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Honest Tea's "Just Green Tea"?

Who else has tried the above-mentioned “Just Green Tea” from Honest Tea and what did you think about it?

Personally, I think it’s kind of a strange beverage. I’m pretty certain I shouldn’t expect a fantastic level of quality from a bottled tea, so I don’t get my hopes up. At first taste, it’s a slightly sweet brew with a very mild mid. Unfortunately the finish is evocative of the taste I get in my mouth when I’m too close to a used ash tray. Hard to describe, and it could entirely be a quirk on my part. After that though, it becomes more mellow, with successive sips focusing more on the sweet, almost honey-like taste and less on the ash-tray.

I suppose it’s a better pre-made tea than, say, Gold Peak or Arizona. It’s also not much more than the latter in absolute price, though it costs significantly more per ounce. I usually find these for about 1.33 per 16oz bottle vs .99 for a 23oz from the latter. Can’t speak for Gold Peak – I don’t buy them very often.

It also has the boon of being pretty much the only unsweetened tea I can find in my area – at least, at the places I haunt.

What’s everyone else’s thoughts?


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