Donation Auction to Benefit Tea Farm Lost to Paradise California Fire

I know there are a lot of Steepster folks in California, but I wasn’t sure how many may have heard about this.

This information is being reposted from u/Wildeherz on r/tea from Reddit to give it a little more exposure:

Mike Fritts of Golden Feather Tea in the Sierra Foothills in Northern California lost his tea farm and home to the Paradise fire two weeks ago. Fritts is a pioneer in the cultivation of tea in California; he is recognized as a leader in ecological cultivation as well as for his exquisite Wulong.

Tea folks of many stripes (vendors, collectors, fans) are currently donating to an online auction of rare teas, tea ware, collectables, tea experiences and lesson. So far over a dozen tea vendors, teachers and others have donated items including Kutani ware, Yixing, Chaozhou pottery, Puer cakes, rare and aged teas, and tea ware from private collections.

Auction Preview: Nov 30th

Bidding: Dec 7-14th

Winners: Dec 15th

Donations until Dec 5th! Please help us support fine tea cultivation and fire relief.

This is a cashless auction. Winners claim their items by making a donation to the Golden Feather Gofundme Campaign and then present their receipt to the donor.

See: for more information.

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TreeGal said

I hope this is wildly successful!

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