You know you're "addicted" to tea when ....

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Zeks said

When you are gathering your stuff to leave on a business trip and first thing on your mind is : “Which tea should I take with me?”

That thought crosses my mind every morning when I leave for the office!

Zeks said

I have a small stash of tea in the office :)

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My heart was stolen when I found I didn’t enjoy a cup of Yunnan puer tea!

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when you’re typing a reply to a “tea addiction” thread on

when you have an extensive tea cabinet that looks like a liquor cabinet.

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when the vast extent of your knowledge regarding Asian geography is based solely on what teas are produced where.

when you dream of traveling to foreign and exotic countries… so you can drink the tea.

when you bump into an old acquaintance you haven’t seen in years, and they remember you as “the guy that used to talk about tea a lot”.

when you spend enough time in a person’s house, you eventually find your way to their tea stash, and keep your criticisms to yourself.

when instead of hanging out in cafes, the mall, bars, etc., you hang out in tea shops.
when you know your way around said tea shops better than some of the employees.
when you discreetly help the new hire guide a customer to the tea they’re looking for.

I love these.

That last one makes me think of another one. When I walk into a tea shop (like, maybe, uhhhmmmm, a Teavana) and—based on the answers I get to my questions—I know more about green tea than anyone working there does (at least, it certainly seems that way)!

Azzrian said

I am sure this is true!

noordelijk said

First one is so true for me.

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… I size up every jar or tin I see (in my house, in someone else’s house, in the store), all the while thinking, “Hmmm, maybe I can clean that one up enough to be able to use it to store some of my tea in ….”

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When everyone around you is having an alcoholic beverage & you are sipping an iced tea.

When you have everyone else trying different iced teas & having them say they are now going to switch to iced tea instead of other drinks.

TheKesser said

hahaha that first one was me last night! Everyone else was having beers and I was all about the hot green rooibos tea.

That’s me too!

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When you’re willing to drive 2 hours to the nearest DAVIDsTEA (or other tea store) and try to con your tea loving cousins into going with you.

Mine is when you con all your friends into getting tea so your international shipping costs are reduced!

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When you have calluses from lifting tea infusers out of the mug! Seriously, I winced and cringed the first few months. Now… pffft no biggie! though I haven’t mastered a gaiwan yet

You totally crack me up! Calluses? As in, heat calluses?

Hey, you’re way ahead of me on the gaiwan; at least you HAVE one …

LOL I can’t really feel them but they must be there since I can remove the steeper like a true tea-ophile! :P
and the gaiwan… part of the reason I rarely use it is because it hurts! lol
that and the lack of time to do it up right :)

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… I am walking around in my neighborhood and spot a USPS, UPS, or Fed-Ex truck and my heart skips a beat, and I immediately wonder, Am I supposed to be getting an order today?

… I feel a little annoyed while I continually watch people make rolling stops at a stop sign near where I’m having lunch, after which a USPS van barely even slows down at the stop sign, before speeding on, and I am perfectly fine with it, since He is probably on some important mission, delivering tea to someone in need

Missy said

lol. I happen to know exactly when they will hit their brakes if they are going to stop at our house. Since they tend to park in the same spot. :D

Isn’t that funny!? If I am expecting a delivery, and it’s in the late afternoon, and I’m home, and I hear some truck trundling down the street, then I sometimes have to keep myself from bolting to the front of the house to look out the window where I can see if they are parked in the very same spot you are talking about!

Scott B said

I was expecting some tea on Monday morning from USPS. When the letter carrier went with a package to the house across the street, I was so tempted to run him down and say “that’s for me!” Good thing I didn’t because it wasn’t !

Definitely been there.

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Azzrian said

OR to add to SimpliciTea above – when you don’t want to leave your home because THAT shipment MAY come today!!!!

Or, on the day you suspected it would come, and wanting to stay home, you instead left because you had to run some important errand (maybe you needed to visit a friend in need of tea-therapy at their house), and upon returning home and pulling down your street, catch a glimpse of the unmistakeable, lovely brown-colored UPS van pulling briskly away from what seems like right in front of your house, and after parking far up the street (driveway is full), run to the house, and rush up the stairs, while hearing a nearby door closing, and seeing a neighbors shade being pulled, (but making nothing of it), finally getting to the front of the house to open the screen-front-door in anticipation that a lovely little box would be nestled quietly in the small space before the wooden-front-door, waiting for you, but instead find it empty, and your eyes narrow, and you slowly look at the neighbors to the left, and to the right, and begin to suspect it did come but some nosy, tea-greedy, less-than-self-respecting neighbor snatched it up.

Azzrian said

EXACTLY cause you KNOW they did!!!!

I can’t believe how much fun it is concocting all of these (for they are all, every one of them, concocted).

I added a bit to the above to make it look even more like the package really did come …

tigress_al said

Lol, I know exactly about not wanting to leave the house while waiting for a shipment! I should be getting my next Teavivre samples and my first Butiki order any day now!!!

Azzrian said

BOTH totally worth waiting at home for!

yssah said

yea on that.

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