Ordering from Upton Tea Imports

I’ve ordered from Upton Tea Imports just once. I tried out their Earl Grey sampler and I didn’t care for any of them…sadly. Which turned me off from going back for some reason. I still get their quarterly but find it a tad intimidating…SO much tea!!

So I’m thinking of giving them another go. Which mean I’m looking for suggestions. I really like black teas and pu-erhs. Tell me what you like/suggest/must haves and go!

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SimplyJenW said

Since I favor China Black teas, I usually shop in the Black/China/Other Congou category. I rarely shop out of the China Black category, come to think of it. I really like the Rose Congou, Imperial Golden Monkey, their Keemun Mao Feng is pretty good, and in my cart right now I have Organic China Black FOP and a sample of the Bohea Imperial Organic. Oh, also I am getting ready to purchase some Organic Keemun Hong Tao. Their prices are very good, and samples are so reasonable. My advice….stick with a few categories online and sample away.

Thank you for the tips!

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They are famous for their Darjeelings. I personally haven’t placed an order with them yet, but if you like Darjeeling, Upton is reportedly the way to go :)

I’ll have to look into that. I’ve just started trying out some different Darjeelings. Thanks!

I agree Michelle. They have truly outstanding Darjeeling selections.

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Scott B said

I really enjoy enjoyed the Bohea Imperial Organic. If you enjoy breakfast blends, Scottish Breakfast and East Frisian Blend are very good-but they might be too strong for some tastes (especially the Frisian).

The Bohea was one I highlighted in the quarterly mag as well as Scottish Breakfast. I did try the Baker Street blend thanks to a fellow Steepster user and I like that too. Again thank you for the tip!

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Cheryl said

When I first ordered from Upton, I was in my test-everything-flavored stage and have moved on. Jen had a good suggestion to try and explore category by category, and order samples … that will spark the next order (more of something you like, along with more samples) << repeat, repeat, repeat, lol

I second the Imperial Golden Monkey suggestion (ZP85), but sample whatever you’re in the mood for atm. Their top teas page can be helpful, at least at first, breaking it down into categories here first. Out of everything they carry, it’s hard to make general suggestions.

Hahaha! Thanks! :)

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momo said

I third choosing by category, it makes it a lot easier. The wishlist feature they have is really helpful too, so you can save what you might be interested in if you ever decide to dive in head first and look at everything on a boring night (as long as you don’t look at the total at the bottom).


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Yeah, by category is pretty awesome. We actually just went through an order of their flavored ones (though, by far not ALL of their flavored ones!). I think our next stop is Ceylon.

Best teas from the order?

Earl Grey Cream Vanilla (TE01)
Summer Blend (TE55) – Iced this is amazing
Darjeeling Blend (TD60)
Green Rooibos Poire Cream (BA04) – Hands down the best flavored rooibos I’ve ever had, ever.

Missy also really, really liked their Vanilla Rooibos.

I’ve tried the Earl Grey Cream Vanilla and it didn’t taste at all like vanilla…which really bummed me out and put me off of their teas a little at first. I’m thinking I need to just stay away from the flavored teas. The Darjeeling sounds great! Thanks for the suggestions!

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I agree their darjeeling selection is top notch. I also liked the Bohea Organic Imperial and they have a raw pu-erh that I really liked, it’s ZH90. Other than that, the East Frisian blend is great if you like a strong and brisk tea. The Kenilworth Ceylon is quite nice but fairly standard. A lot of people like the Lapsang Black dragon (if you’re into a milder lapsang).

Bohea is on my list….mostly because of the history connection. I do love me some pu’erh too! I will keep that in mind. I’m tempted to try the Lapsang, but I like those strong…so which should I go with there?

hmm, all I’ve had is their black dragon and the baker street blend, they are both on the lighter side of lapsang.

I’ll see what else they have to offer. Thanks again for letting me know. Hopefully will be placing an order soon!

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Upton is the equivalent to tea richness. It is good thing they offer samples costing only $1.00 or $1.50 and they are good for 2 or 3 cups. So expand horizon; try them all. My cupboard is full and yet I am low on my daily usual inexpensive teas. Weird!

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Upton’s Assam sampler is top notch

Noted! I love Assam teas!

Scott B said

I talked to them this week and they expect 2012 2nd Flush Assams to come in late August or so. Anxiously awaiting.

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Upton offers very economical samples too. I still order one or two each time I order tea from them because I don’t have to spend a lot and I can try out different teas.

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