You know you're "addicted" to tea when ....

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Azzrian said

When your spouse does not ask if you were looking at another man / woman but if you were looking at another tea.

When you have far too many teas in your cupboard, oh say over 100, but even more in your shopping list!

yssah said

well, that is safer, i think!

ah yes…(raises hand) me too!

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JubJubs said

You get paranoid that people might think that your green tea in the plastic baggy you carry around, are the leaves of another plant that isn’t so legal in your country.

I worry about that when I travel with tea in my luggage. I almost always seem to get one of those notices about how my bags have been inspected.

Azzrian said

LOL I have rolled bags of tea sitting out and when people come over there is always THAT look! HAHAHA

VeryPisces said

I have, indeed, worried about that. One time I brought my lapsang souchong baggie to work just to let someone smell it, then I carefully put the little package back into its tin and into my bag. I felt like I was priming a newbie to my drug trade.

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teawade said

LOLL this thread is hilarious! I do so many of these things as well. Especially making my parents steep tea for the proper amount of time with proper water and tea measurements. Sometimes they just dump in however much they want and steep it as long as they want for random times…it drives me nuts! Agreed that you’re addicted to tea when you check steepster everyday and have it as your home page.

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tigress_al said

All of these things made me laugh because I can relate to so many of them.

Also, having tea in 4 different places at home so it doesn’t look like so much. One of them is my “secret stash” that no one knows about (which is also the largest stash).

People asking me if I even drink water or anything else other than tea anymore.

If I am getting grouchy, my husband will say “maybe you need a tea”, and then everything is fine!

yssah said

yay, tea! a great way to keep a marriage intact :D

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Scott B said

When you adopt the “it could have been so much more” approach when explaining your tea purchases to your spouse. As in “Honey, I discovered this great new tea seller online today! They had about 15 awesome teas that I really wanted to order, but I only bought 4 or 5 of them.”

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Or, I only spent $XX.00 instead of $XXX.00! :))

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K S said

Your secretly a little disappointed when you get a gift and its not tea.

Definitely been there.

Spock! I love it!

K S said

Ambassador Spock was a birthday gift. In honor of the little Spock episode of Big Bang. Mine is the older more dignified and age appropriate version.

Yes! Or when you get tea as a gift and is something you don’t like or shock bagged tea…

K S said

Oooh that’s happened. It was pricey bagged tea but not particularly good bagged tea.

pizza4lyfe said

Oh yes! Even though tea has already invaded many cupboards in the kitchen.

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Warren said

When all the gifts you buy your friends and family are tea, tea utensils, or tea-related merchandise.

When your kiddies ask you: “Are you going to buy me another teapot for my birthday like you did last year? I didn’t even get to use it.”

When your friends/family say to you: “Don’t even think about getting me something tea-related”.

When your large-framed (or “built”) friends come over for tea and you serve them tea in dainty gongfu-sized cups. They give you a look, asking: “Don’t you have any regular sized cups?” To which you give a blank look as if you don’t understand, replying: “What? It’s normal to drink tea this way – in China”.

I love that last one.

I’m having a ‘tea-party’ next week (all men) but I think these guys actually understand the value in refinement. We’ll see.

Warren said

Cool. Make sure you have some bigger cups on hand, just in case. Just for fun, you could try a taste-test comparison between big cup and little cup. Turn it into an educational exercise.

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Warren said

When all the vacations you planned revolve around tea.

Heck, when your whole daily schedule revolves around tea.

Babble said

Guilty as charged. Going to Boulder for a tea festival :-p

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When your world is falling apart and you continue to buy more tea, faster than can consume.
When you feel those around you do not know what you are doing and why do it since it matters to none.
When none wants this of you or have told you otherwise but you continue on this track knowing it can never amount to anything.
Knowing nothing that you do will be good enough.
When you continue to buy the expensive teas; the gourmet blends knowing full well you prefer the daily runts…teabags and all. A cup of water with a tea bag in it. What more can one want? Pay me, perhaps!

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