James R said

Good Chai Mix Recipe?

The other day Tea Gossip asked her favorite recipe for chai, but that is already assuming the chai has been mixed with spices.

I am going to the Spice House in Chicago soon, and have endless spices available from cardamom, to star anise, to ginger, to peppercorns etc…

What I’m wondering are what are some good ways to mix a chai? I’m looking for some good ingredient ideas, but more importantly ratios! Most likely I will blend using an Assaam base.

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Kaitlin S said

It all depends on personal preference. I like plenty of ginger (I use pieces of dehydrated whole ginger) and black pepper. Cardamom, cinnamon and cloves are also a must. I like some star anise, but not too much. Somewhere on steepster I have posted some recipes – if you can’t find them under the “custom” brand, let me know and I will try to dig them up. Unless you are going to simmer for a very long time, it is best to crack the spices to release more of their flavor.

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JasonCT said

My girlfriend is from north India and when I make chai for her I use the following recipe:

Whole milk in saucepan
Add a few slices of fresh ginger
A pinch of cardamom
(sometimes a few cloves)
bring milk to rolling boil.
Add loose (Assam preferably) boil for 3 mins.
Strain and enjoy.


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