You know you're "addicted" to tea when ....

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When you have no room left to store tea and when you see something new in the shops you just have to try it.

I don’t worry about how much I spend, £10 on tea lasts me much longer than a £10 bottle of wine that would be gone in a few hours ;)

PaddyB said

I use that kind of thinking to justify my tea purchases also. For 4 € I can get a good pint of beer or enough tea to last me a week. But then I start to buy more and more tea … :)

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When you wait for the mail man even though you didn’t order any tea and hope that by some tea miracle you get a package of tea anyway. lol

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Cheri select said

…you stand in front of the pantry full of tea, still not quite awake and looking for caffeine, and can’t decide which tea to drink because too many of them sound good.

Ubacat said

lol I can’t make that decision at 5 AM (yes, that’s when I get up). I keep the bagged green tea right on the counter and it’s always my first cup of tea. After that I’m awake for some decision making.

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…when you run out of space in your cupboard so convince yourself that buying a hutch (to turn into a “tea hutch”) is the next best option.

carol who said

Absolutely! I think our tea storage areas keep on growing no matter the available space. A tea hutch sounds great. I was looking at a vintage card catalog (48 drawers!) like they had in libraries. They seem just perfect for tea canisters!

A card catalog is a GREAT idea! The tea hutch is all I’m allowing myself…in some effort to limit my tea hoarding. ;)

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teaenvy said

When you dream that you have come across some ancient poems about tea, written in “Chineese”, and when you awake you rush to write them down.
For example:

Pu-er day?!
Oh, Aye!
All of it?
Oh, Aye! You don’t know the half of it!

Eat your heart out Dylan Thomas! lol

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You know you’re addicted to Steepster when you’re eating a bowl and Vanilla Chobani greek yogurt with chocolate chunks and you’re writing an imaginary tasting note in your head.

HA! I’ve wanted to write tasting notes about non-tea items too.

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… When all new incoming tea orders must be stored in shoeboxes….cause there’s just no other places or containers available in your two floor house.


Wow and I thought one cupboard was bad. Perhaps we should scrap the wine cellar and have a tea cellar instead

Haha! well good idea but for the time being…I still need my wine!!!

But I know some of us here already have a “tea cellar” (not looking at you Mrmopar!)

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I’m pretty sure tea is the only thing I asked for this year as a birthday gift. NO wait, I asked for some locally made fancy schmancy soap too! But tea was more important ;)

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I used to drink a lot of coffee, but now having coffee just makes me want to drink more black tea. In fact, early this week, I had coffee instead because of a lack of nice tea options. (Which might make me a tea snob.)

teaenvy said

Yes, with love, you are a tea snob.

I’m totally a tea snob. Nothing to be ashamed of :)

Loose tea turned me against tea bags and generic supermarket stuff. With coffee i’m slowly learning to appreciate what is a good quality coffee and what countries are good to buy from

The selection was the generic supermarket stuff. I still drink bagged tea sometimes (usually will put that in the water bottle to chill in the fridge). Then I had some of the Rose Dian Hong from Teavivre when I got home.

Cavocorax said

I’m a bit of a tea snob too, but I’ll still enjoy teas in silken/nylon bags. But generic teabags at the grocery store are not worth my time when I have so much better in my cupboard.

The only exception are some of the Celestial Seasonings herbals. (Which, technically aren’t tea?)

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boychik said

you know, just last week friend of mine was telling me with such passion about Teavana tea. i was listening and trying to be polite. after 15min of crap i said enough, its just overpriced fruit compote. get yourself trail mix its cheaper. She doesnt speak to me ever since

Oh man…

Least you done them a favour

I like to go by Teavana sometimes for the free fruit juice samples, then go by Lupicia for tea samples. I feel bad for people who’ve only really tried Teavana.

boychik said

I was patient. Usually I wouldn’t say anything to her. But she started telling me how can I drink “stinky” Yunnan Golden Bi Luo Chun. That glorious gold, my baby. She called it stinky.

teaenvy said

Oh I am dying! Priceless really. Now tell us how you really feel…

boychik said

Well my first reaction was like, I felt like mama bear, don’t mess with my baby. And you should know we are grown up women. I want to call her and ask to come with me to Kusmi or Davids Tea, maybe Harney&Son shops. To broaden her horizons.

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