You know you're "addicted" to tea when ....

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When you take a purse to go to a friend’s house… and that purse is filled with kettle, teapot, tea, thermometer, and spoon. And nothing else.

yssah said

down to the spoon!

yssah said

i have just done this today ^^ – well, except for the nothing else part.

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Rachel J said

When you have a long, involved dream about finding the perfect infuser to fit your teaware, and then you wake up and for a while can’t figure out if that memory was reality or just a dream.

yssah said


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When you’re in line at Toys R Us & the cashier talking to 2 people ahead of me says “would you like the coverage for the tea cup?”, You strain your neck to see what tea cup she could possibly be talking about. Alas it was only the Fisher Price tea set for toddlers :(

yssah said

hmmm….able to hear the word “tea” from a mile away. that’s a Steepsterite super power for you!

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yssah said

When you are already about to leave the country and for the life of you could not stop swapping :P

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Alysha said

When your worn out winter jacket needs replacement (and you live in Canada) but you feel that buying tea is more practical.

When you give your partner dirty looks when they say they feel like a coffee.

When you’re often late to work because you couldn’t decide which tea to have first thing in the morning (because you’re no longer in the mood for the one you pre-planned the night before).

When your roommate asks you where the wine glasses are, because you’ve moved them to a bottom cupboard and taken over more communal cupboard space for your burgeoning tea stash.

I second the first three. lol

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When having your tea and steeping equipment in a place that is NOT their “proper” place causes anxiety attacks or impedes your ability to make a decent cup.

When you lose sleep because you stay up into the wee hours of the morning designing your new tea space and figuring out how to organize your massive (yet always growing) collection.

When your pony has a hissy fit because he can smell the tea on your breath but you drank it all before you got to the barn so didn’t share with him.

When you spend hours figuring out what variety of tea matches the shade of green you just painted your room so you can buy yourself some to celebrate.

When you also use figuring out the matching tea as an excuse to pretend you didn’t just paint your bedroom “Appletini” and “Agave” (unintentionally too! I picked the colours before looking at their names!)

When your only motivation to get anything done is that it will kill time until your shinobi-cha steep of your favourite gyokuro is ready to sip.

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When you sit in your recliner and reach down the crack on the side to look for a pen, and instead you find a tea sample. And you’re not suprised.

Ha ha! Better than finding money :P

K S said

Too funny and too true.

But finding money would get more tea samples.

True that :)

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When you absolutely have to replace your running shoes, but as you are punching in your pin number to pay for them, you think about how much tea you could have bought for $120.

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Jackie said

When you have to keep some of your groceries elsewhere in the house, still in their bags, because they are encroaching on your teas’ space.

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Ordering more Della Terra right after the first shipment came in the post.

Tealizzy said

Ya, all those promotions are killing me!

I blame my addiction to Della Terra and David’s teas on this site.

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