Online sites that sell a random selection of tea brands?

Dos anyone know if there are any online sites that sell different brands of tea and don’t just specialize in one brand? I’m especially looking for sites that sell Harney and Sons tea… especially especially their Hot Cinnamon Sunset, and it needs to be a good price. For example: sells a bunch of brands of tea.. are there any others? Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

edited to add: Also looking for any site that sells Numi’s Black Vanilla…

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Cheryl said has it, along with other brands. You can go through to get 6% discount, and they’ve recently lowered their free ship to over $25. also has it … I found their shipping to be very slow though, but if that isn’t a factor, and the “other brands” match up better, then I would not worry about my impatience factor : )

Yes, English Tea Store is rather slow at processing orders. I was kind of surprised at how long it took … it wasn’t a factor for me, as I am pretty patient when it comes to receiving my tea orders, but, I generally find that most online tea companies are pretty quick, and that wasn’t the case with English Tea Store.

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thank you! But the prices for those two still look slightly steep…

Cheryl said

Have you checked Amazon ???

Ricky admin said

Amazon has really reasonable prices when you purchase in bulk (use rishi as an example).

Amazon: $21.91 (free shipping) for 2 tins of 1.4oz Silver Needles
Rishi $12/oz + shipping

I would check Wholefoods. It’s a brick and mortar store, but it carries a variety of tea. I know it carries Numi. Not sure about Harney though.

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WtFGoD said

that’s what happens when you go through a middle man… price vs convenience

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Uniquity said

LiberTeas offers samples through her site and since she has nearly everything you could probably request specifics. Rachel at iheartteas also does samplers, though I can’t speak to her stock as I haven’t ordered from her (but have seen wonderful reviews!)

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James R said

Honestly I’d recommend amazon they have everything and usually free shipping on orders over $25.

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Thank you @Uniquity for the mention! I appreciate it!

I know that I have seen Numi sold at my local Whole Foods. I don’t know if that particular flavor is there, but, I do know that I’ve seen several different Numi flavors at Whole Foods. For Harney, you can also try your local Barnes & Noble.

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