You know you're "addicted" to tea when ....

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Virginia said

When you drive by a store called Camellia that has all little camellia sinensis flowers on it and get vexed when you realize it’s a hair salon (????) and not a tea shop.

Maybe the owners name is Camellia? :P

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Arshness said

When you realize you can actually tell that your Earl Grey Bravo is a bit old because you can notice the difference between fresh flavor and weakening flavor.

When you get ridiculously excited about a new piece of furniture, not because it’s an awesome wood cabinet, but because you realize you can put all your tea stuff in there, and then have a ton of fun “organizing” it.

When you get ridiculously excited about finding a new tea community website (Hello Steepster!)

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When you’re bothered by all the tea houses/ shops/ stores you missed visiting on your travels when you were still into coffee.

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I started a new challenge today, which I am calling:

Blazing New Ratings

I am going to try to review every unlogged tea in my house before doing any repeats or returning to my cupboard standbys. Today I sipped my way through seven new teas. How long will I last? How long will it take???

I am posting this announcement in the “tea addicts” thread because I am going to see whether I can finish this challenge … ever! My concern? If I continue to order more tea, I may never, ever finish the Blazing New Rating Challenge!!! Help! I need an intervention—two orders are en route, and I only just received two others!

Aidez-moi! SVP!!!!

About how many teas have you yet to try?

I tried to count last night, christeana1, but it became overwhelming. So far I’m on day 3, and I’ve rated 15…

Good luck on your quest! I look forward to reading your reviews.

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When you finally retrain your brain to see “Dong ding” instead of “Ding dong” but then you go to the grocery and see a box of Ding Dongs and read it as “Dong ding” instead.

carol who said


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When you write a list of pros and cons of boiling water for tea in a pot, a kettle, or in the microwave.
When you seriously consider driving around town late on a Sunday night to buy a tea kettle because your zojirushi is undergoing its periodic cleaning.

Lol wooooow. Pot on the stove is no good? Yeah I know, too slow :P

On the stove is for power outages (assuming gas).

Hehe, more like I’d rather have a dedicated vessel for boiling water, an enclosed one because then I won’t have to worry about stuff getting in it. If I boil water in a pot I’ll want to make food!

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Amaryllis said

When it’s your birthday/holiday/anniversary and whenever someone asks what you want your immediate response is to whip out your spreadsheet of wishlist teas and teaware

When at this point when your mailman hands you your weekly package of tea in the mail he just gives you the LOOK and goes ‘another tea?’ And all you can do is hang your head sheepishly as you skip off your package.

When you’ve unintentially got your little nephew and brother trained by the sight of you heading for the kitchen and reaching for the ‘tea cabinet’ that it’s Tea Time. Having the teapot or french press out usually garners the same reaction.

And when that same little nephew knows each season it categorized by tea types so he know which ones to ask for depending on the month.

This is so endearing! ;-)

carol who said

I love it! LOL

Arshness said

wow awww so cute. :) Lucky little guy gets to learn good tea young!

Amaryllis said

Aw, thank you guys. :) it’s sort of become our unofficial auntie/nephew bonding time.

Yeah, he’s well on his way to being a proper little tea snob. He’s already turning his nose up at tea bags, and made me promise to let him ‘taste test’ all the new teas I get. He even gives me his taste notes!

I may need to get him his own little teapot soon. :)

Lynxiebrat said

LOL. My brother would strangle me if I got my nephew into tea…He for whatever reason doesn’t consider tea to be manly. rolls eyes

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when you want to drink tea, but it’s too late at night, so you brew a mason jar full just so you can smell it now and drink it iced tomorrow

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Arshness said

When you spend more time on Steepster than any other social networking site >_<

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Trying to figure out a tea-themed cake for your baking class.

Ost said

Hey, that sounds pretty cool! :D

Oh, so many possibilities!! I’d love to see a cake shaped and decorated as a tea pot!!

Somebody in class made an Earl Grey cake. (I just designed my future tea-themed bakery.)

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