You know you're "addicted" to tea when ....

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Your pack tea inside your PC when you move.
You find over a pound of tea that you had forgotten about when you’re packing to move.
You use moving as a means of talking brother into try matcha.

Sil select said

Inside your PC?!? I can’t think of anything worse to do to your poor PC…. :(

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When leaving for a few days away, your bag carrying your teas and brewing equipment is larger than your bag of clothes.

Well, you can wash clothes.

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Cavocorax said

I just made notes in my mobile calendar of when my various tea orders shipped so I know when to stalk the postman!

I ordered from Butiki and Bluebird on the same day: it’s a race between countries now!

Sil select said

haha my money’s on bluebird :) for some reason i feel like crossing the ocean has been faster for me than crossing the invisible border.

yyz said

So true, Europe’s only taken me 4-6 days while the US usually takes 8-11.

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Lala said

When you open a brand new pouch of tea and some of the leaves spill on the floor. And you seriously think about picking them up and using them.

Guilty of this >_>

Emily M said

I hate when this happens… its a battle between what you know you should do and what your saddened heart wants to do.

K S said

Glad I’m a guy. The 5 second rule makes this seldom a problem ;) Before you go eeeew, I would not put it back in the pouch, but I might well use it immediately.

I’m female and I just did this the other day. It was like a half tsp that I dropped of Shamrock tea though, and I had JUST Sharked the floors. :-/

Cavocorax said

I just did this!!!
And as it was a new 2oz bag, I used some of the floor stuff for my tea because what if this is AMAZING and I wasted a lot of it? :O

(it was s’mores genmaicha by 52 teas. mixed reviews from what i see, but i haven’t had it yet!)

Kittenna said

That’s tragic…. but given my feelings towards that tea, I think it may have been for the best :P Now, had that been Marshmallow Treat? You can bet I’d be picking up each individual piece, crying a little, and putting it into a double finum basket to brew…

Erin said

Yeah…. luckily, there is very little that boiling water will not kill. A food product cannot get much more sanitized than when you pour boiling water on it!

Now the few extra cat hairs that end up in it, well…. they do not add much to the taste :)

I have a bag of like 100grams of pink flamingo, which i don’t even really like, that was spilled on the floor. it couldn’t be sold, so we scooped as much as we could off the top of the pile because we couldn’t bear to see it go in t he garbage.

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You weigh your orders to see if the tea company has been shorting you.

Sil select said

I know a few people that do that cough I have yet to buy a scale hehe

Sometimes it’s hard to believe how much tea I go through so my first instinct is that I’ve been shorted. Because in my mind there’s no way I could’ve drank two ounces of that one tea in a week.

There is a tea cough Premium Taiwanese Assam cough that I go through roughly half a kilo in about a month and a half. Its bad very bad.

Why is everyone coughing? Drink more hibiscus, it’ll keep you from getting sick.

Kittenna said

Hey – it has happened to me! More than once (three times, multiple teas, three different companies)! I would like to get what I’m paying for. Each time, it has been dealt with quite well by the company’s customer service, which is awesome. I don’t always remember to weigh things, though, but most are either bang on or a couple grams over.

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I don’t have time to make tea before I leave the house? Looks like I’m going to be late…

Kaylee said

This happened to me three times this week! And because of the train schedule, if I leave home even 5 minutes late I will miss my train and end up being 20 minutes late to work.

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pizza4lyfe said

When your parents are tea addict themselves and have a growing collection of tea ware that includes 50 yi xing tea pots, 34 bone china cups and saucers, an assortment of ceramic tea cups, one english tea set.

Tried and failed miserably to resist the urge to try out all the different sets of tea ware everyday.

When you drink tea at all hours of the night.

Need tea to comfort you when doing tedious college assignments.

Have tea to accompany most of your meals.

When you find bags, tins, cakes, boxes of tea invading the cupboards in the kitchen AND living room.

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When you take a Sharpie and write TEA on all of your plastic Contigo cups and your Thermoses because someone used your stainless steel Victor Allen mug (with cover) for COFFEE.

blasphemy! That was rude of them

I write my initials on my travel mugs because of my parents using my former ones for coffee.

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When everything you’ve asked for your birthday is tea related and you daydream about what you’ll get with the couple gift cards coming your way!

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When you keep a notebook in order to track steeping times and conditions for every time you steep a pot of tea. My notebook has each tea serving by date drunk, what company/variety it is, steeping time, if I used a pot other than my normal tetsubin, and if I used lower temp water than boiling.

When you can track nearly every pot/cup of tea you have had over the course of the last four years via said notebook.

When your criteria for buying a new mug is “Will it fit the entire contents of my usual tea pot?”

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