10% off Liquid Proust Teas + Extras + Other Stuff? November 20th to November 26th

10% off tea with the exception of the 2019 Sheng Olympiad nor the following specials added for the end of year sale

2006 Shua Ya from Yang Qing Hao
LP’s Winter Set (sheng)
2014 Dong Ding
Baohongyinji Triple Set
Assam Oolong

At check out enter ‘TAKEMYPROFIT’

Also I have partnered up with severovostok to offer chahe/tea presentation vessels in the US.


2015 Drunken sheng cake 100g from Vesper Chan only $33.30 during the sale!

2011 Guyun (Bulang) from Yang Qing Hao. If you have never had YQH this will be one of the most affordable ways to. This is younger than most all other offerings but it will give you an idea of how it differs from your typical stored raw puerh.

2018 Exquisite Poetry. Yes, this is my cake but a little bit of wild kunlu makes this one a winner from everyone I’ve talked to.

2018 Dragon raw from Xi ZI Hao. There’s only two samples let, but the 2018 Diangu from XZH has been the best I’ve had this year. This comes up as a close 2nd.

2006/2016 DaYou vertical sampler set. This is a great way to taste the same companies shou cake with 10 years apart.

2006 Qia Mu Wang from Mengku. This Malaysian stored brick is the perfect aged smoky sheng for cold nights. A warm cup for sure, take advantage of $18/50g during the sale : )

Now these are just a few recommendations between a wide variety of taste. If you wanted to taste what fruity mushrooms are like go for the Huanggpian from XiZiHao or if you want a tea you cannot brew to death go for my moonlight white cake Almost.

I will be shipping all orders out the 26th. I’m going to try something new kind of like Kickstarter rewards and if I hit over $1,000 I will disperse 1000g between all my orders. I also have a 2013 357g sheng cake I am going to send out to some lucky winner for free.


p.s. the 2011/2017 Dayi Jin sampler set during this sale is lower than the market rate so if you’re a fan of Dayi or want to do a vertical of these two now is the time

p.p.s. many enjoy knowing these details so the following are in low quantity

1 left: 2005 Ecological Dayi Shou, 2014 Huangpian XZH, 2018 XiChuan XZH, 2011 Silver Needle
2 left: 1995 TieGuanYin, 2017 Camphor Armor shou VC, 2006/2016 DaYou vertical set, 2018 Dragon cake raw XZH, 2014 WangGong, Bulang vertical sheng set
3 left: 2012 Huangpian XZH, 2009 Manlin BiYunHao, 2013 Tai He YQH, 2015 Drunken VC

p.p.p.s the 2018 Sheng Olmypiad ships out December 1st!!! Still plenty of slots http://www.liquidproust.com/listing/653917497/super-presale-2019-sheng-olympiad

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