Pouring tea can be fun!

Yay, it’s Friday. erm, I’ve got my days, off; rather it’s Thursday, at least in the States!

Just for fun (what is life about anyway, if not about enjoying our time here and now?) I have been trying more ‘exotic’ ways of pouring tea. I have read about some types of gong fu brewing where they pour the tea from a much higher position than where the cup with the tea actually waits to be filled. btw, here’s a cool video on Teavivre’s website that’s pretty amazing http://www.teavivre.com/tea-videos/pujiang-tea-factory-the-long-pot-show-p-19/ When I pour from one of my standard, ceramic six-cup teapot (which just so happens to have a high, narrow spout—my guess is the design of the spout is critical to get this to work) while pouring I can move the pot slowly up and away from the cup, and not spill much more than a drop. It’s somewhat dramatic, and surprisingly easy.

ADDITION: Here is a picture of what my spout looks like, at least: tall, relatively straight, and narrow http://www.amazon.com/Harold-Imports-32-Ounce-Capacity-English/dp/B001W8SNQC/ref=sr_1_4?s=home-garden&ie=UTF8&qid=1338511568&sr=1-4

Anyone else use somewhat exotic pouring techniques?

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khsheehan said

I always pour from fairly high up. Trying to cram as much oxygen in the tea as possible.

It never occurred to me that pouring from high up would have some kind of practical benefit like that. Very interesting.

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Pouring can be a whole lot more fun pouring from one of these; I know basically nothing about Pinterest, but it looks like these are just for show (not for sale), so it should be safe to view them (safe for your wallet/pocketbook, that is):


I think a spout shaped like these would be ideal for the kind of directed pouring I am trying to describe http://pinterest.com/pin/99923685452162024/ http://pinterest.com/pin/99923685452274628/ tall, straight and narrow spouts.

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