What goes best with steaming hot cup of black tea?

A piece of cake? Good old biscuits? Something else? Or tea itself is enough sweet and good:) Share what is your favorite tea snack.

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lizwykys said

I don’t often have something to eat with tea, but I think the Brits have this right with scones.

Aside from that, for me, pancakes, waffles, toast and jam, or maybe shortbread or other basic / simple cookies. I wouldn’t have tea with cake (or similar), but I would have tea after cake. I don’t know why! ¯\(ツ)

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derk said

For brisk or bold black teas, I enjoy banana, pumpkin or lemon bread if I want something sweet. Chocolate-dipped biscuits are good, too. If I want something savory, a fried egg on whole-grain rye bread.

For lighter, floral or fruity sweet black teas, a piece of fruit is nice or perhaps a scone.

More often than not, I’m drinking tea without food or following a meal.

What do you like Stanisław Krzysztof Gurawski?

I like a slice of homemade cheesecake with a cup of black tea. Oat cookies are also very nice match.

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thefundu said

I eat cookies before drinking a cup, always. Especially in the morning as tea empty stomach is not actually good for health.

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Bunnieh said

Peace and quiet, when I’m lucky. :D

Honestly, though, I typically don’t enjoy bringing other things into my tea experience because it throws off the flavours of the brew in ways that I find unappealing.

thefundu said

Yeah, to enjoy the real things, one must have peace when drinking tea.
Everyone has their own preference of having things with tea. I take cookies to avoid acidity as tea empty stomach is close to that.
But in the evening, it’s a plain cup.

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Teatotaler said

French pastries are my ideal accompaniment as I am most definitely a devotee of French tea culture. Paris-Brest, mille-feuille or a nice assortment of petite fours, to name a few, would all be wonderful!

French tea culture? Never heard about such. Aren’t you guys all about coffee?

Teatotaler said

Not necessarily monsieur! France has an ancient and illustrious tea culture that is thriving! Read this, s’il vous plaît -

thefundu said

Never heard something like French Tea, but explored that with the above source. Awesome to know that there are people other than Indians who love tea so much.

French are not a country of tea lovers. They were. Actually they were first European country to love tea. Nowadays they are all about that cafe romance. I would say the biggest tea drinkers in Europe right now are Poland and Ukraine.

Teatotaler said

France’s silent tea revolution http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-26962095

From the BBC article posted above -

“And inside France a sudden fashion for tea has swept the middle classes. Specialist tea salons are spreading, in Paris and beyond. People take classes to learn how to taste and to serve. Literally hundreds of varieties and blends are now available for sale.”

I have enjoyed many cups of delicious tea in the City of Lights!

Tea culture is thriving in France! :)

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Bluegreen said

Anything bread- or pastry-based should be OK. However, I try to avoid eating anything with good teas because it really interferes with my ability to enjoy and appreciate the tea proper and that’s what I am for mainly.

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Steak is perfect with tea!

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My mother just chastised me- “You can’t live on tea alone. You need food too.” My response was “I can very well try”.

I’m a grown woman. She’s still scolding me.

EDIT: The point I’m making is I usually just drink tea without food. When I eat, I eat. When I drink tea, I drink tea.

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