You know you're "addicted" to tea when ....

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When, with every store I walk into (tea related, or not), I think, “Hmm, I wonder if they are going to have the gaiwan I’ve been looking for!”

Azzrian said

OMG lol I can’t go into ANY store and not try to discover what tea related stuff they have no matter how remotely related! LOL

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JubJubs said

When you think of that certain tea that you feel in the perfect mood for, open the tea stash… “Hmm where is it?” Rummage rummage rummage “No really where is it?” rummage rummage “This isn’t funny” Start taking things out, “Who took my tea? Was it you? Well someone must have taken it! OMG where is this tea!” Take everything out, lay everything on the counter. “Where is it?! Did I lose it? Did I take it to work?” Start running through a mental inventory of work stash. “Nope not there either.” Crisis level steadily rising because in this moment no other tea will satisfy your cravings and no other tea will ever satisfy you until you find this tea right n— turn around— “Oh here it is! Right on the counter behind me.” Look at the clock. “Darn it to late to drink tea. I know what I will do, I will put it right here back on the counter so I can remember to drink this next time.” And the vicious cycle continues…

I love it; great description!

K S said

Oh come on, that would never really happen… (looks up and off to the side whistling quietly) This thread is too funny!

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Scott B said

When you have received 2 orders of tea by noon but all you can do is wonder where the UPS person is with your 3rd order.

Alphakitty said

Oh god, I totally definitely identify with this. Until I get all of the boxes that are in the mail I just think about the stuff that I DON’T have instead of enjoying my new tea.

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… my wife comes home and says, “I’ve got a little treat for you,” and I immediately think, TEA! It’s even worse when the treat ends up being a yummy snack, and yet I’m STILL disappointed.

K S said

Too funny! I know exactly what you mean.

yssah said

or in a conversation…they ask you something and then you answer “tea?”

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Jason admin said

you have multiple tables of boxes filled with tea ranging from sample size bags up to 1lb bags. But I guess that also falls under the “You know you’re running a tea subscription when…”

Azzrian said

Yeah Jason you have a special out on the overstocking of tea :) Steepster stuff does not count against you – or is it for you? :)

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Love this thread!

When you collect reasons from this thread, copy & paste them & print them out to post at home.

When your co-workers hack your facebook & change your status to things such as “I’m a little teapot”.

When your co-workers incessantly poke fun at you because of your consumption, talk etc of tea

Your name at work is “hippie dippie”

Your children sniff your packages that arrive at the door.

Your children insist on smelling every new tea you bought.

You’ve taught your mother how to properly measure & steep tea. And have been the reason she bought a steeper & loose leaf tea.

Your facebook statuses are about tea.

Azzrian said

LOL @ When your co-workers hack your facebook & change your status to things such as “I’m a little teapot”.

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you search out and peruse various reviews before and after sampling a tea, and then again the next time you drink it

you get excited over pop culture references to tea (ex. line in a Westside story song… “your grandma pushes tea”!!

when you make two teas at once because you feel guilty spending so much time brewing while at work

when co-workers ask “what steep # is that?”

when a coworker asks about straight black tea and ten minutes later you hand them four bagged samples of different types

when you mention that one of your fave teas is pu-erh and don’t get why your coworker is laughing at you (and they repeat you… “poo-air?!”

you get offended when someone blames you for staining the countertop with tea splashes (it was COFFEE!!)

when your well meaning friend gives you a box of bagged tea but you keep it because you “might need it one day”

when you need more than two hands to count the number of steeping devices you own

when you decide not to go somewhere because they might not have suitable tea making conditions/amenities

when you know more than the person selling you a tea!!! (happens to me all the time at Davids!)

I love these. Too many apply to me, too.

Didn’t know this one: Westside story song… “your grandma pushes tea”!!

and they repeat you… “poo-air?!”: It’s amazing how it seems almost every person responds to that one in the same way, with the same look on their face, and the same off-color jokes.

I know, this thread is hilarious! I love it :P
We went to see Westside story a few weeks ago. That line was the highlight for me!!!
Right?! funny, I remember doing the same myself when I first heard about it. Now, I have a cup regularly and don’t even think about the odd name. De-sensitized? lol

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When your husband thinks something is seriously wrong with you – purely based on the fact that you haven’t asked to make a tea order lately. (I am planning one though)

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No longer having green tea outside your own house or specialty tea houses because no one knows about the importance of temperatures (and subsequently lecturing restaurants when they get it wrong).

Getting hundreds of dollars of tea shipped to you from around the planet, and convincing more and more people to do the same (I think I’m keeping the Canadian economy out of a recession!)

When your partner no longer looks at you like you’re crazy but looks at you with excited anticipation when you say you’ve been tea shopping.

Been there on that first one.

Wow. “… looks at you with excited anticipation when you say you’ve been tea shopping.” That’s a great partner to have!

Yes, he used to give me the “what? Another shipment from Canada? You’re kidding?” face, but I’ve fed him lots of things he likes, so he asks for things now!

And who says, ‘Bribery will get you nowhere’?! :p

Lynxiebrat said

The 1st one…did that at a nearby Biggby’s. Snickers

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Azzrian said

When you are at your Aunt’s place and she does not have tea so you eye her bowl of potpourri thinking “hummmm I wonder if I could steep this?”

Alphakitty said

My first though: “What kind of horrible place doesn’t have any tea?!”

You know you’re addicted to tea when you assume there’s something wrong with people who don’t have any. XD

Alphakitty- love it!

Though I know my aunt has good tea due to a point raised above – I’ve bought some for her!

Azzrian said

LOL well she did have some bagged stuff in kitchy tins she got at walmart so yeah no tea!

LOL to all of it!!
I’ve considered using bad tea as potpouri before…

Azzrian: Hilarious!

Azzrian said

LOL thank you! Seriously in that moment tisane and potpourri looked SO similar!

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