Literary Tea Adventure

Good Afternoon!

I recently discovered the Literary Tea Co. on Etsy, and as a bookworm and tea-lover, I am determined to buy one or more of these teas and review them. For those curious, it’s a tea company that makes teas inspired by literature and famous writers:

There are so many choices to choose from, and the tea descriptions are detailed enough to give me an idea of what the teas might taste like, but I would like to know your thoughts before committing to a tea! Have any of you tried these teas, and what was your experience? Any recommendations for which to try first? I would love a tea that I am certain to enjoy, but also want to take a leap and maybe try a flavor that’s more out of the box so to speak!

Thanks in advance for your thoughts :)

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TreeGal said

There are some interesting offerings, but if you’re in the US, do note that the shipping from Australia isn’t cheap. :(

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Leafhopper said

I’m not sure if these companies are connected, but Simpson & Vail also makes a range of author-inspired teas and the shipping to the U.S. would probably be better:
I haven’t had teas from either company, so I can’t make any recommendations.

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GracieSD said

As a former English major and current lit nerd, I’d love to hear how these are. I doubt I’ll try them because of the shipping costs to the U.S.

If you’re a Jane Austen fan, I can recommend Bingley’s Teas, a small US company that does a lovely job with blending and with presentation:

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