Nilgiri tea - Regular black or Darjeeling?

In most descriptions I find it is labelled as black. But to me it looks like Darjeeling – color, leaves and taste profile. So what’s the point?

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AllanK said

There is often a bit of green left in Indian black teas, that is what sets Darjeeling apart from other black teas and makes it different. Nilgiri, being also from India would share a lot of the same traditions with Darjeeling teas.

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I’m not sure what you mean by “regular black”?

Nilgiri is its own category of Indian black tea, though often not as common as Assam or Darjeeling.

To be honest, it’s been awhile since I’ve drunk a Nilgiri tea, so I can’t really comment much on the flavor profile. I remember it being somewhat strong but also aromatic.

By regular black I mean the tea process – rolling, fermentation and so on. Because this is generally what differs one to from another, isn’t it?

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It tastes different than darjeeling. :-)

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