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Tealizzy said

I really need to stop now! ;) Just ordered samples and Vicky’s sponge cake from bluebird.

Cavocorax said

I did too, now that I saw everyone else do it. :P (Which is good bc I didn’t realize they figured out international shipping!)

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Chizakura said

I did a nice Butiki Teas order. :) Decided to take advantage of the sale on Premium Taiwanese Assam! :D Ordered some other things as well, deciding I wanted the free shipping.

Cantaloupe&Cream 1oz (restocking)
Mi Xian Black 1oz (had this as a sample, wanted more!!)
Premium Taiwanese Assam 6oz (currently my favorite tea period)
Premium Taiwanese Assam Upgrade 2oz (had as a sample, wanted more!)
Citrus Dream 1/2oz (first time trying)
Watermelon Xylophone 1/2oz (first time trying)

I think that’s everything. I kept changing my mind a lot, so I might suddenly realize there’s something else too when the box gets here, heh. ^^;

Emily M said

Nice order!
Watermelon Xylophone is one of my favorite flavored teas! Enjoy.

Chizakura said

Oooh! :D

Definitely excited to try it in particular. I’ve heard so many great things about it, and so far I haven’t been disappointed in anything by Butiki, so I have high hopes :)

Emily M said

I’ve never tried the Assam – is it astringent at all?

Chizakura said

Very mildly. I don’t notice it at all unless I drink a cup of it immediately after something like Laoshan Black. It does come out a little bit more in second infusions, but even then it’s pretty mild.

It’s very very good, as I said it’s currently my favorite tea. :) This is also a good time to try it as it’s on sale! :)

Emily M said

Yeah, I’ve been eyeing it. When it went on sale, I figured I’d probably pick some up.

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Uniquity said

Splurged on a Verdant order to go with my Teavivre. I was craving some good unflavoured blacks to get me through the next crazy two months before my wedding. My dress is in but I still haven’t decided where to get it altered and it is (amongst other things) making me crazy. So I bought tea. :) I also seem to have decided that now is a good time to learn to love puerh so I threw some in there.

Laoshan Black
Amount: 2 oz.

Laoshan Black Chocolate Genmaicha
Amount: 2 oz.

Big Leaf Sheng Pu’er 2006 Yang Ji Tian Yuan
Amount: 1 oz.

Golden Buds Shu Pu’er Xingyang 2010
Amount: 1 oz.

The following were for a coworker:

Chocolate Chamomile Curiosity Brew
Amount: 1 oz.

Ginger Sage Winter Spa Blend
Amount: 1 oz.

Laoshan Black
Amount: 1 oz.

lteg select said

Hope you enjoy your Pu’er from them :) the Xingyang 2010 was my first Pu’er and I can’t get enough of it!

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Saw that Zentea had a 20% off sale and decided to finally order!

Travel mug – I’ve wanted this for a long time! SWOOOOOON! In green of course! Though I was tempted by the black one!
Fruit tea Grandma’s Garden 50g
Oolong Coconut – 50g I’ve had this tea and it is amazing
Gyokuro Uji – $0.50 sample? YEAH!

$34ish after money conversion. The shipping was quite reasonable at $4.90 from Canada, even though I got a teaware!

oof coconut oolong. WANT! :D That tumbler is really cute too, BTW

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A glass sharing pitcher from Mandala Teas because I realized that it’s actually necessary to the gongfu process and not an extraneous item :p

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sigh broke down and ordered some 52 teas coconut cheesecake Honeybush because I’m needing more teas with LESS caffeine and they only had 4 left….

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After much waiting & wanting, I ordered all 4 teas currently available from Andrews & Dunham Damn Fine Teas today.
Tiger Assam
Double Knit Blend
Mount Grey

I’m also sitting with an open shopping cart on Verdant…2 items in my basket, but haven’t pressed the order button…yet…

graceatblb said

I need to order from Andrews & Dunham Damn Fine Teas. Just based off their tea descriptions.

Sil select said

Terri…you’re just adding to the box you may end up having to send me lol although 2 cup samples don’t take that much room heh

I’ve actually started putting that box together, btw!
It’s sitting here on my table, & as I’m making myself cups of various teas, I’m like, “I think Sil will like this one.” So far you’ve got a several from the Tea Spot & London Tea Room.
So obviously I won’t be sending it until my A & D order arrives!

Claire said

I’m excited to read these reviews, I’ve been wondering about the A&D teas for awhile!

Me too, Claire! I think I first saw them reviewed by LiberTeas, & I’ve hung out loitering on their website several times. I’m really looking forward to sampling!

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Just placed my first order with Whispering Pines Tea Company because of the promotion they put up. Even though I shouldn’t be buying anything until next month, it was too good to pass up. I really have to avoid looking in the ‘Tea Companies & Promotions’ discussions….or selecting the general ‘All discussions’ choice. Lol.

So I ended up ordering all of these, but totally looking forward to all of them.
Golden Lily O’olong
Formosa O’olong Tea
Yunnan Gold Black Tea (Organic)
Blackburnian Tea
Glen Arbor Breakfast
Golden Sunrise Black Tea
Highland Ceylon
Mountain Nectar
Yunnan Dian Hong
Honey Granules

That looks like an awesome order!

I know what you mean!

I think I went a little overboard. ^^;


Terri – Lol! Tell that to my bank account. XD But I do not regret any of it…..Now the purchase I just made from Tevana. That’s a different story. >> /sigh/

MissLena said

I just took advantage of this sale too and placed my first order, pretty excited to try this company!

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David’s Starter Kit
Style: Tall box 900427 1 $19.50

The Winter Tea Collection
Style: Winter 2013 900401 1 $25.50

Kanpe Tea (Organic)
Size: 50g 10312 1 $7.00

Lids for Perfect Mug
Color: Bamboo 900581 1 $2.50

Strawberry Rhubarb Parfait
Size: 50g 10376 1 $6.75

Blueberry Jam (Organic)
Size: 50g 10359

Plus the free box of filters (8.50 value!)
Plus free shipping for over $50
(minus the fee my bank will charge for using my credit card to a non US company…my first order of about $35 resulted in about a $1 fee…so it’s reasonable since I get 1% “Disney” cash back for using my card:)

Grand Total $69.75

OBVIOUSLY, I wanted to get more….but I shouldn’t be spending more money, lol…..I just want more variety! ;-)
Now with Whispering Pines current sale…I’m pondering a small order with them….sigh I wish I had more $$$

Ellyn select said

I always feel like I am “tea-poor”!!

Amanda said

Blueberry jam is my fave! I just ordered a ton of it :)

I was going to order 100g of the blueberry jam BUT I didn’t want to end up not liking it…plus I wanted to get another flavor so I figured I could get 50g of both then whenever I order again I’ll get a larger portion if I do love it(and HOPEFULLY have more tea money by then, lol)

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Dinosara said

Finally convinced myself that I could make this order:

Butiki Teas

Mi Xian Black: 1/2 ounce
Zhen Qu: 1 ounce
Premium Taiwanese Assam SALE!!!: 1 ounce
Good Morning Sunshine: 1 ounce

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