You know you're "addicted" to tea when ....

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You get home from your job at a tea store, open the package of tea that came in the mail, put the kettle on and get into the shower with the cup of pumpkin chai you brought home from your job at the tea store…

Thank goodness, I thought I was the only one that took tea in the shower!

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When you’re planning for the new year and the first thing you think of is “Are there any tea festivals near me?” I found two so far :-)

Babble said

You must live on the west coast then. Us east-coasters are so jealous.

There is one in Toronto!:)

@Rachel yes I am on the west coast and that sucks that you guys don’t have tea festivals :-(

Sil select said

I think Rachel needs to come to toronto in feb…

Babble said

There is??? Now I totally DO wanna come to Toronto! Why in Feb, though? It’s so cold :(

Sil select said

haha better than the “wet” you guys get in Florida :)

Ava said

What are they???

I think they wanted to get in when it’s hot tea drinking weather, and link up with Valentines Day. (I’m in the Tea Guild, they run it :P)

Ok now I’m jealous of your Tea Guild! That’s awesome!

Hehe I’m really happy to have a tea guild nearby. I love going!!!
First meeting is free if you’re ever in town! well, except for the festival days

I will definitely take you up on that whenever I have the time to travel

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You tell (not ask) your husband to give you your replacement Christmas teapot early because for the life of yourself, you simply cannot brew a decent pot of tea in the “push-button” teapot!

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And I TOTALLY do the “watch my steep while I go to the bathroom” thing! Or I just hold it until the timer goes off because those in my house cannot be fully trusted. ;)

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You buy your own replacement tea pot, wrap it and put it under the tree as “From: Santa”.

haha I bought huge orders from DT & Della Terra & told my girls they can choose some to wrap for me.

Kittenna said


Awesome. I considered this but then realized I was too late. “Santa” jumped on that train pretty much the minute I told him I’d broken my teapot!

I am making do with a mason jar until Christmas. o_0

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Serenity said

When you make somebody a cup of tea and they leave some in the bottom of the cup, totally ignoring the deliciousness, and you’ve finished yours, and you are thinking, “why? WHY??”

Bubbles said

THIS! YES! My husband ALWAYS leaves some tea in the cup. I try to use the smallest cups in the house for him…still, I pour cold tea down the drain. Why, indeed!

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You pour a cup well before bed, let it cool, then put the cup on your nightstand instead of a glass of water.

Will be doing this now.

love this idea!

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Serenity said

When you inhale the aroma of freshly brewed tea and you long to have a perfume created to match the exact scent; no flavorings, nothing, just pure…teaness.

I have been wanting this too! I see perfumes that are called green tea or whatever tea but its always just what they think tea should smell like. But its not the same I was just a tea perfume!

Serenity said


BPAL sells some scents with tea in them, I’ve never tried them, but reviewers think that they’re pretty accurate.

Then again, this coming from a company that sells scents that smell like just about anything.

I love BPAL I have a lot of oils from them. Which one is a tea one? There are so many on the site so its easier to find when I have a name.

Dormouse has tea in it, and so does White Rabbit to my knowledge.

Oh yeah thats right. I forgot about those ones. Thanks :-)

No problem :)

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When you would rather open a new tea package than a Christmas gift. When there are 5 cups spread out around the house because you need to make sure you have a cup of tea in every room.

Yes! Every time I get a shipment in it feels just like Christmas.

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When people ask you what you want for xmas and all you can think of are tea related things. Then you get the response “Do you really want just tea and tea related stuff?” and you look at them like it is the craziest question in the world and say “Yes! That would be the best xmas ever!”

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