You know you're "addicted" to tea when ....

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When you find yourself sipping tea in the “Family Lounge” (glorified restroom off the food court) in the mall. Because your toddler wanted to go to Teavana, then wanted a hot dog and then announced he really had to pee. They have chairs and a kids table away from the toilets mind you.

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James R said

…When you buy a tea online and you constantly check your email waiting for the email saying its shipped, then tracking the package more than once a day.

DaisyChubb said

Yes! I must admit I do this too without fail haha

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Lynxiebrat said

snickers I did that in waiting for my order from 52 Teas. I still check the website almost every week. But I am not sure I’ll be able to buy again from there before the holidays, as I am thinking I should concentrate on stocking up for the winter, (Because I hate driving in winter, and prefer to limit my errands.) Not to mention the gift getting for family and my sweetie.

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when you look forward to your work contract ending so that you can take some time to organize you tea cupboard, and drink more tea!!

I cannot tell you how sad I was when I finally found work again after a period of unemployment simply because I had to say good bye to my morning oolong sessions with my pseudo gong fu teapot. They were really lovely. I had the whole place to myself and sun would be shining in through the windows behind me. Sometimes the pup would want to get on my lap. Mmm… so nice. I miss it, but I’m glad I have income now. :D

that sounds lovely!! the gong fu/sunshining part that is. Honestly, I really need the time to recharge and reorganize… and my tea collection will be a huge part of that.
Income is great, but moreso if it affords time to enjoy the finer things in life. like tea! :)

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jones5874 said

um, when you’re skimming articles and you think you’ve read the word Laoshan, only to find that instead you’ve seen the word….Lohan. Argh!! Really?? How sad. I guess I am just always thinking of tea.

LOL I’ve done this!!! grrrr Lohan…

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When every container you look at is judged by how tea (leaves or steeped) would fit in it instead of more practical things, like cost or ease of use!

CupofTree said

yes! hahah. this is a really good one. I recently emptied a PERFECTLY sized container for tea that previously held paper clips.

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Babble said

When you get a package and your family is surprised that it’s NOT tea..

K S said

You can get other things in the mail???? Who knew!

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Cedes said

When you go to talk to your mother and all I said was " Well…" and she goes oh no! how much tea did you buy this time. All I wanted was to ask about the car :D

Babble said

LOLOLOL.. that’s pretty good ;)

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When you’re devastated that your cold has put your taste buds out of commision & you can’t sample your new teas.

Nik select said

Oh god. Nightmare.

I’m having that problem at the moment, all week long, and I just got in 3-4 boxes of new teas.

Seriously tis the season for sore throats, I’ve had like 4 or 5 of them this month, only one or two lasted long with other symptoms, still bums me out when I get new samples and I don’t feel like I should try them.

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When you check your mailbox and between your doors, even on weekends when there is no mauldelivery, in hopes that by some magical tea miracle one or.more of the packages you’re waiting for arrived.

yssah said

nice! hahaha. (gives Most Imaginative Wishful Thinking Award)

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