You know you're "addicted" to tea when ....

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When you go in for a cup of tea and leave with the business.

K S said

You may have just won as most addicted!

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When people give you hell for talking about tea and teaware as if you’re trying to sell it.

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JasonCT said

When…You still MUST visit the tea isle in the grocery store, knowing that their selection is mediocre at best!

Sil select said

haha i do this especially when i travel to new places.

Kiaharii said


I did this last time I was in the grocery store. & even debated on buying some of that crao.

OMG- I do this! (at Every store I visit, even ones where I never buy tea!)

Claire said

I always do this! And of course I always want to visit the food coop in town since they carry bulk loose leaf.

Bubbles said

My husband rolls his eyes anymore when we go to the store, because I always go over to the tea section. Always…even if we were just there a few days before.

Serenity said

Yes! It’s like…you never know. Suddenly there might be all these tins of loose tea and you’d be like, what?? And then you’d wake up. : (

yup, do this every time! the selection at Costco btw, is pretty terrible. No surprise there, just sayin!

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When you intend to shave a teapot and tea cup into your pony’s rear end. haha!

JasonCT said

HAHAHAHAHA that one seriously made me LOL!

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Babble said

You are known for carrying around a water bottle filled with matcha everywhere you go.

At first when people would ask what it was I went through the lengthy process of explaining what “matcha” is. Now, I just call it my “green juice” LOL.

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You go to the store for tortillas, and come back with 2 Boxes of Tea (also)

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When watching Cash cab and thes question is about bergamot and what tea its used in, you yell at the tv and everyone in the room because no one knows the answer.

Raritea said

This is me, exactly!!! :p

I love Cash Cab!!! sorry I missed that episode

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Babble said

When you want to make some tea, but you reaaaaally have to go to the bathroom. So, you start the kettle and THEN go to the bathroom, so that when you’re done, hot water will be ready. There’s no time to waste when making tea!

I do that ALL the time!!!!!

JasonCT said


All the time!

I do this before I get in the shower.

Babble said

@tattooed_tea – you are braver than I am! I’d be worried the one time I leave the kettle unoccupied it would catch on fire or something..

darky said

i do this all the time and then i’m swearing because i had a green or white in my cup and it didn’t need to boil!

Cavocorax said

I’ve got this figured out. I even warm up the baby’s bottle while heating the kettle and running to the bathroom! Then we can both sit down and relax/drink. (Because if you take that bottle away before she’s down, it’s the end of the world!)

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merton said

When the only thing on your Christmas list is…….tea.

(Side note: this is the first year I’ve had a Christmas list since I was a kid.)

This. When my family asked what I would like for Christmas I emailed them a list of my favorite tea sites and attached a list of teas I would like to try. :)

Babble said

Or even worse, when all you do is GET people tea because that’s what you know best.

That’s my Christmas list. My boss got me for Kris Kringle & said I was getting the purse I want (from our business) & that she would fill it with tea lol

I also sent my brother a txt saying if he was getting me anything he should go into DAVIDsTEA (he’s in another city right now which has the closest DT) & get me a gift card.

That’s pretty much all I get for Christmas, my birthday, and just about any other time gift giving is needed. I either get tea, mugs, or money for tea, and that’s about it!

darby select said

Mine has Davids on it too – and Vintage Tea works.

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Azzrian said

When you are trying to fall asleep at night thinking about the upcoming VERY lux dinner you are taking your daughter to for her birthday. A Petit Amuse dining experience (you get a small portion of everything on the menu which is changed weekly.) So you are wondering since you don’t drink alcohol what the options will be. Considering if they will have any quality tea. Then thinking maybe the chef would have time to discuss fine tea with you. Hoping he would understand that tea is much like his cooking, something to truly discover and learn about. Then you fantasize about the chef allowing you to come teach him all about fine teas, service, teaware, etc…..

You could always call and try to make arrangements to see if they will accommodate your tea in :)

Azzrian said

I considered that but don’t want to come off as too needy since I already requested a special birthday Lavender cake for my daughter for her bday.
This is a really small place and the only place like it in our town. We have never been before either so don’t want to be a pain in the rear.
Here is the link to it – quite fancy for Topeka, Kansas.

Azzrian said

Perhaps however I could take my own black tea … it should not be too difficult to ask for a tea cup and boiling water.

You could take your own tea, most places don’t mind, I do it a lot. But, I have never been to a place like this and I don’t know if they would find it offensive or not.

Azzrian said

Exactly. I will take some and feel out the situation. I know you USED to be able to take your own liquor. You can’t anymore due to laws.
I will ask if they have any tea then find out what it is then ask if I can use my own only if the attitude and atmosphere seem to be okay with that.
Or I could just have water and not be difficult lol

Azzrian said

I think the only reason it matters so much is because it is such FINE dining I would love to enjoy some wonderful tea with it as well. It would just be the icing on the cake for me lol so to speak.

I know what you mean. My husband is taking me to a fine dining place for Christmas, you can’t wear jeans kind of place. I’ve never been to such a place and I want to take some nice tea to enjoy with the meal but I’m not sure if that’s ok. But my husband was saying just take the tea!

In a way, I think that they won’t mind if you bring your own and just ask for hot water. It only accentuates your experience there and your experience of the food they have to offer. So, in the end, I’d say go for it!

Azzrian said

Ohhhh I do hope you enjoy your experience! Yeah I think that is the best option. I have to admit I would be a little disappointed if they tired to serve me bagged liptons though lol

Thank you, and I hope you enjoy yours too! I always hate it when they try to serve plain Lipton or Salada.

I reckon just call and ask them what their tea service is like. You would hope that a place at does a degustation (which is what it sound alike you’re having) would understand the importance of a correctly brewed cup. I imagine you’re paying a bit for that kind of experience, so they can’t be put out by being asked a large number of questions. Staff would have to know lots of very specific details about the food, so it stands to reason they’d know the beverage preparation inside out too.

Azzrian said

I may do that. It is about 37 per person which is not really all that bad IF it is as great of experience as it should be :)
Although not cheap I imagine much more costly in bigger cities.
I am curious though so will be sure to check into it if not before we go – either while there or before going the next time because if it is good we will go there again in the future for special occasions – not many really top notch places TO go around here. Im happy to have found it!
I grew up not far from the historic row house the restaurant is in. So its really quite neat. :)

When does this happen? I wanna know what the tea situation was?!

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