You know you're "addicted" to tea when ....

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boychik said

OK People
i was watching Orange is the New Black last night. that episode when Piper was transferred to Chicago prison. i felt bad she couldnt visit those awesome tea shops TeaGschwendner/Adagio Marzipan was reporting to us about.

I’ve only seen the first episode of the new season so far :)

I’ve been watching it with my boyfriend (he loves it) and I must say, it is strange but on the lesser side of strange. Therefore, I still like it a bit. My only problem is I hate the main character, which happens to me all the time.

Haha Boychik!

boychik said

she is not my favorite, but i like this mix and match of different women with different backgrounds and how unfortunate sometime life is. i see good sides in these women and i feel sorry for what have happened to them.
i was watching House of Cards before this one. it was much more sophisticated, i would love to continue but they stopped for some reason;(

Uniquity said

I also hate Piper, but the first season of that show was really interesting. Hopefully we’ll get time to watch Season two soon! I also love Ricky Gervais’ Derek. I am astounded by that show, though it makes me cry sometimes.

I love it that I’m not the only one who dislikes Piper so much.

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Kaylee said

When you buy a greeting card at the supermarket solely because it has teapots on it.

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They say that when you first start drinking a lot of water, you’ll pee a lot, but after a couple of weeks it will stop. Life experience determined that that was a lie!

Ost said

That made me laugh XD I haven’t heard that one before! But definitely a lie! :P

At least we’re well hydrated. lol

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When you take the first sip of a new tea and a rating immediately pops into your head.

Sometimes I actually visualize the numbers…


Sometimes I need to have a few cups to decide on a number.

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Uniquity said

When you’ve had no power for six hours (so far) and your chief complaint is that you can’t make tea! I even went out and rescued my tea package from postal jail because they miraculously had power but now I just stare at it longingly.

The power outage during Sandy lasted seven days for me. I had to make hot water by my holding a sauce pan over a can of fuel that spouted flame (I forgot what it’s called for the moment). One or two cups of Yorkshire Gold was all I got per day. Rough times (not just for tea, of course).


Uniquity said

Aww, now I feel bad for whining. Nine hoirs now, but that’s nothing. I guess for me it is a bit unusual to lose power so I feel like complaining. We have one tree tipped over and one blgiant branch broke off but otherwise our property is faring well so far. Thanks for the perspective!

BernzOmatic propane

We were kind of lucky actually, since other people had to wait maybe another week or so to get their power back. At least it’s summer now. Hope you get your back soon, regardless :]

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When you seriously consider dropping your morning triple expresso ritual just so that there will be another opportunity for a tea session each day!

it hurts my head that you said “expresso” but I approve of the notion of replacing it with more tea! :P

What can I say? Habits die hard…

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When the only thing you want to do when you’re having a bad day is go sit with your pony and share tea – him with his bucket and me with my timolino.

Yep, definitely did that yesterday, in the pouring rain too! :P

Sharing tea with your pony? How adorable!!!!!!

eeeeee I second that!!

Horses like tea?

Mine does :) I use matcha powder to mask his yucky tasting electrolytes and dewormer paste, he drinks a wide variety of teas out of his bucket, and he has been known to take my travel mug from me if I don’t share. He’s a special cookie :P

That is the cutest thing ever.

He’s my whole world and I love him, so why not share something special (like tea) with him? <3

Lynxiebrat said

You should do a video of you and your horse for during tea time! I think most of us here would love that.

This is adorable!

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Booker said

When you realize that coffee (my mom’s morning hot drink of choice) makes you sick so you start packing your tea along with all the other visiting mom stuff! Also when you realize that packing the tea is even a higher priority than packing your kids’ diapers because “we can always buy diapers when we get there, but they don’t sell my tea!”

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Ubacat said

Your tea cabinet is full and you’re hiding tea in oddball spots so your husband won’t find it. Oh my, I think I need an intervention.

boychik said

I do the same …

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Frolic select said

You get incredibly upset when you know your tea package is just miles away but you can’t have it because of unknown reasons :(

You obsess about your water quality and how it effects your tea flavor.

Amaryllis said

I cosign on this wholeheartedly, especially now as I relentlessly stalk my packages progress on the USPS app. Two more stops. T-T fingers crossed I get it today and don’t end up having to save it from postal jail.

I just hope my mailman doesn’t start to hate me for how often I accost him at the mailbox asking for any packages. Poor man already judges me enough for getting two/ three packages a week. Lol

Toss a cold bottled water at him one day and he will love you.

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