Azzrian said

You know you're "addicted" to tea when ....

When someone uses your long time measuring cup for the intended purpose of cooking and you look at them with daggers in your eyes.

When you tolerate the slow loading pages of steepster and keep trying to fight the internet gremlins instead of giving up and coming back later.

When your out shopping and hear a beep and look around for your tea pot.

When you have your whole family trained to watch the time on your steep when you go to the bathroom.

I am sure many of you have some of these kind of experiences! :) Please share!

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All of the above mentioned plus…

When you can’t stop buying and trying more and you already have enough to serve a small country.

When water is the second beverage of choice.

When all you do is talk about tea.

When all those who know you think something is wrong on the off chance you don’t have tea in hand at any given moment.

So much more but that’s what I have for now. :)

Oy vey! That is me! I have a very small kitchen, but 2 large cupboards (that used to store food!) are now dedicated to my tea and tea ware. I have simply decided that I don’t need food as much as I need tea;)

Keemun said

…nice one.
Well, in my case, I do get problems with the quality of my sleep if I drink tea after 5.00pm. So…there was a time when I would fall in a state of panic if I started to realize: no way that I can make it home to my kitchen before 4.30pm. Somethimes I would just drop the idea waiting for the bus and jump in a very pricely taxi instead in order to get home in time. Mmmmh…lucky for me…I have overcome that period of my life.

Babble said

“When you can’t stop buying and trying more and you already have enough to serve a small country.”
Hahaha.. that’s pretty much me

Robbin12 said

When you go into Teavana to replenish your Caribbean Mate, but walk out $86 later without your Caribbean Mate.

RiverTea said

When your tea mug doesn’t have coffee stains…

Me too, very small kitchen, and I have one draw of tea!!

And one shelf of coffee/tea cups. :)

Susanjn316 said

Or when you’ve ordered so much tea, you simultaneously dread the mail-lady and can’t wait for her to arrive!

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When there is a kettle noise in a movie I get up and go to the kitchen to check the kettle.

When I wake up the first thing I do is zombie walk into the kitchen and turn on the kettle.

When I’m thinking about what to eat I also think about what type of tea would go with my meal.

Bex said

haha I’ve totally done the kettle in the movie thing!! Also got really confused while boiling the kettle as a character on TV was also boiling their kettle…. :P

When you log onto Misty Peak way too often to see if anything has changed.

Read every tea blog.


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Azzrian said

LOL when you are STARVING and consider which tea is the most filling!

When more space in your kitchen and cupboards is dedicated to tea than food, dishes, plates, pots, and pans, cups, etc…

I so do that all the time. I have found guayusa to actually make me feel full when I’m hungry but too lazy to cook. I realize that is not the smartest thing to do.

Azzrian said

Maybe not smart but YUMMY :)

I always substitute food with tea if possible.

TEArender said

I always thought a fourth meal consisting entirely of tea would be more than acceptable. Wait I have five of those a day

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Alphakitty said

When you attempt to smuggle new boxes of tea into your house so your family won’t think you’re addicted.

When you cringe looking at your bank account and then instantly buy some more tea.

When finally tasting all of your new teas is considered an epic achievement.

I… might have a problem.

Ninavampi said

I identify completely with the smuggling tea into the house! hahaha….

I made a New Year’s resolution to curtail all tea purchases until Spring. I’ve made 4 or 5 purchases, plus a few swaps since then!! I can quit anytime! SERIOUSLY…….I can!! You believe me…….don’t you?! ’Cause seriously…….I am 100% serious!!!

tigress_al said

lol, I have done all of these things!! And I KNOW I have a problem!

Azzrian said

Hahah yes especially #2 – and worse is when you check to see how much (little) you have then go to your shopping list to check which tea place you can get the most for your limited money from! Free shipping….sample sizes …. free samples …..

Thank God I live alone, that’s all I can say. :-D

Erika M. said

I’ve smuggled tea into my house too…I’m glad that I’m not the only one. :)

Sare said

hahaha I love the epic achievement!! I have smuggled tea into the house also but the bank account usually sqeels first though lol

Susanjn316 said

I can totally relate! I’ve only been into tea since January and I already have a ton! I find even myself trying to place orders so they’ll arrive when my hubby isn’t home!

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Azzrian said

LOL these are great! Keep em coming! :) I am identifying with every one!

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ssajami said

When every time there is a box delivered to the house, your family looks at you, exasperated, and says “Did you buy MORE tea”?

When you have some loose leaf tea stocked in all the places you spend time (office, parent’s house, even friends kitchens) – just so that you are NEVER left without tea.

When you plot ways to save money on other things, so that you have more to buy tea.

I love that last one! I definitely do that. : /

Azzrian said

LOL well I have not got to the point of number 2 yet but I am sure I am on my way! The others yup thats me too :)

Yup, all three. The first one just happened a few minute ago! I have tea at my place, my parents and my in-laws, and there’s a kettle at each one so i don’t have to do the dreaded heat water by microwave method! And I did #3 the other day when I went shopping…I could buy this or save the money and buy this tea instead…tea won!

Ed Jones said

I have rebudgeted so I can buy, new teas..

Kamil said

My family always gives me odd looks when they see the amount of packages I get containing tea. They just don’t understand!

I can relate to all of these! I have a stockpile of tea at work, and everything thinks I’m a weirdo haha.

Hence the name morebloodytea as thats exactly what my wife says when a new box drops through the door

That and “its just tea”

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Kittenna said

When your friend looks at you in horror when you show her your plastic boxed DavidsTea stash… and you can’t manage to tell her that there’s at least triple that amount upstairs…

When your tea purchases for the month rival the amount you spend on groceries…

When you turn to tea purchasing as a means of “therapy”…

HAHAHAA…….THERAPY! I need to cure my addition with more therapy -hahahaha! :))

I meant my addiction—with the ADDITION of more tea of course. :))

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What a great thread!

I can relate to so many …

When I look for all kinds of ways to use up the tea I have so I can justify buying more …

When whenever I hear words that end in ‘-ty’ I immediately think Tea!

When my wife and I are having a meaningful conversation and the timer for the tea goes off and she knows—without me having to remind her—that our conversation is on hold until I take care of the tea …

I love the last one!

Ahhh, so real!

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Warren said

When you tell your friends and family how much you DIDN"T spend on all that tea and tea ware.

When every bag, knapsack or briefcase you might take with you has a bulging pocket stuffed with a variety of teas.

When not only is your home filled with tea related items, but also tea items occupy some real estate on your bed.

When you pack a special tea cup in your bag ready for spontaneous tea meetings.

When your closets contain more boxes of tea ware than they do clothes.

When you have packed a special travelling bag of tea, tea ware and kettle in case you happen to take an out of town excursion – never mind the clothes.

When the book titles on your bookshelf are 90% (or more) tea-related.

When your dreams are often filled with tea-related themes.

You seem immune to the side effects of long term tea use, including immunity to sleeplessness after consuming pot after pot of strong tea before bed. (Especially more apparent when your friends after just one cup of tea can’t sleep at night). What’s up with them?

Azzrian said

Ha ha! So many of these are so true

Elle said

Loved this! So true!!

Ubacat said

Tea books? What’s your fav?

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Azzrian said

When you give up the worry about your teeth becoming brown.

hahaaa! YES I gave up on that ages ago :P

yssah said

i have to worry about that too? o_0 well, i guess i can put that teeth whitener product to use after a year or so…

I ordered charcoal toothbrushes last week, they are supposed to make my brown teeth white :P

I always wonder why my teeth are never whiter, given I don’t smoke, drink wine or coffee. To boot I use a super whitening toothpaste. Until I remember I drink too much tea.

LOL Tattooed_tea, I do the same thing!!
The charcoal seems to be working only a little bit.

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