Become a Certified Tea Master™

In two weeks, the American Tea Masters Association will be starting its eighth Tea Mastery Certification Course™ for achieving the prestigious Certified Tea Master™ designation. Besides the online training we do on Skype, our policy has been to do two on-site trainings a year.

This next training starts June 4th at the Courtyard by Marriott Liberty Station in San Diego. It runs for three days and is followed by 14 weeks of home study, numerous tea evaluations, and online group discussions.

Tuition for the entire training is $2,475, Compared to the Specialty Tea Institute in New York and the Tea Association of Canada, their tea sommelier trainings take about two years to complete, involve extensive travel and lodging expenses, and cost approximately $4,000 in tuition.

Besides the cost differential, we pride ourselves on offering an accelerated experiential learning environment. Our competitors teach by rote, pure memorization. Which teaching style do you think is preferred by registrants?

If this makes sense to you, come join us to become a Certified Tea Master™ in San Diego or any of our other training locations. Additional information is available on our web site (, including a registration link.

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Frolic select said

This isn’t meant to be rude but what exactly do you do with a “Tea Master” certification? Is it for personal education or would it be used to get some sort of tea related job?

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Since starting the ATMA in 2007, only a handful of registrants took our training for their own personal education, similar to what a wine affectionado might do enhance their knowledge and improve their palates with new experiences. The vast majority of our registrants are looking for profitable ways of entering the tea business or are already operating an establishment of their own and are looking for ways to improve their original concept.

The knowledge and experiences gained by several of our graduates have created employment opportunities in some of the larger companies in the tea industry,

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Is it possible to be a master of tea? People who have grown up and worked on tea plantations or being involved with tea all their lives would not profess to being a tea master. How is this something that you can learn during a course? Let alone a course that only takes 15 weeks. Surely that is merely an introduction to tea?

There is probably a good reason the other courses take two years to complete. Even then it seems rather brief.

All the courses sound like great fun though. Any chance to share tea with people who have the passion is a great opportunity.

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