JustJames said

community consult on puerh?

hello steepster community,

i am distinctly a member at large. i have been studying, writing and defending without pause.

i currently face a different challenge: for years auto immune has been overly friendly towards my nervous system, this weekend it seems to have jumped to my gut: ulcerative-angry-you’ll-regret-it-bowel something or another. it’s very exciting.

from the roster of steeping leaf treasures puerh has been my least favourite. though i absorbed enough about them to know they have the capacity to assist with digestion and can soothe offended bowels (‘there there…it’s only food’). i have a couple kicking around. they do seem to help.

i am reasonably sure that regular use would provide benefits—wouldn’t it be nice if i could also like them? a large part of the problem doubtlessly lies in my lack of knowledge.

i have a large pressed disk that i (accidentally?) proved myself worthy of buying one day while in chinatown…i was looking for large black tea pearls… i still wonder if the puerh disk was a sun tzu type tea distraction. i find that one quite complex—like a dry smelling tree bark as tea. there is no english on the package and my cantonese is 1) lapsed 2) likely not sufficiently advanced to be able to read the packaging 3) the package could easily be mandarin and be mocking my aging abilities 4) do you see the problem?

i have another loose puerh which i can only describe as a moss pillow exploding in my mouth with spores. no. no no no. lapsed chinese is not the issue here—a worn out label that is completely unreadable supersedes that problem as do the sticky spores that attach to everything behind my lips.

one puerh works, the other not again. i am looking for knowledge of puerh as a supportive dietary medicine and digestive aid. i’m supposed to be on a predominantly liquid diet to encourage the damage to heal… fun fun.

sharing of your experience is greatly appreciated~

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mrmopar said

I think sheng can help lower your cholesterol and take a bit off the blood pressure. Shou can help ease my stomach. Especially after a large rich meal.

JustJames said

very much appreciated—i will investigate. any idea from my (very vague) descriptions as to which is which? any chance at all that shou is the one i like (compressed wheel) as opposed to the moss pillow?

thank you for the time you have taken to share your knowledge.

mrmopar said

Shou will normally brew dark with an almost black tea like look and taste. Sheng will usually have more of the green grassy notes with an aroma of hay or cut grass. Old sheng, 10+ years stored humidly, will start to resemble shou in color and appearance. The taste will keep the higher notes that shou can sometimes muddle up a bit.

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