You know you're "addicted" to tea when ....

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Raritea said

You see someone drinking a soda on the bus or at work and think to yourself, “such a shame… they could be drinking TEA!”

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TheKesser said

When you are given a tip at work for the first time ever and all you could think of is “I wonder what tea I should buy with this?!”

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When you run across an extra 30 bucks you lost in a drawer somewhere, and your first thought is, “SWEET, EXPANDED TEA BUDGET.”

Lindsay said


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Babble said

When you’re on the computer, the boyfriend asks what you’re looking at, and you just say “the usual”. The usual, of course, being “tea”.

When a friend shows you their much smaller tea collection (all from Teavana), and you have to refrain from analyzing and explaining the history and background of each individual tea – because you know they don’t care.

When you hear that Starbucks is opening up a tea store in Seattle, and you’re tempted to plan a trip there JUST to go to the Grand Opening.

Kiaharii said

My fiancé makes fun of me for that. Hey, at least “window shopping” for tea got me off Facebook.

darby select said

OMG Rachel! I so want to check out that Starbucks too!!!

Ninavampi said

Wow… You got it exactly right when you talk about me on the internet! I showed my boyfriend your comment and he laughed and said that he is almost jealous of tea! hahahaha…

CupofTree said

I was so excited seeing this new tea shop in Seattle!! I can’t wait to move there!!!!

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You go on a trip & panic because you forgot to map out the nearest locations to a tea store that you NEED to visit. Thus scrounging to find someone who can tell you where the nearest one is.

Your GPS gets you lost trying to find said tea store & you make your mom (not an avid tea drinker) drive around for an hour to find it, or another one.

When on your trip you are no where near this tea store & con your mom (the driver) to take a 2 hour detour so you can get to the tea store.

Babble said

So… inquiring minds want to know – was it worth it?


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jyeon said

about 4yrs ago when i started get into baking, i baked 3times a day and used 20kg of flour for a month, to try all of types of baked, edible delicious things which exist in the world..from asian to western, greek, italian, japan, korean, indian, german, chemical and organic, vegetarian and vegan, elvis presley’s favorite, mom’s favorite, i ate them as a lunch at workplace, as a snack, as a birthday gift, farewell gift, i woke up in the early morning to take the dough which might finish 2nd fermentation over the night in the refrigerator i worked to buy baking goods, searched internet to get recipes,
then i moved abroad, then it made me stop it for a while, and i’m getting into tea since just last week. tonight i baked an orange cake to taste my new taste my new taste my new tea..

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When you’ve figured out how to tilt/roll your cup in just the right way so that you can get every last drop of tea without the dregs that escaped your strainer and lie at the bottom of your cup :P

yssah said

cool…to the last drop!!!

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Celestial said

-When you drink more tea than water.

-You smuggle tea into your home so that nobody gives you a lecture on addictions.

-You get more excited when you buy tea than clothes, make up, etc.

-You will happily go to other cities to check out tea stores

-When you are planning to work at a tea store so that you can be surrounded in a lovely place and buy tea before anyone else!

-When you feel guilty for not drinking enough tea.

-When you will gladly pay $30 for a tea cup (I plan to buy one or two!)

-When you threw out your bagged tea since it is unacceptable!

-You went to a tea farm (it was beautiful)

Kaylee said

How does going to a tea farm work? Because this is a thing that I must do now.

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Lindsay said

When your co-workers snoop through your lunch bag every day, asking “So how many teas did you bring today?”

The answer is never less than 3!

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Azzrian said

While in the midst of drinking some excellent soothing pu-erh from Verdant you begin to dream longingly of some matcha from Red Leaf …. never enough just never enough.

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