K S said

R.I.P. Steepster?

I am missing reading and posting reviews and mostly just the community. Its taking great determination to even get on Steepster lately. Le sigh.

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Yeah, the server’s taking a beating, but I don’t think we’re proclaiming death yet ;). The boys will probably come back from a good weekend off and start getting her fixed.

I hear you about missing the community though, there’s a lot of pretty awesome people here!

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K S said

I don’t know about the computer side of a group like this but know they will do all they can. I appreciate what we have here and wouldn’t want to see it collapse.

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teawade said

Yea, I’ve been having some technical difficulties as well from time to time. Hopefully they fix all the bugs and the site can be fully functional at the highest level. Now, if only we could take steepster to go on our smartphones.

K S said

The last thing I need is the ability to post at work ;) Actually it would be quite helpful when shopping.

I understand about the ability of having it on our phone – I like that I can jump on the internet and read more about a tea’s taste profile while I’m standing in front of it at the store. Yeah, I’m one of those people…

Barb said

I don’t even own a smart phone but it sure would be handy to have access to my shopping list and the tasting notes.

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K S said

After starting this thread, Steepster is working again – Yeah!

It took me ages to get this thread to open. :( But I hope the guys get everything up and running smoothly again.

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James R said

I work in IT if you guys need any help/advice let me know!

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Same here. This is the only site that I have to reboot my browser for…

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I’ve been having problems loading ‘See More’ notices and the second and beyond pages of other people’s tealogs since mid-last week. Today I can’t load my dashboard or anyone’s tealogs. I get the black kettle screen.

Of course, I post this then my dashboard loads right up next try. lol

Jason select said

The notices not loading is actually a separate issue that we’re hoping to have a fix for soon.

lol Awesome! The red number bubble bugs me for some reason. I have since gotten it to load one “see more” but it won’t do any further ones.

My dashboard is also loading fine now. Other people’s tealogs are hit and miss now, first pages or otherwise, and most miss than hit.

And thanks for the comments in this thread, I appreciate hearing from ya’ll when steepster is having issues. =)

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Kittenna said

I’ve been having pretty extreme problems for the last few days. It’s driving me crazy to not be able to access things. I wonder if it’s because of the publicity Steepster’s been getting from DavidsTea and other companies lately.

Janefan said

hmm, I think jason mentioned in a recent thread that they were getting like 500% more hits lately (can’t find thread to confirm). Maybe that’s why?

What kind of publicity/promos are going on? I wonder if the overlords know about them. Unfortunately web publicity is not always good if it is too much/too fast and overloads the servers (or takes down a web page, for example.) New users to the site may think it’s normal for it to be this slow/buggy, and leave without giving it a fair chance :(

I just looked at a few teas on DavidsTea’s website, and I didn’t find any links to Steepster (as I know some websites, like Den’s Tea, do). I am curious, can you tell me how DavidsTea is promoting (or otherwise) Steepster?

Kittenna said

Well, I did read somewhere about a magazine mentioning Steepster (apologies, I have no idea what it was), but I know that DavidsTea promotes Steepster pretty heavily on Facebook, as do other tea companies (although most are smaller and not likely generating too much traffic). Every time a new tea comes out, they post details on it here, and people are directed here sometimes (by DavidsTea staff or others) for tea reviews. I think as more people are becoming interested in tea, this is just going to become a bigger problem.

Thanks for the reply, Krystaleyn. As much as so many out here seem to love DavidsTea, it makes sense that they would direct new people here.

If part of the slowdowns out here are truly due to an increased interest in Tea, that is a side-effect that I personally am willing to stomach (at least, temporarily).

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The log on time seems to vary a lot. This time I logged on instantly. Sometimes I would click the web page address, “forgot” about it for a while and went to read other pages. Then after several minutes I would get on :-)

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Jason select said

Hi All,

Sorry for the recent troubles with the site. We’ve had some problems with the server (they were running way over capacity for a while, causing the slow load times) but it seems to be fixed now. If you’re still having issues, let me know which pages specifically, or if it just applies to all pages.

In the grand scheme, we’re in the process of updating a lot of the steepster system to get it in a place where it can run more smoothly and consistently. We made some really good progress this past weekend and are hoping to release a lot of bug fixes very soon. I’ll send out a larger note once we get the fixes out there.

But bottom line, Steepster is definitely alive and kicking. In fact, over the past 6 or so months Steepster has been growing faster than ever! Now we’re just making sure we can keep up :)

I am glad to hear Steepster has been growing faster than ever, and I’m looking forward to seeing the new bug fixes.

Thank you, Jason, for all that you guys do.

btw, the new FAQ ROCKS!

K S said

Thanks for your hard work keeping this great site running!

jones5874 said

yes, it does seem to be working better now. (right after I posted my frustrated comment on the next page…)

Thanks so much for all your hard work – I really appreciate all this site has to offer and am obviously more content when it is loading and I can actually use it!
[now, back to ordering more tea]

Ninavampi said

Yay!! Thanks Jason! : )

I was just about to say it was slow about a week ago and has returned to normal when, alas, it started hiccuping today. It seems to happen intermittently that pages will either take a long time to load or will fail to load entirely. Then if I try again a few hours later, it runs perfectly fine. Here’s hoping you get it fixed for good soon! I heart you guys!

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