You know you're "addicted" to tea when ....

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momo said

…you complain about not being able to find a ceramic teapot you like that’s in stock and your mom tells you your grandma gave you one years ago. And yet, despite knowing there is now one readily available for you in two weeks you still want the other, harder to get one while you’re at it.

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When you go into a store that sells drug paraphernalia just to buy a scale because you know that scale will be much more reliable than your kitchen scale for measuring tea. Those scales are the best!

Also, nobody believed it was for tea and they laughed =(

Azzrian said

HAHAHA! I wish I had been there with you to see that :)

momo said

lol I may have to do that, I don’t trust my kitchen scale even for baking.

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When you buy something and instead of figuring out how many dollars you’re spending, you figure out how many grams of tea you’re going to lose.

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When you have more then one brand of each kind of tea (assam, genmai, sencha etc) in the house at a time!

When you know that loose leaf is better, and yet still keep 1-2 teabags in the picture section of your wallet “just in case”

When you keep a selection of childhood favorites (flavors) even though they only come in tea bags, after you have (or currently are) converting over to loose leaf as much as possible.

Helena said

I love your profile puppy picture!! sooo cute!

word. i still keep a box of orange pekoe bagged tea in the house and reach for it at least once a week. it’s totally a comfort thing.

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emilija said

When you take up half the shelf you share with your roomie with tea.
When the entire dorm comes to you when they need some pick-me-up tea.
When the sick come to your room in hordes for some tea and honey.
When your parents send tea as a care package.
When what was previously your alcohol budget becomes your tea budget in first year university.

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When you can’t afford to make a tea order, so for fun… you hit up your fave vendors and make up a shopping cart of what you would buy if you could.

When you buy a floral shirt because the leaves remind you of Camellia Sinensis.

When you know the taste preferences of your family so well that you can tell which teas out of your cupboard they will hate or love without them having tried any yet.

booo I feel ya on the first one. I need some tea retail therapy!

Seriously!! Sooooo tempting

can relate to the third so much!

tea whisperers! :P

I’ve done the first one. It’s so painful walking away from that cart full of your heart’s desire.

I know right?! funny, when I can afford it, I’m usually busy otherwise and don’t spend so much time pining over my virtual shopping carts!

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Babble said

Perhaps this has already been mentioned, but I noticed the wrong “your” is used in the thread title. It should be “You know YOU’RE addicted to tea when..” Can’t believe I didn’t catch it before now.

As a side note, you know you’re addicted to tea when you don’t notice an improper use of “your” in a post title, even though your degree is in English. Must be distracted by all that tea :-p

Grammar Police, in here NOW! LOL
I probably would have never noticed.

Azzrian said

ROFL! Your right! I am embarrassed since I started the thread. Geesh glad you caught that – I think I can change it. :)

Kittenna said

:P I totally noticed that pretty much when the thread started, and thought I’d be a jerk to point it out! I’m happy that it’s fixed now though, thanks Azzrian! :D

Babble said

Well I guess if someone had to be the grammar jerk, it might as well have been me :-D

Azzrian said

LOL I am not offended at all – you learn that if you can’t laugh at yourself you may as well just give up. :)

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When you avoid having certain teas because although they are your absolute fave, you won’t have time for multiple steepings and would feel too guilty throwing the spoiled leaves out

Kittenna said

Work tea causes massive guilt, as I rarely can re-steep. :(

I never re-steep shame

No worries, the tea forgives us!!

Bubbles said

When you use a bagged tea because you don’t have time for multiple steepings, but you really need a cup before heading out the door.

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I never re-steep either. My reasoning is the opposite. If I keep re-steeping teas, I’ll never make it through my stash, and my loose leaf tea will become stale and wasted. So I only steep once, so that I get through my stash sooner and keep it fresher.

Babble said

It really depends on the type of tea. If it’s an herbal I hardly ever resteep it, and if it’s a flavored I may or my not resteep it.

But a straight tea, I feel bad NOT resteeping it since the second cup might be a totally different experience. Or maybe it’s just in my head..

Rachel Sincere, I hear ya, it makes getting through your stash much more tedious!
Rachel, yes I agree, the second steep is often a totally different tea! plus I feel like I am getting better value even if it means other teas will go stale.
Not to mention there is less caffeine in a second steep

different second cup? for me, it usually depends on the kind of tea. As a result, some I re-steep, others not as often/at all- depending on my palette.

Indigobloom, less caffeine in a second cup? Yet another reason NOT to re-steep! LOL

LOL well it can be good or bad to have less caffeine. Depends on what you’re after :P
Lately, I haven’t been resteeping my non Chinese black teas.

Sil select said

I thought the caffeine thing was a myth… in someone out there did some sort of research about it ot being true that later steeps have less…

Kittenna said

I think the myth is that a 30-sec infusion removes the majority/all of the caffeine, and that’s a good way to decaffeinate your own tea. Based on my understanding of such things (extraction of compounds, etc.), a first infusion should have the most caffeine, and later infusions less (but unless it’s very water-soluble, highly unlikely near zero!) My suspicion is also that since loose leaf teas are whole leaf, the caffeine isn’t as easily removed as with teabags. AKA the more broken the leaf, the faster the caffeine comes out.

Kittenna, the scientist in you has spoken! I think that makes alot of sense.
With all the matcha I’ve been drinking, I’m sortof becoming immune anyhow!

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You know you’re addicted to tea when searching for a new apartment you gauge counter/cupboard space for a prime location for your tea stash.

Sick I know!

Sounds practical to me.

Bubbles said

I agree with Dixie_Amazon. I might be biased, though, since I am doing this myself… ;)

darby select said

I so did this when buying our house! I dedicated a whole counter/cupboard to tea!

Cavocorax said

Yes! We may be moving later this year(so I can’t buy big tea pots etc – just my DT Perfect Mug – less to pack) and I’m already imagining my dream tea/book nook…

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