2012 SHINCHA (Japanese Sencha Tea) Special Editions


This is our first promotional debut to Steepster!

2012 SHINCHA Special Editions are Now Available!!

Since 2005 we specializing high quality Japanese tea offer to North America and European countries. Very selective tea products from reputable tea estates from Shizuoka and Kyushu island. We always make sure your satisfactions.
We hope you enjoy our deeply steamed Shincha Special Editions.

Thank you!

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Azzrian said

Welcome! Thank you for posting the promotion.

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Hello Azzrian,

Thank you very much for your warm reply. Feel exciting to communicate over chat center since we have been online (single communication) so many years!

Would like to share the Shicha harvest scene; please click following link.

Those photos were taken by our supplier in Kakegawa city in Shizuoka about a couple weeks ago so this is 2012 Shincha scene!

By the way the girl taking a photo is not me; I have been asked…

Thank you for your warm welcome hope we can share many knowledge and information.

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Azzrian said

Beautiful photos! Thank you for sharing. I have liked your page. :)

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Welcome to Steepster! I enjoyed the fb pictures, too.
(by the way, Teachat: http://www.teachat.com/viewforum.php?f=6&sid=594fce47753745c8913dfaa50ba7d20a is another good place where you will find many lovers of Japanese green tea).

Do you have samples for any of your teas?

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Hello Shinobi_cha san,

Thank you very much for your suggestion, will look into that place.

All our teas are pre-packaged in Japan so sample is limited, though we can offer Gold medal Sencha sample.
if you would like to try out other teas, we will waive the shipping for you, just let us know after you complete your order.

Please let us know to: [email protected]

Thank you!

Thank you Chado Tea House! I will have to seriously consider your great offer.

I wouldn’t even hesitate normally, but since I have 350g+ of shincha in my cupboard, I will have to think about it, as I wouldn’t want it to go stale!

I look forward to trying your teas.

sherubtse said

Shinobi_cha, please let me know if you order from this company, and how it goes with the order.


Best wishes,

sherubtse san, Thank you for your post. If you would like to try out small sample tea, we can send you Gold medal Sencha sample.
just let us know your shipping address to:
[email protected]
Re: Gold Medal Sencha sample RQ

appreciated your interest!

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Missy said

Welcome to Steepster! I agree with Azzrian that you have some very nice pictures.

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Thank you Missy san,

We are very happy about warm welcome here; should have joined much earlier!
Nice communicating with tea lovers!

Have you viewed other photos as well? If have not, please see the link below.
Those were photos from my trip in Hida Takayama and Shirakawa village, small village about 2,000 population where have snow 3 to 4 m during winter.
The house is about 200 years old. No glass but paper for windows. The same family(Wada family) live in this house over the centuries with the similar conditions; no glass windows…

I visited in early autumn and enjoyed the color of leaves.

Missy said

How intriguing! It’s very beautiful there. If my home looked like that I should hope my family stayed for that length of time.

Azzrian said

This made me realize how small my little corner of the world is …. thank you for sharing this with us … I can’t imagine ever being able to see something like this without people like you sharing!

Thank you for your warm comments. I was not sure if I was ok to talk about something off the subject here. Started with Shincha then somehow talked about the place I visited. Since the tiny village of 2,000 populations was registered under Unesco World Heritage
Site 1995, the number of visitors increased 600,000 to 1,500,000 / year. Mainly from European tourists and found many sing written in German, French and English ( normally, English only). Thank you again for your interest,

What a lovely rustic village! Thank you for sharing the pictures!

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I can speak from experience … Chado Tea House has very high quality teas! I highly recommend them. Plus they are very nice in correspondence. A very good company.

Thank you LiberTEAS for your very nice words!!
We are very happy to see your comments; made us almost cry!

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