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Sil select said

I went and bought two tins of tea at chapters….curse limited edition, only purchasable in one place, wonderful teas!

Cavocorax said

What were they? Harney and Sons?

Sil select said

I bought one of the sloane tea mother’s day expclusive to chapters teas (divine cream…caramel + black); and a H&S Amebessa tea. I’m likely going back tomorrow to pick up Chocolate truffle and peaches and cream mother’s day sloane exclusives lol

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Kaylee said

I am weak! Weak! Della Terra got me with the Earth Day sale, and I finally placed that 5 teas for $5 order with Verdant.

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Anyanka said

I forgot my upton order- but I’m not quite calling them by the right loooooong names!
A finum mug infuser.
125g of (cheap) Chinese Restaurant Tea- turns out we drink this constantly because it pairs well with all the asian foods I cook
125g of Gunpowder Green
125g X 3 of our absolute favorite toasty Assam (they were almost out of it for the year)

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Hikari said

First order from Harney & Sons!
Bamboo – loose .5 oz tin
Chocolate Mint – loose tea sample
Decaf Paris – loose tea sample
Midsummer’s Peach – loose tea sample
Organic Green with Citrus & Ginkgo – loose tea sample

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Tealux…. first time order. Sample sizes of the following. That 25% off sale got me

Pu-erh Cocoa-Spice
Pu-erh Vanilla Mint
Pu-erh Coconut Cacao
Pu-erh Chai Caramel
Pu-erh Berries Delight
Pomegranate Hibiscus Green
Green Paradise: Cucumber Mojito Lime
Wild Blueberry
Butterscotch Potion
Coconut Milky Oolong

Goods Total 11.20$
CanadaPost Expedited (3-5 business days) 7.85$
Total Order Cost 19.05$

Cavocorax said

Eek! That’s a cheap (and tempting!)

After the discount each sample was $1.12

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Fiddling said

I just ordered Verdant’s $5 tea sampler. I certainly don’t need any more tea (especially not after my last buying binge at H&S) but the Laoshan Black was calling my name! Oh well, I have enough room to stash away 50g of tea and $5 definitely won’t break the bank.


My Verdant Sampler is in the mail! I can’t wait!

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It’s tea-related. I bought Upton’s set of tins.

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sandra said

received my for life teapot 1l. wholeleaf (white with lime green lid); 400gr. organic/fairtrade rooibos and yes, the ff 2013 dajeerling. It’s absolutely DELICIOUS this year. (costed me a fortune though lol)

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DaisyChubb said

My boyfriend wanted to get me a special tea gift since I’m selling so much… I don’t know – I didn’t ask questions, I just said yes! haha!
So, I got my first order from Den’s Tea since they had these gorgeous teapots for only 5 bucks until the end of the month!!!

1 x Shudei Kyusu – $5 till 4/30 $5.00
1 x Houji-Genmaicha (roasted Genmaicha) (2oz/56g) $5.50
1 x Mango Iced Green Tea Bags (10 teabags) $6.00
1 x $3 Green Tea Sampler for Novices $3.00

The tea pot is awesome!

sandra said

yes, I have to admit, this forlife teapot pours best of all teapots i ever owned.
I recently developed some sort of teapot mania lol. when i went shopping for another yixing (couldn’t find a nice one in an acceptable price range) I ended up with a zero teapot 350ml, which is a 2-cup I use for darjeerlings.
I recently broke my teapot from the Uk that had been with me for ages (brown London Pottery 0.9ltr) so needed another one and ended up with this FORLIFE pot. I use it for anything from rooibos to PG tips, Earl Grey, tisanes, etc… when friends are coming over and I need a bigger pot. Find it pours even better than my ZERO pot, the lid comes off, not very practical.
wanted a cool colour but had to settle for an ivory white with a lime lid as most of the colours were no longer in stock here in NL.

I enjoy this kyusu also. It’s pleasant to hold and clean. Excellent for brewing Japanese greens. I wish I had it when I ordered the sampler.

sandra: I’m sorry to hear that your teapot broke. I’d hate to part with a teaware like that after using it for so long :(

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Javan said

My first Verdant tea order!
Hand Picked Early Spring Tieguanyin
Amount: 2 oz. $18.00
Mrs. Li’s Shi Feng Dragonwell Green Tea
Amount: 2 oz. $24.00
Taiwanese Dong Ding Oolong
Amount: 1 oz. $9.95
Subtotal: $51.95
Shipping & Handling: $0.00
Order Total: $51.95

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