Mariage Frères - a request, perhaps a naughty one?

Is there any chance the company can be spelled “Mariage Frères” with the accent on the list of companies?
Sorry if that is a daft question, but it’s actually the name, and it doesn’t affect the search or the url or anything, because it has to be without an accent there anyway.
I’m not meaning to be the pedantic pain in life, it’s just I look and it and it’s the equivalent of saying Fortnum and Mason instead of Fortnum & Mason, it’s actually their name for legal and publicity purposes.
I apologise most gravely for being a silly pedant, and promise to go back to my cave after this post looks sheepish, and wonders off

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You should probably email Jason ([email protected])… it’s not a bad idea.

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AJ said

Unfortunately, it looks Steepster automatically drops any accents placed in company-names, but leaves them in tea names. I know this as I recently tested it—less than a minute ago—by adding a new Mariage Frères tea (I’ve been meaning to for a while, so I can put it on my shopping list).

In order to allow accents in company names, the Steepster Overlords would probably have to backtrack into some coding.

If this were not the case, I’d say there’s no reason to bother the admins about it, we can easily change it ourselfs (It’s only about ~150 teas!).

So yeah. I second emailing Jason the suggestion. If anything can be done. He doesn’t bite.

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Jason admin said

No problem. Here’s the updated company:

URL still stays the same, but it should be displayed correctly.

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