R.I.P. Steepster?

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jones5874 said

I only just joined about a month or so ago, and have always had trouble loading pages. At first it was just the pages under the “Tea” section, but in the past week, I am rarely even able to load the “Discussion” pages. Frustrating!

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Nicole said

I’ve been having trouble every evening, tonight being no exception, getting any page to load. Discussion, tea ratings, dashboard, everything. If I let it go on trying to connect, eventually it does, or sometimes it times out. Tonight it took an hour for this second page to load.

Not hectoring, just keeping informed as requested. :)

Jason admin said

Hmm, that’s weird. As far as we’ve seen, the recent load issues have been resolved, but I guess that’s not the case…

The larger overhaul of the system will hopefully squash those problems for everyone, for good.

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Kittenna said

I’ve been having a lot of trouble tonight as well, although things are loading well now (and were earlier in the day too). I can deal with it when it’s intermittent though!

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Alphakitty said

It’s been on and off for me… the dashboard will take 10 minutes to load but notices 20 seconds. I’m usually working on enough other things that it’s never a huge inconvenience. Discussion pages always seem to be the worst though.

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I haven’t had a computer lately, so I’ve been on Steepster on my iPad, which has just been a nightmare. Not only is the website not designed to be used on the tablet (ex, I can’t slide the little sliders, I have to just poke the screen until they go about where they’re supposed to go) it’s horridly slow. I’ve got my computer back now, though, and it seems to be working fine.

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Lucy said

Steepster has been intermittent for me… generally leaning towards extremely slow (as in taking 5+ minutes to load). This is true for basically all functions of the site.
Currently, I am experiencing one of the extremely slow times. sigh I just wanna rate some tea and not have it take 2 hours.
Thank you though Steepster creators for acknowledging the problem and trying to fix it! Greatly appreciated as this is one of my favourite sites!

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I have had issues too. I am logged on but, I cannot access the site the majority of the time over the course of the past week or so. Right now, I’m here, but all afternoon, I’d attempt to visit and be met with the error page when I’d attempt to access my dashboard.

I do not intend for this to be a complaint, but hopefully some help for the Steepster overlords so that they know what some of the issues are … maybe it will help them tackle the issues. I love Steepster, and I don’t want it to disappear!

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My experience lately is a little weird, in that sometimes the pages load lightening-fast, and other times it hangs indefinitely. For the most part, for me at least, pages have been loading much faster than they were a few days ago. Just some data from my end for all of you wonderful folks at Steepster.

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