Following Doctors' Orders - Time to Clear Out Tea Cupboard!

Hi all,
As some of my Steepster buddies know, I have been battling daily migraines and headaches for the past few years. I’m finally seeing a wonderful team at Johns Hopkins, but with the good news that I might have a migraine-free existence, I have bad news for me: I’ve got to cut back on caffeine and tea consumption. This is good news for you guys, though, as I’ve got loads of tea to get rid of! I wish I could just give it away but with my increased medical bills I do have to try to sell it… I’m not selling anything older than about eight months. Some are unopened, and most have plenty of life left.

Please PM me or email me for ones you’d like. We can discuss which ones you’d like and shipping costs.

And please stay tuned – I will be cleaning out more in the next couple weeks!

Marshmallow Treat (non-Vegan), 52Teas: $5
Himalayan First Flush, Rishi Teas: $3
The Queen’s Poisoned Fruits, Adagio signature blend: $5
Riot Proof, Adagio signature blend: $5
Bedtime Dessert Tea, Adagio signature blend: $5
Valentine’s, Adagio (regular): $2
Black Dragon Pearls, Adagio (regular): $7
Irish Breakfast, Adagio (regular): $3
Raspberry black, Adagio (regular): $3
Hail to the King Baby, Adagio signature blend: $5
Tiger Eye, Adagio (regular): $3
Only Nature (herbal), ESP Emporium: $5 (unopened)
Birthday Tea, Adagio signature blend sample: $1
Aries, Adagio signature blend sample: $1
Chai-Chai Blend, Teavana: $15 (unopened)
Zocolatte Spice, Teavana: $5
Organic Silver Needle White Tea, Rishi Tea: $3
Blackberry Mojito, Teavana (sample size): $1
Masala Chai, Whistling Kettle (sample size): $1
Florence, Harney & Sons (sample size): $1

Questions? Email me at [email protected] and thanks! :) :)

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Donna A said

Good luck. If you aren’t able to sell everything, my understanding is that you after the 1st infusion, there is virtually no caffeine left. Also herbal teas and rooibos have no caffeine.

I know all about herbal teas and rooibos! Red rooibos actually gives me migraines, but I am in love with the green variety. Several herbal teas, however, conflict with the myriad of medications I have to take to prevent migraines. It’s so hard to keep track! But thanks for the input on the caffeine content decrease… I’ll have to look into that! :)

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Azzrian said

So sorry to hear about having to quit tea BUT its for a super reason! :)
I would really like the following but I can’t PM you…
Marshmallow Treat (non-Vegan), 52Teas: $5
Himalayan First Flush, Rishi Teas: $3
Organic Silver Needle White Tea, Rishi Tea: $3
Only Nature (herbal), ESP Emporium: $5 (unopened)

Kittenna said

If you get that Marshmallow Treat I totalllllyyyyy want to nab some! :P

Azzrian said

Noted :)

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Babble said

I may be interested. Can you post approximate sizes for these teas?

Thanks for your interest and yes, I’ll post the size of the bag and how much is left. I have other teas to post as well. If there are any that you definitely want, please let me know and I’ll set them aside for you – plus remove them from the list. :)

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Ninavampi said

I hate migraines… sooo much…Thankfully mine don’t seem to be caffeine triggered. I get them every time I don’t get enough sleep or I do sports. Sadly for me, I love skating and running as much as I love tea… Every migraine I get makes me useless for the day. I hope that someone can fix me too one day!

Good luck selling everything! I am so happy that your migraines seem to be treatable! Daily migraines sound horrible! Wish you the best of the best!!! : )

Missy said

I share those triggers as well as anger tends to bite me pretty hard with a migraine.

Ditto on the lack of sleep for me. Wished I could have used the sports excuse to get out of gym class growing up! ;) I’m learning my triggers, but my migraines started out hereditary. Both my mom and my grandma (mom’s mom) get them, and have since they were about my age. Some days we actually get them on the same side, same day, for the same length of time. It’s crazy!

Weather is a big trigger for me – increased humidity and rapid changes. I live in Maryland, home of the ever-changing its mind weather pattern, so that’s another potential problem for me. I did ask my doc if he could write me a prescription to move back home to San Diego! :) No luck yet… ;)

But for both of you – thanks for sharing your thoughts. I’m working on a story about my migraine adventures for my blog – maybe I could talk to you both about your experiences as well. I’m glad we can share in our misery – if we have to be miserable, that it. In a perfect world, no migraines would exist!

Ninavampi said

@Missy- Yeah, anger is a trigger for me too… It is sorta like being the hulk in a terrible way… Except that instead of getting super strong I get green with pain, weak, and miserable…

@KeenTeaThyme – Mine are also hereditary. My Grandma, Dad, Aunt, aunt almost all of my cousins get them. Strangely though, we don’t all seem to share triggers.

Weather as a trigger sounds a bit scary… Other than moving, I don’t see how you can control it. what has the doctor suggested? Too bad he didn’t give in to giving the prescription to move back home! ; )

I wish we could live in a perfect world… I would be great! Also, I would be glad to help out with your story! Just let me know! : )

Missy said

The weather some times gets me too. I will be happy to share my experiences with you. :D

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Asaf Mazar said

I highly reccomend acupuncture and chinese herbal medicine for migranes/headaches.
Also, depending on your constutution, warming up a point near the inner corner of the big toe can do wonders. (look up liver 1 online)
This is typically warmed with moxibustion, but can also be done with a stick of incense.

Some folks – like me – have to be very careful about using acupuncture and herbal medicines, as the mix of my preventive and treatment medications can be affected by herbal remedies. I am trying to add more Feverfew and other vitamins to my diet. I’m actually working on a story for my blog about my migraine adventures. Thanks for the tips!

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Zeks said

Hope this works for you! I don’t think mine are caffeine triggered though… I am not sure If I should be sad about it or not… :)

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LefTea said

I get them too. Mine are hormonal and are also made worse based on stress and weather. For some reason mate seems to really help so it’s all I drink during ‘migraine week.’

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Hi all! To make things easier I just posted on my Tea Trade site. Please visit my shop here:

I will of course combine shipping if you want to buy more than one. Please contact me with any questions! Email [email protected], or PM me here. Thank you! :)

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