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After going back and forth between which company I would order from next, I went with Teavivre. I got samplers! I’m still at that stage where I want to try it all!

Black tea sampler
Green tea sampler
Oolong tea sampler

And for my two samplers I got two different puerhs. It’s a nice variety!

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I couldn’t help myself! This site has made me an addict. After just Recieving my first verdant tea order today I had to make another order with my $5 off.
I ordered:
-Eight Treasures Yabao (yay!!!!!!!!!!!!)
-Bai Mu Dan White Tea
All I had to pay for was shipping:)
So excited. 2 perfect teas for iced steeps:)

You are in for a treat. Verdant is amazing! I’ve been tracking my incoming Verdant like a fiend.

MissLena said

I loveee Eight Treasures, I’ve never tried it iced, but it is so good hot, I waited all year for it to return and just got an oz last week, will probably get a lot more of it before its out :)

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boychik said

Harney & Sons 15% Off code EST2013

Rose Scented – loose 4 oz tin $6.50
Queen Catherine – loose tea sample $2.00
H&S Tumbler / Travel Mug – 12 oz $20.00
Blood Orange Fruit Tea – loose 1 lb bag $19.00
Vietnamese Black OP – loose tea sample $2.00
SoHo Blend – loose tea sample $2.00
Subtotal $51.50
Shipping & Handling $0.00
Discount (est2013) -$7.73
Tax $1.65
Grand Total $45.42

I almost got Cherry Blossom Teapot & Four 4oz Cups
but had to stop myself….

Chizakura said

Those are BEAUTIFUL! Not to be an enabler, but why didn’t you? XD Haha.

boychik said

i’ve been bad this month:)
2 Verdant orders
2 Harney &Sons
1 Upton Tea
Couple trips to Kusmi shop
1 Della Terra
I need to stop and join hiatus thread

Chizakura said

My impulse is to say “So?”

The sign of me being an addict. xD; I think I better join you in that hiatus thread.

Cavocorax said

Haha. Just don’t be a bad influence on the people there. It’s sorta turned into an "Oh, I feel guilty but I just bought “X” amazing tea" confessional.

Tealizzy said

I just picked up that teapot! I really need to stop reading this thread! Bad influence!! ;)

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Cavocorax said

So I took advantage of the H&S sale – saved $5, so I basically paid $10 for shipping. That’s ok, I suppose!

HT Vanilla Comoro – 20 sachet tin
Florence – loose 4 oz tin
Paris – loose tea sample
Tower of London – loose tea sample
Queen Catherine – loose tea sample
SoHo Blend – loose 4 oz tin
Pomegranate Oolong – loose tea sample
Boston – loose 4 oz tin

I thought that because I was going to spend so much on shipping ANYWAY, I’d better upgrade Boston and SoHo to tins instead of just samples (even though I’ve never tried them.) Now I’m wondering if I should have upgraded the Queen Catherine instead of the SoHo, but there will be plenty of time for regrets later.

Today I’m just celebrating my first full paycheque since I went off on maternity leave! (Only 5 more of those coming before I quit and move to ON, but I have money for now!)

Sil select said

I like queen Catherine but since I’ve discovered Steven and a&d, I think I prefer them a bit more :). I may hit you up to try soho and the vanilla Comoro. I think those are the only 2 apart from Tower of London that I haven’t tried? I think?

Cavocorax said

Good to know you like the other ones more than Queen Catherine as your reviews was one of the ones that made me think I should try a tin. :P But the Boston and SoHo seemed more like safer bets.

Maybe I’ll start a spreadsheet to track the teas ppl are interested in so I don’t forget by the time it comes in. (In a month? Who knows…)

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Kittenna said

I slipped. It had been so long since I placed an online tea order! It’s actually kind of funny – I was looking at my credit card statement the other day in wonder, because the total was significantly lower than it usually is each month. And then it dawned on me…. that there wasn’t a single tea order on it! It’s all cell bill, gas, and food. Heh…

Anyways! Teensy weensy Verdant order for me:
Laoshan Roasted Oolong – 7g, $2
Laoshan Green Oolong – 7g, $2
Bai Mu Dan White Tea – 7g, $2.75
Bergamot Rose Laoshan Black – 7g, $2
Laoshan Black Chocolate Genmaicha – 7g, $1.50

$14.75, minus $10 coupon

Grand Total: 4.75. Not too terrible…. right?!

Chizakura said

Jealous jealous jealous. xD I want all of those. Enjoy :D

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Tealizzy said

Wasn’t going to buy anything, but I was influenced by the cute teapot boychik posted above from Harney’s. I mean, it was on sale! How could I pass that up?!! I really need to stop reading this thread!

I also ordered a bunch of oolong samples, because I’m on an oolong kick recently, and also a black tea that sounded yummy:

Formosa Oolong – loose tea sample
Li Shan – loose tea sample
Spring Floral -Ti Quan Yin loose tea sample
Ali San – loose tea sample
SoHo Blend – loose tea sample

15% off and free shipping! Yay!

boychik said

I keep thinking that I had to get that tea pot set. so cute and price was awesome. i hope you’ll like it. Please let me know

Tealizzy said

Hey boychik! The teapot set is adorable! Got it yesterday. It’s a little smaller than I thought, but the little built-in infuser at the outlet of the spout was a nice surprise. I really like it. I think I’ll save it for oolongs. :)

boychik said

Yay! glad you like it. I’ll get it myself next time Harney’s have sale

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TeaKlutz said

Beginning of the month + payday + self-promised reward = eight new teas on the way!

From TeaVivre:
Fenqqing Dragon Pearl Black Tea (3.5 oz)
Lapsang Souchong (…don’t remember the full name) (free sample WOO)

From Arbor Teas:
Organic Black Tea Sampler, comprised of
Keemun Black Tea
Greenfield Estate Ceylon Black Tea
Makaibari Estate Darjeeling 2nd Flush Black Tea
Assam TGFOP Black Tea
Bai Mu Dan White Tea (sample)
Makaibari Estate Silver Tips White Tea (sample)

SO excited!

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MelissaTea said

I went to my local tea store yesterday and got 1 oz of Creamy Earl Grey ($2.99). (I would have loved to bought others.) Funny how the immediate possession of one tea is not the same as ordering 4 or 5 and then waiting a week or so.

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Dag Wedin said

From Thunderbolt Tea:
Puttabong Moondrops FF -13
Castleton Moonlight FF -13
Singbulli SFTGFOP1 Clonal Flowery FF -13

From Verdant Tea
Laoshan Black
Mi Lan Xiang Phoenix Mountain Dancong

Looking forward to some serious sipdowns :)

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Zeks said

My laoshan black ran out quite a while ago, finally restocking it, also, re-ordering golden fleece
Glass Test Tube Steeper
Laoshan Black 4 oz.
Golden Fleece 4 oz.

Samples from JK are what I traditionally drink at work :)
JK Tea Shop
15g 2013 Spring Authentic Handmade Premium Dong Ting West Mt Bi Luo Chun(Green Snail Spring) Green Tea
15g 2012 Spring Imperial Xing Ren Xiang(Almond Aroma) Phoenix Dancong Oolong Tea
15g 2013 Spring Imperial High Mountain Mao Feng Green Tea
15g 2013 Spring Anxi Gande Tranditional 6A Tie Guan Yin Oolong Tea
15g 2013 Spring Imperial Huo Shan Huang Ya Yellow Tea
15g 2013 Spring Authentic Handmade Imperial Tai Ping Hou Kui(Monkey King) Green Tea
15g Spring Handmade Premium Traditional Style Qiyun Mt Liu An Gua Pian (Sunflower seed slice) Green Tea
15g 2013 Spring Authentic Handmade Imperial Zhu Ye Qing(Bamboo Green) Green Tea
15g 2013 First Flush Spring Guangdong Jinxuan Maofeng Black Tea-50g
50g 2012 Imperial Mengku Pure Old Tree Golden Buds Tea
100g 2013 Spring Mt Wudong Imperial Bai Ye Dancong Black Tea

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