts for an hour after the tea is brewed, and I am a s…l…o…w tea drinker. I usually pour my second 8-oz. cup about 45 minutes after I poured my first cup.

SO I needed a Thermos to keep the rest of the tea hot longer so I could enjoy the whole pot without microwaving any of the tea. I think I got the cutest one ever:

Frolic select said

That looks lovely. Let us know how well it works. I might be in the market for something like that.

Azzrian said

That is pretty!

Love it and love henna!

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Dinosara said

I have a bunch of other orders to make, but I have been curious about the rose black from In Nature Teas for a while and they posted that coupon, plus the tea itself was on sale when I got to the site, so…

Products Ordered:
- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – -
1 x The Red Rose – Black Tea

Azzrian said

Nice! :)

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I just put an order in with Della Terra …. Sampler Pack of S’mores, The Malt Shop, White Chocolate, Classic Apple Pie, & Eight Candles. Then a 1 oz package of Blueberry Creme….one tea someone posted on another forum here for best blueberry tea:)

Sounds good! I really like that blueberry one.

Azzrian said

I had no idea they still had Eight Candles!

More great orders. White chocolate is amazing if you’re into white teas. My sister in law loved it and brother hated it as I expected. Their apple pie is amazing so is the malt shop. I dont do marshmallow teas though (:

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I did a “HELL YEAH” when I saw Bluebird Tea Co open up international shipping! That rhubarb custard tea was calling to me! Lots of really cool and interesting teas, but I did a small order for now.

Ankara Apple – turkish apple tea with sage? YES!
Rhubarb + Custard – can’t wait!
Free samples – link to it from the discussion thread

$20 and change after shipping and money conversion. Also included 10% off promocode

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momo said

Couldn’t resist getting the samples and Vicky’s Sponge Cake from Bluebird. I think my half-blue bird would agree.

Vicky’s Sponge Cake is delicious. Good choice :)

momo said

If it wasn’t for the name, coconut and berry together get me every time!

half-blue bird?

momo said
Tealizzy said

Cute bird!!

Awwww! I like him! I was curious cos I have a birdie too, one of her parents was blue (she’s green) so if she ever had chicks half of them would be blue! So I think of her as half blue too, heh. She’s a parrotlet.

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Samples and Love Potion from Bluebird.

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DaisyChubb said

Aiight. I’ve been on a tea fast. BUT I finally made my first ever official Butiki Teas order! Yes it’s been a while, I was poor but I saved my pennies, so behold:

Pumpkin Creme Brulee
Item# 4089 , Quantity: 1 ounce
Raspberry Truffle
Item# 4087 , Quantity: 1 ounce
Tamarind Pop
Item# 5021 , Quantity: 1 ounce
Three Friends
Item# 4013 , Quantity: 1 ounce in tin
Creamy Eggnog
Item# 5032 , Quantity: 1/2 ounce
Grapefruit Dragon
Item# 5028 , Quantity: 1 ounce
Pistachio Ice Cream
Item# 2019 , Quantity: 1 ounce
Cantaloupe & Cream
Item# 1005 , Quantity: 1/2 ounce
Watermelon Xylophone
Item# 1003 , Quantity: 1 ounce
Grape Oolong
Item# 3010 , Quantity: 1/2 ounce
Maple Pecan Oolong
Item# 3014 , Quantity: 1 ounce
Peach Oolong
Item# 3010 , Quantity: 1/2 ounce

aaand a few from Frank @ Zoomdweebies:
Blueberry Cream Cheese Danish & Earl Pink :3

Emily M said

Yummy orders! Especially the Butiki one!

lteg select said

That is a delicious sounding order! I’ve been drooling over almost all those teas for a while now — I hope they’re all as amazing as they sound!

yay! I’ve had all those teas and they are all good! You are gonna love them!

Sil select said

YAY! I’m so happy for you! Glad you get to experience the Butiki awesomeness!

DaisyChubb said

Thanks everyone! I’ll definitely post lots of pictures, with inspiration by your facebook Sil ;)

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