TeaTimeTom said

Soap and Yixing

Hey steepster,

So unfortunately someone washed out my yixing with dish washing soap.

I never did a long drawn out seasoning procedure and have only used the yixing for both Sheng and Shou Pu’erh occasionally over the two years I have had it.

After rinsing the yixing out with boiling water a few times I did a water taste test. The soap was only barely discernible if at all in the water but the first few infusions of tea didn’t taste very good. After that it seemed better.

So, basically, I am asking for any advice or help in cleaning out the Yixing. Is it ruined? Can it be “reset” taking out the built up seasoning as well as any soap residue? I don’t really care about losing the developed seasoning so long as I can get the yixing back to state where I can start again.

Any ideas or suggestions are welcome.

Thanks in advance.

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You can boil it in water for 1-2 hours, or boil it for a few times, 20-30min each time and change water.
I think it’s ok. I know some people who are paranoid enough to clean their yixing collection periodically with bleach (to remove the tea stain inside, which they believe is toxic but most people don’t) and then boil them in water for a few hours. It seems that boiling it cures everything :-)

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TeaTimeTom said

That is good to hear. I had just read that you should never wash yixings with anything but hot water, but no one ever says what the consequences of having it had happen are.

I am boiling it as I type this and will let people know how it turns out.

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Warren said

Soap and Yixing really don’t mix, but don’t worry about it too much. If the clay of your teapot isn’t too porous, you should be ok. I sometimes forget my teapots – only to come back and they’ve turned moldy inside; attaining a funky smell. A few rinses with hot water, then rinses with tea; and a full 24-hour soak in tea solution revives the tea pot.

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