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DaisyChubb said

I got a little bit of Christmas money… and then Zen tea has a 50 PERCENT OFF SALE – so really, it was meant to be! My first tea order in over 3 months (and that includes buying tea at my local DavidsTea) x_x

Black tea-Strawberry Cream
50g zip pouch
Black-Earl Grey Cream
50g zip pouch

Black-Phoenix Pearl Black
50g zip pouch

Oolong-Bossa Nova
50g zip pouch

White tea-Toffee Dream
50g zip pouch

50g zip pouch

Pu-erh Vanilla Mint
20g zip pouch

Rooibos-Chocolate Mint
20g zip pouch

Rooibos-Lavender Nirvana
20g zip pouch

Rooibos-Almond Marzipan
20g zip pouch

Rooibos-Vanilla Heaven
20g zip pouch

Rooibos-Cream Caramel
20g zip pouch

Herb Fruit-Orange Grapefruit
50g zip pouch

Fruit-Strawberry Cream
50g zip pouch

Fruit tea-Grandma’s Garden
50g zip pouch

Fruit tea-Juicy Blueberry
50g zip pouch

100g zip

All for the sweet sweet price of 41 bucks. That includes the 5 dollar shipping! Thank you Zen Tea :D
I can’t wait for all the hibiscus blends actually – I’ve been craving super tart iced teas after my super hot Lush baths :)
Dreams soon to come true. Ah!

Alphakitty said

The orange grapefruit is SO GOOD. I ended up stocking up with 200g after my first sample.

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JasonCT said

Well Upton Tea has shipped my Chatsworth 4 cup teapot and TV10D – 250g packet: Season’s Pick Vietnam CTC Black Tea.

Like a child waiting on his parents on xmas morning!

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darky said

took me a jing tea of the month subscription for 12months :) getting 24 tea’s 2 bags off 50gram each month! getting a free teapot with a promotion they had for 2 days and with the subscriptions comes a other free teapot thingy :) feeling happy because its a surprise each month what i’m gonna get!

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Just got in my first order from Majani Kenyan Tea. I ordered both seasonal gift packs which provided me with their White, Green, Oolong and Black.

My first Hyleys “Happy New Year” just arrived, and I am still waiting on some Lavender tea.

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momo said

I gave in to Butiki’s Creamy Eggnog, bought that along with an ounce of the organic Guranse.

And of course yesterday I gave in to Della Terra’s 40% off sale with the free ounce of tea, and got 2 oz of Classic Apple Pie, an ounce of Fireside Spice, and an ounce of Griottes.

Now it is time to stop buying forever.

Sil select said

Suuuuure cause that’s going to happen :)

momo said

it should, since I barely have enough money for anything else right now lol

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KallieBoo! said

Found out I had some extra money so I took advantage of some lovely deals :D
Bossa Nova Oolong
100g tin- $11.00
Vanilla Mint Pu-erh
100g tin- $16.00
Cranberry Acai Herbal
50g bag- $5.00
TieGuanYin Monkey Picked
50g bag- $5.00
Sub. $37.00
Discount -18.50
Shipping $5.00
Total: $23.50

Blue Ginger
Sample- $2.00
Hot Cinnamon Spice
4oz tin- $7.00
French Super Blue Lavender
Sample- $2.00
Chinese Silver Needle
Sample- $2.00
Sungma Darjeeling 2nd Flush
Sample- $2.00
Hao Ya ‘B’
Sample- $2.00
Dong Ding Light
Sample- $4.00
Sample- $2.00
Green w/citrus and Ginkgo
Sample- $2.00
Bamboo herbal
.5oz tin- $6.00
Sub. $31.00
Shipping free
Discount $4.65
Total $26.35

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I bought one oz of candy cane by della terra teas.

Em said

Great choice :)

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So. I was already waiting on 50 grams of each of these
Shanti Ayurvedic
Strawberry Ginger
Honeybush Lemon Ginger
Chocolate Cake
The Immunizer

as well as a Space Invaders Perfect Tea Mug. But then I went shopping today. And got
100 gram of pineapple oolong
50 gram of vanilla orchid (last month’s TOTM prepacks)
50 grams of bear trap
and random bags of between about 35 and 50 grams. I was scooping during very brief lulls at work so I kind of just got a random large scoop of everything and then threw in a bit more if i really wanted it. They were
Creme Brulee Rooibos
Birthday Cake
Oh Canada
Green & Fruity
Mint Chocolate
Cinnamon Chai Rooibos
Coco Chai Rooibos
Orange Blossom.

And then I went to the other Tea Store in our mall for the first time just to check them out and bought three random flavoured rooibos that I can’t remember the names of.

Guys. I’m out of control. I need an intervention.

Shmiracles said

reading this makes me feel better! like less of a freak.
cuz i placed 3 orders to davidstea basically all in one month. placing new orders before the last one even arrived!!
and i went to chicago last weekend and visited davidstea TWICE in one day. buying more tea both times.
but ya know what. it makes me so happy that it can’t be wrong!
tea is guilt free!
you are buying an experience. something that invokes memories and creates stories. like art or music.
at least that’s how i rationalize it :)
(also creme brulee rooibos is a great winter evening choice. a permanent go to.)

Let me add to that Shmiracles! You are buying an experience of peace and wellness, you are not indulging gluttonously, and you are participating as part of a larger community. Of all the things there are to collect, tea is absolutely one of the most logical…it doesn’t go unused, and if it does, you can swap it on here. It adds to a healthy lifestyle, has calming as well as energizing qualities without a bunch of additives or ingredients you can’t pronounce, and it even lets you explore the cultures of different areas of our world!!

No guilt. Just buy tea. :)

you guys know how are it is to walk out of a tea store without buying something? I have to go through that all day everyday. I’m just currounded by kilogram and kilogram of the thing i covet most in the entire universe… my life is just sooooo hard guys… But you are so right Jackie T!! It really is one of the absolute best things you can collect!

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Sil select said

Forgot to post back when we ordered but Indigobloom and I went in on an order from Kally Teas on blck friday because they were doubling all orders! So we each get the following for about 25$:

PLUM SPICE – Size: 2 oz.;
GINGERED PEACH – Size: 2 oz.;
RIPE RASPBERRY – Size: 2 oz.;
BERRY CHOCOLATE – Size: 2 oz.;
COLA CHAI – Size: 2 oz.;
CHERRY BUDS – Size: 2 oz.;
TOFFEE & CREAM – Size: 2 oz.;
TANGERINE SPICE – Size: 2 oz.;

I also placed a small order with Zen tea the other day because of their fabulous 50% off sale. Picked up 20g samples of the following:

Green tea-Cranberry Mango
Green Tea-Gojiberry
Green-Arabian Night
Darjeeling TGFOP1 Margaret’s Hope S.F.
Oolong-TieGuanYin Monkey Picked
Teardrop of Peony
Pu-erh Vanilla Mint
Rooibos-Northern Berry
Rooibos-Vanilla Heaven
Rooibos-Cream Caramel
Rooibos-Raspberry Vanilla
Herb Fruit-Orange Grapefruit
Fruit-Strawberry Cream
Fruit tea-Grandma’s Garden
Herb-Evening Lights
Rooibos-Cape Town
Black tea-Strawberry Cream
Black tea-Vanilla

Now i just need to drink a bunch of this down so that I can pick up an order from butiki now that 2-3 of the holiday teas from stacy are up!

happy dance
Can’t wait to try all the new stuff! :D

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Valerie said

I placed a David’s Tea order this morning!

- 100g + tin of Red Velvet Cake — my current favourite!
- 50g The Earl’s Garden
- 50g Ceylon Star
and a perfect infuser. :D Woot woot!

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